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  1. I live in the Bay Area these days, and there are quite a few wistful Smith fans out here that wonder if the Niners would have been better off if he had stayed. As a NYJ fan, dammit I'd take either of them.
  2. And in a year where the AFC East is wide open, what's the smart play? Find out what we have in Geno or roll the dice with Vick? I think you have to stick with Geno even if the games make me want to throw a brick thru my TV
  3. Not even sure.... but we know Andy Reid knows how to play to his team's strengths.
  4. Yep... we obviously did ourselves a huge favor signing Decker, we've got a really good back in Ivory, but man, not another receiver on the roster who can make BIG plays. Granted Johnson looks better in space but he is a shadow of his former self
  5. The conclusion about how a lack of playmakers makes it that much harder for Geno and the offense to be successful is hard to argue... Apologies if this was already posted.
  6. Ok that didn't work without the Miami Brad pounded reference.... Damn you quote function!
  7. D taking the game over.... How good does AA look?