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  1. Blake Bortles

    No, if Bortles can't make it with JAX and all the talent they surrounded him with and the time they invested in him he's doomed to be out of the league
  2. Heard Ryan on the CLE/NYG game as an analyst and he's a natural. He can be this generations John Madden if he works on his craft. But he needs to stop making everything about him when talking on camera, there's no need for the comment to Winston
  3. The Jets were not and are not in position to give up draft picks to move up in the draft. Kamara may turn out to be a good player but this team needs to accumulate assets and find as many players as they can. Unless a franchise QB is on the board Maccagnan has no reason to trade up right now
  4. 8/22----------Camp Tweets

    I would say McCown unfortunately, Hackenberg looked overwhelmed against DET. But I have no problem with the staff giving him extra reps and another shot against NYG to see if he learned anything from his fiasco
  5. 8/22----------Camp Tweets

    So when Hackenberg goes 18-25 against TEN the media wants him thrown into the fire flinging 50 yard bombs everywhere. When he's terrible against DET they want him buried on the bench and McCown to "ride to the rescue". Make up your mind media, choose ONE side of the argument
  6. 8/22----------Camp Tweets

    We're talking about Josh McCown here not Tom Brady or Drew Brees. If this team is actually serious about finding out about their young QB's I'm fine with it
  7. 8/22----------Camp Tweets

    So now people complain because the 38 year old "placeholder QB" isn't getting reps???
  8. Good point. Grading Bowles on the defensive performance and the development of it's players is more than fair. He has the personnel and speed to run his scheme, there is no excuse
  9. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    Good post, my plan would be: 1st Quarter - McCown 2nd Quarter - Hackenberg 3rd Quarter - Hackenberg 4th Quarter - Petty That would give McCown prep work for BUF and it would allow us to see Hackenberg against #1's one more time
  10. There isn't one way for a QB to get on the field no matter what some posters want to say: - Aaron Rodgers sat for 2+ years and then was a beast when he got on the field - Robert Griffin went right into the lineup and had success then went into the toilet - Colin Kaepernick sat for a year then had success when he hit the field. Then his career went into the toilet - David Carr went right onto the field was abused early on and never developed into anything - Tom Brady sat for a year was pushed onto the field by an injury and has become one of the greatest of all time Stop acting like there's one way for a QB to be successful, there isn't
  11. I have no idea if Hackenberg is the answer, but one thing I do know is ALL the draftable QB's the fanbase is drooling over are going to have the same growing pains. If you think Darnold, Rosen, Allen or Jackson are going to come into the league and look like Aaron Rodgers immediately you're smoking something
  12. When a young team doesn't play complementary football you get what you saw last night. An offense that doesn't sustain drives or score points puts the defense on the field too often. Which leads to fatigue and missed tackles particularly at this stage of pre-season. Let's take a look: - I'll give credit to the staff for changing up the QB rotation but Christian Hackenberg was overwhelmed. He faced the standard defense a DC will throw against a young QB and couldn't produce. DET stacked the box against the run and sat on all short routes and dared Hackenberg to do something - The OLine didn't produce enough push in the run game and had too many "whiffs" on blocks which led to rushed throws and sacks - The first extended action from the two young safeties led to a mixed bag. Marcus Maye was an enforcer and had some good coverage moments. Jamal Adams did a good job diagnosing plays and was in position but missed way too many tackles - Special teams ball security has too improve. Frankie Hammond whiffing on a punt is not acceptable - Missed INT opportunities are also not acceptable. Juston Burris has to pick off that tipped pass early in the game. When the defense can set up the offense for points it has to execute - Dexter McDougle had another terrific game, his coverage was excellent his tackling was physical and he brought pressure on blitzes. Has he jumped over Marcus Williams in the CB rotation? - Bryce Petty deserves credit for leading the team to it's only points and avoiding a shutout - Josh Martin (OLB) continued his excellent summer with another impactful game - Marcus Murphy (RB) showed some promise as the lead returner but again the ball can't end up on the ground - Corey Lemonier (OLB) had an excellent game with an INT and a sack. Lorenzo Mauldin needs to get on the field and show up because he has competition - A couple of nice catches by Myles White (WR) on Petty passes
  13. JAC has been notorious for getting "big name" talent in the draft and free agency and doing absolutely nothing. They've got a long way to go to break that cycle
  14. Jets practice 08/17

    With the way Jenkins & Martin played against TEN and the way Donahue & Beltre flashed in camp Mauldin is not a certainty to make this team
  15. Who will be a "surprise" cut?

    With CB's at a premium, hopefully Maccagnan can trade Williams for a 5th-6th round pick