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  1. Watch Vince Biegel at OLB, Kevin Greene ran his pro day at Wisconsin:
  2. Thank you Phillyjet for a smart, thought out post (doesn't happen around here often enough). I'll add another observation, the pick of Maye (which shocked me) indicates that this front office is not fearful of losing their jobs. They are thinking about long term solutions not about generating headlines. Because who in their right mind thought we would draft back to back safeties?
  3. People are forgetting Carl Lawson OLB out of Auburn, here's a good reference:
  4. Six picks on Saturday:
  5. Draft and develop one, we've cut the cord on older players no reason to go back to them
  6. It would also be nice to see Maccagnan execute a trade down in the next two rounds to add another pick or two
  7. This intangible is HUGE because no matter how the media wanted to paint it we didn't have good leadership over the past two years. Just because we had players who answered their questions (Marshall, Fitzpatrick, Mangold, Revis) the media made it seem like they were good leaders. If that was the case certain things should've been squashed before they blew up: - Smith / Enemkapli incident - Marshall / Richardson argument after the KC game - Marshall / Richardson incident after the NE game If Adams is the kind of "leader/culture changer" that all the reports seem to indicate, it's a big plus with the young locker room we're going to have
  8. Cook is crazy intriguing but his "red flags" must be very concerning for him to fall below Conley into the 2nd round
  9. Getting Kevin King would solve our secondary issues for the next 5 years. Hoping he's there
  10. Reading this story one question comes to mind, is this generation of young people basically animals in heat??? Forced by their physical urges to instantly have sex anywhere and at anytime??? It amazes me EVERY draft how these players can't stay out of trouble when they're days away from becoming millionaires. And finally was that a smart decision by the woman to watch another couple having sex from a bathroom with a stranger???
  11. People are dismissing Peppers because he's too versatile, which is stupid. Defending against offenses today you need players that can float between multiple positions. With the way Bowles deployed Mathieu & Buccanon in ARZ I would have no problem taking him in the second round
  12. Maccagnan should pull the trigger on either offer, but he should make CLE sweat to see how much they'll give up
  13. Not bad except there's no way they should be drafting a DT in the second round. Replace him with a OLB, CB or WR and it's perfect
  14. This story is such garbage, someone trying to create buzz for their article. Trubisky is the 2017 version of Sanchez, he has too few starts and when he gets to the NFL his head is going to spin with the defenses he'll see. Why couldn't he beat out the "great" Marquise Williams for the starting spot at NC???
  15. Interesting "threads", let's see if they become a real story