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  1. Huh? People can gamble from anywhere right the **** now.
  2. Duke Lacrosse boys say hi.
  3. My dad was a cop. He told me never to take legal advice from a cop. Looks like there's a ton of cops on JN.
  4. We cut/traded our starting safties who sucked. We drafted 2 starting safties. ******* Jets fans, I swear.
  5. And no income tax. Poor guy.
  6. Having sh*t drafts for multiple years before Macc is the reason our roster is so poor. He also had to spend money his first year. I know what everyone is going to say that he should have signed them all to one-year deals. That works in Madden, but not with actual humans who have a say one what contracts they sign. But for what it's worth, Macc will never get a fair assessment around these parts. Not a fan of people sh*tting on the guy for every single move.
  7. So weird, I totally remember Ronnie Lott as a Jet, but I really don't remember those helmets at all. Googled it and apparently, they wore them in one game in '93 and again in '94. My brain blocked them out or something.
  8. People looking to fault Macc for this are grasping at straws.
  9. No wonder the Post and Snooze are still in business; you guys believe anything and just ******* run with it.
  10. He found a buyer for Pryor. Things change. Not to mention a lot of really good players are going to be released up until September.
  11. The guy's had 3 drafts. Holy sh*t, people. Give his picks a chance.
  12. Kim Jones dropped the hammer. Always liked her. Her and Mark Malusius would fill in for Joe and Evan when J&E would fill in for Mike and they were great IMO.
  13. Are you being intentionally ignorant on this?