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  1. Abusing the reputation system

    If somebody receives a certain number of buttfumbles on a post can it turn into an Idzik face?
  2. The only way you could make this team worse is if @Paradis ran the draft.
  3. The attitude is good for the team and he is setting a good example for other players. I hope he avoids injury and becomes a playmaker. Definitely a better player than he was the year before.
  4. Well if reporters tweeted it...
  5. It is hardly unreasonable to want the rest of the offense to run through some drives with a QB who knows the scheme. The rest of the offense, which has a lot of young players, needs to get comfortable with it, too. They can't be completely limited by Hack (or Petty) developing as players individually and as part of the offense. All those other players need to be evaluated, too. FFS it's preseason game two.
  6. Grade Hackenberg after Preseason Week 1

    The standard by which he should be judged is difficult. He's not really a rookie but at the same time he was sat last year with an OC who came right out and said he wasn't going to do any work with him. Mentally he's had a year to sit in on the team and learn but learned in a system the team no longer uses from an OC that wanted nothing to do with him. Physically he's closer to a freshly drafted rookie because it's his first training camp to receive a lot of focus and reps. By that standard I'd grade A-/A. If we're just judging him against any NFL QB with a year under his belt I'd say B. Regardless of what metric you use to grade him it's hard to argue he doesn't look better than he did last training camp or that he's clearly better than Petty.
  7. Forum Upgrade Complete

    I also like seeing when there are new quotes of my posts. I don't care whether I can see up/down votes but I thought most of the current platform software has options to turn this off anyway.
  8. I'm no fan of ESPN but let's not kid ourselves. It is still doing very well. Fourth in prime time for all cable channels. Not exactly "failing bigtime" at that rank.
  9. You're wrong on every topic. You're our own personal Stephen A. Smith. Millenials now represent the single largest demographic in the nation. They outspend older generations on consumer goods and services. They view and share online content (like ESPN content) covered with ads more than any other generation.
  10. Isn't that what happens when they put Richardson at OLB?
  11. As a serious response this is correct. The sports media is entertainment, not journalism. The sports media cycle is built on taking news and manufactured "news" (e.g. rumors, things guys just made up that sound like they came from the inside, opinions from actual insiders) and injects them on equal footing as the foundation for what is twenty-four hours of commentary. The commentary is built around creating disagreement. Then they comment and report on the disagreement and create more disagreement. Repeat until the cycle ends. Then repeat the entire cycle. Look at how much factual news goes into a day of ESPN or other sports entertainment. It's very few facts outside of reporting scores, W-L records and game stats. Most of the other "facts" of the day are opinions and speculation dressed up as credible facts.
  12. Not a fan of the guy but still hope for a quick recovery for him