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  1. Always hated that site. here in Alabama is the same, just terrible.
  2. He's in the upper 50% of Jets writers, FWIW. Also went to the same HS as him, so he can't be all bad.
  3. Lopresti is one of the best Jets guys out there. Where's he going?
  4. So ESPN brings up politics on every talking head show, ratings suffer.... 35-50 year old white guy's fault, I guess. Couldn't have been that people watch sports programs to escape this crap. Did you know Wilbon is from the south side of Chicago?
  5. Did you know Wilnon is from the south side of Chicago? How could you not, ******* guy sure reminds people enough.
  6. April 1st was 20 days ago, guys.
  7. Not to take away from the toughness of Bronx residents, but it's like that in middle school in the suburbs too. Bullies never stop unless they are made to.
  8. I dont disagree with you on the money part and how we as individuals spend it. All I know is that I saw a person get hit by another person, unprovoked, and the aggressor got the worst of it. Yet somehow you and some others are all over this guy for it instead of the female who started the whole thing. Walking away is an option, sure, but so is standing up for yourself.
  9. Can you breathe with the soap box up so high?
  10. Maybe they're hanging on to him to not show their hand before Draft Day.
  11. 'starts acting like that...' You're letting her off the hook. She assaulted someone.
  12. You're ok with humans hitting other humans?
  13. Or maybe he's coming around to the fact that these team visits to politicians are some of the dumbest s**t we do in this country. This along with having to give a damn about Obama's March Madness bracket and Reagan's jelly beans.