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  1. If a tree falls in the woods.....
  2. Too much orange for one day.
  3. So the league and the officials are REALLY bad and have a history of being really bad? Is that what you're saying?
  4. Game off, done

    I think it's also time for people to realize that the NFL doesn't have rights to the sport of football. Sure it would take more billionaires to start a new league, but competition is a good thing. This is what happens when there is a monopoly (of sorts)
  5. Brett Hundley

    Why are sports so chock full of fans wanting other teams' sh*t? This is a very popular thing amongst hockey fans as well. 'Just needs a change of scenery'. Nah, he sucks.
  6. Game off, done

    Making calls that favor WRs and QBs (i.e. scoring) has been going on for a while, sure. This was another level. I have always said that refs are either incompetent or on the take. Those are your 2 choices, there are no other options.
  7. Game off, done

    Been a while but I'm starting to realize that I have better sh*t to do with my Sundays than watch this crap.
  8. Be wary of Big 12 stats.
  9. Darnold looks like sh*t tonight. He may have potential, but this year all his defenders are doing is polishing a turd.
  10. No. Always seemed like a nice guy, but overrated as ****. That injury is a nightmare waiting to happen again. Also, we're referring to a player with 2 years of playing time who will not have played in an additional 2 years as a 'vet'. Getting a little loosey goosey with our vocabulary here.
  11. The forum this year in a nutshell

    Really tired of all the cred PFF gets. Its not the be all and end all. Nor is it all that accurate.
  12. And that was Week 1, wasn't it?
  13. Not for nothing, but the Browns have been screwing around with the QB position for 20 years.
  14. So about those Safeties

    If they were a FB and Guard I'd get the hate. However, bitching about the 2 safeties makes me think people aren't watching today's NFL. Especially when our 2 safeties were Pryor and Gilchrist. And the Watson crowd needs to calm their t!ts. Kaep looked like the second coming of Randall Cunningham until the league got the book on him, which was what, year 3?