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  1. Shocking, I thought Dorsey was Reid's handpicked GM
  2. Here comes the "woe is us" crap from too many fans, but I'll focus on Harris and wish him luck. It doesn't change the fact that he's had trouble with speed and he's still 33 years old. If he can get another playoff run good for him
  3. Good for him and particularly his wife, she's a country singer and that's where her industry is
  4. How anyone can ignore the years of wasted picks that were under the Tannenbaum, Ryan & Idzik years is beyond me
  5. Mature, level headed analysis by Polian & Saturday. Shocked that ESPN actually allowed it on the air because they usually go for the nonsensical responses
  6. If some Jet fans would practice reading comprehension they would see that this "victim" is targeting anyone who has money. The story clearly states he's filing his "suit" against Mauldin and FOUR other companies associated with the club. Give me a break
  7. Two months after this alleged attack Mauldin was never charged or arrested??? Give me a break, someone found out he was at the club and figured they would accuse him and hopefully get $$$
  8. What's the metric to determine this "worst roster" narrative? If the metric is "name recognition" then people are probably correct. There isn't a ton of league wide recognizable names on the roster. We had a lot of "names" last year but they all failed and didn't live up to their "names". For instance: - Revis definitely has a bigger name even now then Morris Clairborne, Juston Burris or Darryl Roberts. BUT I know for a fact those three players are all better than Revis. Why? Because I watched Revis play last year and his game sunk below Kyle Wilson levels of incompetence - This roster is incredibly young with very little track record on the players that will be getting the majority of reps. They may stink but they also may start to earn their "name recognition" with good play
  9. Dennis Pitta in BAL after an injury: As stated before it happens throughout the league
  10. With the cuts of Harris & Decker the "mainstream media" are into their shampoo, rinse and repeat narratives of: - They have the worst roster in the league - They may not win a game this year - They are tanking 2017 - They are already looking at the QB's in the 2018 draft We've heard that before and in reality Harris & Decker being on the team wasn't going to change that. From a player standpoint the cuts aren't "classy" but it happens all the time, just last week in KC with Maclin for instance. For the sake of balance, could there be football reasons for both players getting cut? Remember the OTA's entered the competitve on the field phase recently, is it possible that: - The players showed decline when going against an opponent? - Younger players at their positions "flashed" and the front office thinks they can move on from them?
  11. On a personal level it stinks because Harris was here so long but on an organizational level it's good to see the team operating without sentiment. That's when you hold onto a player too long
  12. No one said Harris would quit like Revis. Revis skills fell off the cliff last year, if Harris was showing the same decline it's good that the team doesn't go through another season of that. Don't read between the lines
  13. Surprised this happened now, unless Harris has lost more speed during OTA's and they didn't want another Revis situation on their hands. Much respect to Harris, barely missed a game and always produced when he was on the field
  14. The media has access to ONE practice a week, why is it assumed that the reps are ALWAYS the same when the media isn't there? Never mind this is the internet, the posters know what's going on with no access
  15. Thank you CMart for posting actual football news