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  1. What an irresponsible, and dishonest article.
  2. Signing Kaep would make the Tebow trade look like a swap of former 7th rounders.
  3. You've posted this in 2 separate threads now. Time to back it up with some proof.
  4. It would be Christmas for the sports media if Kaep played in the NYC area. Ever heard of the NYPD, guys? They're kind of a presence in the NYC metro area.
  5. I didn't catch it today, But Mike has been pretty fair to the Jets since Macc and Bowles took over. Maybe because of the Parcells thing with Bowles. I don't know. All I DO know is that he really didn't like Rex or Idzik.
  6. I used to think that if I was in too good of a mood the remedy was to watch Million Dollar Baby. Now I am CONVINCED that to bring someone back down to reality they just need to click on any JN thread. Sadness, dismay, hysteria, and half full glasses becoming half empty are the real deal around here.
  7. No McCown?

    LOL @ Mahomes. AIR RAID, FRESHMEN!!!!!
  8. Are there any people here who were NY Rangers fans after the lockout (04-05 lost season lockout)? For 7 years they had top talent on paper and absolutely SUCKED in the actual game of hockey and missed the playoffs every one of those years. The league pretty much forced Sather's hand and he HAD to build the team through the draft and smart UFA's. I know they've won **** all since '94, but they have iced some pretty damn good teams since then. My point is...patience.
  9. This place is nuts. That is all.
  10. Blake Bortles has thrown 80 touchdown passes to a combined 9 NFL team
  11. Gotta love the SOJFs who have an issue with this. Then again, if Bowles bought you guys a birthday cake you'd bitch that the icing could cause cavities.
  12. Is it me or does ESPN pick the Jaguars EVERY YEAR?
  13. This happens to every football and hockey team, every camp. Non-story. And Cimini is starting to sound like a real weasel, instead of just another sh*t head at ESPN.