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  1. Here is how bad it has gotten:-- our pitching stats are comparable to the 62 Mets: ERA: 5.04 (62) vs 5.05 (17) Hits per 9 innings: 9.9 (62) vs 9.7 Walks per 9: 3.6 (62) vs 3.8 HR/9: 1.21 (62) vs 1.50 Opp bating average: .281 (62) vs .272 Good to know that Warthen is safe.
  2. The good news these last two nights is that we didn't have to stay up late to watch them lose. Both games were turned off before the 1st inning was over. At least I have the Jets Dawgs to look forward to.
  3. Skins have one of the worst cap situations in the league, they would have a lot of work to do to fit Decker in under the cap -- I would think they are a longshot.
  4. He was waived/injured. He cleared waivers and was placed on IR. He is still on the roster.
  5. I take a couple of road trips every year and this year will be no different. I don't expect them to be good, and I don't expect them to win many games, but they are still my team and I still want to see them play. The road trips will still be fun: meeting up with friends, tailgates, the games. Yup, still planning to do a couple of trips. One of those trips is always a weekend with my son. He is out on his own, married and has his own life now. Our Jets weekend is a chance for the two of us to get away and spend a weekend together. We have done 1 trip a year for about the last 10 seasons (more in playoff years, so this year will be just one). It does not matter if the team is competitive or not, they are not taking that weekend away from me.
  6. This may be nothing more thana move to clear cap space. Cleveland takes on Pryor's $1.6MM guaranteed base salary. The Jets take on Davis' $3.7MM non-guaranteed base. If we cut Davis prior to the season, we save Pryor's $1.6MM cap hit that we would have had to absorb if we had released him.
  7. I sure hope this means that we have seen the last of Rafael Montero. Watching last night's game - he gets a quick out, goes 0-2 on the 2nd batter and I was thinking maybe he would look better. 40 pitches later, I saw the error in my thinking.
  8. Full text of the Fitz quote: "I can't complain about it," Fitzpatrick said. "Last year, I was the starter. If you play well as the starter, you continue to play. I didn't play well, so I lost the game of musical chairs. They pulled out my chair from under me."
  9. What bothers me most is that the approach we are taking now is the one we should have taken two years ago. Coming off of a 4-12 season in 2014. New coach, new GM. That was the time to commit to the rebuild, but instead, we spent a ton of money on a bunch of aging veterans who are no longer on the team. And here we are two years into the Bowles-Macc regime and we still have huge questions about the most important positions in the game: QB, #1WR, Edge, a 31 year old feature back, #1CB, and question marks at both tackle positions. I am happy to see them finally commit to a rebuild. I am excited to see what some of the young guys can do, but we should have done this two years ago. Two wasted years -- thats what bothers me most.
  10. Pretty sure we are right up against the 90-man offseason roster limit. It frees up the roster spot by doing it now.
  11. He was waived/injured -- likely a procedural move before placing him on IR. As a non-vested veteran, he needs to clear waivers before we can place him on IR.
  12. But he sure did not make it easy in the 7th.
  13. Hard to believe, but the bullpen has actually pitched to a better ERA than the starters this season. 4.93 for the pen vs 5.16 for the rotation. So the bullpen is crap, but so to are the starters. Between injuries and ineffectiveness, the pitching staff as whole is a mess. Score 17 runs in a 3 game series and get swept??? Only good thing to come out of this weekend series is that I didn't stay up there for yesterday's game.