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  1. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    You know what is going to happen. The minute we start talking up a different guy, he goes out and plays like crap. May not be this week, or next. But eventually it is going to happen, he is going to look horrible. And it will be on you and Paradis.
  2. No. They did not look good in the loss to Georgia. Really struggled with our speed off the edges. They could not get anything going against us on the ground (I think they had about 60 yards rushing in the game) and had trouble protecting Wimbush. Even Mcglinchey struggled in that game. They are playing much better now.
  3. Field conditions for Sunday

    I was watching the game and had the same thought -- footing could be really bad tomorrow.
  4. Field conditions for Sunday

    Yup. Field should be in great shape for the Giants and Seahawks.
  5. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    I agree. This college football season has done nothing but confuse me over the QBs. They are so inconsistent. At this point, I think I have to just sit back, enjoy the games and not worry about how the prospects shake out until after the season is over. Plenty of time to watch tape and evaluate prospects in January. Darnold with a chance to make a statement today against ND -- really looking forward to that game tonight.
  6. Another QB Rises: Ryan Finley

    Struggling with his accuracy in the early going today at Pitt. Missed the start of the game, but he has missed high on a couple of throws since I flipped it on.
  7. Classic Clips

    Here is a clip -- from 32 years ago tonight. 10/14/85. Joe's #12 is retired at a halftime ceremony during a Monday Night Game against the Dolphins. Video below is the ceremony which was broadcast during that telecast, with Joe and Weeb Ewbank.
  8. Amari Cooper

    Gotta admit, I was half expecting a buttfumble for that one, because it does not sound right, but I could not find anyone else after a couple of searches on Pro Football Reference.
  9. Amari Cooper

    In the history of the NFL, there have been 3 WRs who have had 70+ catches and 1,000+ receiving yards in each of their first two seasons in the league. Amari Cooper is one of those 3. He is struggling this year, but not even close to a draft bust. If anyone is interested, Odell Beckham and Marques Colston are the other two.
  10. Game Balls vs Cleveland?

    Claiborne. And one to Maye for the red zone pick. His first one. Sent from my SM-T320 using Tapatalk
  11. Would have had to have been announced already.
  12. Giants are home to an AFC opponent, therefore the game is on CBS. Jets and Giants both play the early game, so our game was flexed to Fox so both could be televised in NY market.
  13. I think he is in the discussion. Accuracy, poise, and touch. A little bit inconsistent yesterday as he missed a few throws he normally makes, but he also had a couple of drives when he threw some perfect passes downfield to lead to scores. Was nice to see him throw downfield a bit yesterday -- he has had a few games where everything is dink and dunk. The one potential knock on Falk is arm strength -- I love his accuracy and ball placement, I think he is a great fit for a West Coast offense, he puts the ball on his receivers in position to let them make plays. I love his ball placement, but does he have the arm strength to make an NFL defense defend the entire field. Combine/pro day will huge for him. If he shows he can make all the NFL throws, then I think he is in the first round discussion -- and he would look real good in green and white.
  14. Yup. I agree on Leggett -- doubt he will get many reps today, but I hope he at least gets on the field a bit. Also hoping to see them work Stewart into the offense a bit more - the guy has looked good, albeit with limited opportunities.
  15. Cimini posted this yesterday. Sorry about the small print. Out: Roberts, Ealy, Martin & Forte Questionable: Wilkerson & Burris