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  1. Jets still in playoff hunt

    Yes although no matter how many games they win there will be fans blasting them as awful, greedy, selfish, dumb and cancers, sometimes for competing reasons. OMG 7 WINS U PLAYERS RUINED OUR CHANCES TO GET A FRANCHISE QB BUT CAN U BELIEVE HOW BAD THEY WERE THAT THEY COULD ONLY WIN 7 GAMES ON THIS SCHEDULE? GET RID OF THOSE BUMS.
  2. Jalin Marshall Added to Practice Squad

    To be expected after he was cut. Not good enough for another team to want to take him but good enough to deserve some more work. Maybe he gets back on the bottom of the roster next year.
  3. Adams call vs. Gronk

    The PI call against Adams is right if you just look at what happens when the ball is coming down. He has his hands on Gronkowski's arm. Okay. But look at everything before that. Gronkowski is shoving on his face and trying to push him away which is also a PI call. If the refs threw the first flag on the first call then the second doesn't even matter. Adams could have done better on the play but at least judge him from what happened not what the refs decided happened.
  4. Jets still in playoff hunt

    lolwut The one game you think they win is the Bills, who already beat us and is likely the toughest team of the four? Jay Cutler and Miami "is the one where we see exactly what this team is made of"? That is a strange interpretation of the NFL this season.
  5. Jets still in playoff hunt

    If the Jets that played the first quarter yesterday played the rest of the season then yes, this is definitely a team that might hit the playoffs. That team would have won yesterday, beat NE twice, split the Bills, etc. Probably not make it to the big game but definitely the playoffs given the state of the AFC. The team that showed up the rest of the game...no. The team is still pretty uneven in games. That comes down to an uneven journeyman QB and a coach that makes some pretty bad in-game decisions, especially once he has a lead and wants to play conservatively to protect it.
  6. Jets unable to beat two opponents on the field this week
  7. My point was simply that both guys were uneven QBs but QBs you could build around and win some games. Both needed the team to bail them out through the season to gain wins. I was warmer on Sanchez than most fans but I don't think he had a HOF career ahead of him even if he had been surrounded by a great team in 2011 onward. Super Bowl? High probability if the team could have hung on to a great roster and competent coaches.
  8. No, although under different circumstances I think he could have been a much better QB than what he turned into. His upside was probably Pennington II which at least would have given us a little time to be competitive and take a couple shots at a younger QB in the draft. Sanchez needed a coaching staff that could get him up to speed and drill the maturity into him. Rex was not that coach and even though they brought in some help for Sanchez the OC was clueless and the head coach was definitely not a shining example of maturity. He probably needed way more coaching devoted to him than any player should but, on the other hand, if you're going to spend as much as they did to move up and grab him then you should do what it takes to make that investment worthwhile. He had a good enough team that he had a chance to develop on the field in 2009 and 2010. 2011-2012 it was like they did everything they could to screw with him. Utterly crushed his confidence out there and it never recovered. On a contract that reflected his 2011 and 2012 performance he could have stuck around after the injury. He wouldn't have been great but he would have been better than Geno. However, he had that big extension and there was no reason to keep a QB with that kind of performance and underdevelopment at that price. Even if he had come back around to whatever you think was his best moment it still would not have justified the contract, especially not with the cap and roster conditions in 2013.
  9. Amari Cooper

    Just shows that not every supposed draft superstar turns into superstar in the NFL or has a fantastic game every game.
  10. He has potential to develop but the injury presents a real risk. It might haunt him through his career. I don't think he's worth what he would likely demand on the basis of the potential and that is especially true with the injury. He plays well for several years without problem and then he hits FA then sure, he would be a worthwhile pick up to play for several years at the position while we continue to root around drafts to his replacement. Now, no.
  11. Time to put your money where your mouths are

    $20? Can't pay for a rolex or lease a BMW for so little.
  12. Get ready to wake up against the pats....

    Why do you let the trolls get to you
  13. J.J Watt

    How many of the same politicized posts do we have to see about the anthem protests
  14. McCown a great addition

    Not great by any stretch but better than I expected. I'm not sure that says anything really positive. Sadly he's the best QB on the roster.