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  1. The offense-friendly rule changes in 1994 probably saved the game from years of decline. It was inevitable that the game would go this direction. It's hard to seriously argue the NFL ruined itself as it has attracted an increasingly larger audience every year but last year, which can be explained by many other factors than a failure of the NFL. Even if NFL live viewing declines a little, the NFL is making up for it by diversifying its audience experience with the NFL Network, youtube vids (ad dollars), etc. which all depend upon lots of exciting plays to cut up. Nobody is watching NFLN talk about field goals all day. It also blew up fantasy football which creates more NFLN content and other streams of revenue. They might be losing some casual fans to boring games but they are making up for it with the dedication of fantasy football fans who are more likely to spend money to the NFL. The NFL is a business and business is very good. I would agree that the NFL has taken its rules to such extremes that player disparity among teams has made the league as a whole less interesting to watch but the same could be said for the 1980s when a handful of teams dominated the league. Maybe we are seeing the other side of the peak of this model of the NFL after years of a small number of teams dominating the league every year (like in the early 90s) but as long as the money flows the game won't change.
  2. It's most ugly because neither helmet is designed with those color schemes in mind. The Jets one looks like NY Jets sponsored by American Airlines but as ugly as possible. Green makes no sense for the patriots. Granted, green has no affiliation with jets but it's hard to imagine a team in the USA named Patriots and not be red, white and blue.
  3. In some ways this is the first year he's been able to strip down the team and build. In 2015 he had to come in and spend a lot of money quickly on a team that had basically nothing working. In 2016 the decision was made (either by Woody or Macc) to roll the dice on the 2015 roster a second year. The team has some foundation in younger players from Macc's first two drafts. Now it's time for him to start putting pieces together. A sh*tty season this year has to come with the promise of a serviceable QB and a strong roster in 2018. Macc is trying to build a system for long term success and that's not going to happen overnight. I can give him some slack that he has tried to stick to that plan when it would have been easier to make moves harder to criticize; however, he can't keep stacking WR and defensive players forever. Not with a declining record every year.
  4. Obviously not meaningful to the most important stat but it does lend a very good argument why not paying a premium at DT to retain Snacks made sense. I like Snacks and he is worth what he is paid but it wasn't a cost we needed to absorb.
  5. Is $19k even enough to brag about on a watch?
  6. You know what they say about drafting a lot of players to increase your odds. Cro really took that to heart.
  7. Decker will still be around because he's still the best of the WRs if he can avoid injury. There aren't better free agents floating around for less. We have a lot of young and unproven guys who might be ready but you can't go into a season blindly without anybody you know can be a 1 or 2. Richardson will be back. There's no cap savings to cut him so he either has to be played or traded. Few teams will want to take him on the last year of his contract knowing (a) he could walk and (b) he will want a huge contract. Richardson is a good but not elite player but he will want an elite contract. I think Macc would trade him but I don't see many teams finding value in that trade. Maybe if we take peanuts on the deal. In that case we might as well play him this year and hope for a comp pick.
  8. What kind of sad plebs have to resort to bragging about leased BMWs and Rolexes online?
  9. Robbie Anderson went to Miami and you'll never guess what happens next! (Photo gallery)
  10. I don't think we're stacked with an excess of ones and twos but it's a young group with a lot of potential to develop into a very competitive WR corps.
  11. They should redesign the helmet to look like an old aviator hat
  12. I can't imagine anybody wants to hear his thoughts on anything. Maybe he's just there to be the sports analyst equivalent of a sh*tposter. There's nothing alarming about the Jets having talked to him in the offseason. Jets wanted a vet backup and he was available. He's a little better on the field than McCown but with a worse attitude and would have demanded way more money. No reason the front office wouldn't pick up the phone and assess the option even if they had no real interest in him. (Cutler saying it was real doesn't make it so.) They could have been simply testing the market while negotiating with McCown.
  13. Why would anybody care what those two idiots think in their clickbait trash
  14. It seems the Bears overpaid a little for Glennon and overpaid in the draft to move up when they almost certainly would have Trubisky at three, but their overall strategy was not wrong. They can take a shot on both Glennon and Trubisky. If both are great maybe they can trade one away. The trade up was fairly bizarre though. Maybe they thought with what they had invested in Glennon for this year they couldn't afford not to take a shot at a QB high in the draft and needed to rule out any possibility of losing out on the top QB prospect. SF couldn't be completely eliminated as picking a QB; they must have feared it was a possibility.
  15. Obviously they weren't going to extend him. Best hope here is that Pryor decides he needs to do something to extend his career and plays a great year. Macc is not going to extend him after drafting first and second round safeties but it might get Pryor a trade after the preseason. At a minimum it might turn him into a comp pick if he hits free agency.