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  1. Thanks. Read rumors/reports somewhere that the Cowboys had offered a 2 for Sheldon at the trade deadline last year. No way of knowing if it is correct, but if so, just an awful missed opportunity. And I guess I got carried away given our need for a franchise QB. a franchise QB.
  2. A good GM needs to be able to do more than evaluate talent. He needs to know how to build a roster, how and when to make a deal and needs to be a solid negotiator. Macc may be able to evaluate talent, but he is not a good GM.Taking Leo in 2015, with Sheldon and Mo on the roster would only have made sense if he could have gotten value for either guy. Our coaching staff has never figured out how to get all 3 guys on the field together. Both Mo & Sheldon had more value to another team than to us, since either guy was easily replaced by Leo. Yet, here we are, 2 years later and all 3 guys are still on the roster, and we still don't know how to use all 3 effectively. I think odds are better than 50-50 that we go into the season with all 3 this year. If Macc was really offered a 2 for Sheldon last season and turned it down as had been rumored, that speaks to his inability to recognize value and strike a deal to improve the team. Incompetence.In 2016, his management of the QB position was abosulutely dreadful. Most of us on this site realized that Fitz solid 2015 season was an illusion. He feasted against bad defenses, caught some lucky breaks with dropped picks, and had a great WR tandem. He allowed Fitz to hold him up all year. Drafted Hack in the 2nd round - Hack may be a fine player someday (I doubt it) but to use a 2nd round pick on a guy you are not even going to let sniff the field. Carried 4 QBs all year. And we are still paying Fitz $5MM this season. Incompetence.Just look at the 10 highest paid guys on our roster. These guys should be the foundation of the team. You win with the guys at the top of the roster. 3 guys who play the same position -- Leo, Mo, Sheldon. 2 guards, Carpenter and Winters, who are fine players but not at a premium position. A # 2 WR coming off of shoulder surgery,. An aging inside linebacker. A nickel CB who is a penalty flag machine. A safety coming off of knee surgery who is only meh when healthy. And a 38 year old QB with 18 wins over a 14 year career. Incompetence.The two trade back yesterday. I had been waiting for us to trade back all night. Both times, when I saw we traded back I was thirlled. Checked the draft value chart, only to see that we settled for a pick about a round later than we should have. Hopefully Macc still picks good players with the extra picks we acquired and then nobody will give a sh*t about where he took them. But the value just wasn't there in either trade. Incompetence.Macc may be a solid talent evaluator. To be fair, he has found some nice players, especially late in the draft, he has added some good UDFAs and late round picks. But his with his rigid adherence to BPA, I believe he has missed opportunities to improve the team. Where are the difference makers? The franchise QB, the left tackle, the edge rusher, the #1 WR, the shut down corner, the franchise QB, the feature back. After 2 and a half drafts, we still don't have any. Incompetence.End of rant.
  3. After round 1, our top 3 drafters are: New Orleans Saints (@Lil Woody) with 51 points: Christian McCaffrey +16 (Woody picked him at 24, but he went 8th) and Jarrad Davis +35, (picked him at 56, but he went 21 last night) Detroit Lions (@King P) with 30 points. Adoree Jackson +35 (selected at 53, but went at 18 last night) and Takk McKinley -5 (selected at 21, but went 26 last night) Indianapolis Colts (@Integrity28) with 24 points. Evan Engram +23 (46, went 23 last night) & Derek Barnett +1 (15th, went 14 last night). Out of 32 picks, we had 3 in the right slot: Garrett, Fournette & as Mangold pointed out above, his pick of Taco at 28. And while several of us had two first rounders, only @Beerfish selected 3 first rounders, for the Browns, including two who were picked by the Browns: Garrett and Njoku. He also picked Trubisky for the Browns.
  4. It is also the injuries that are killing me. 8-8 is no reason to panic, but just 3 weeks into the season and we have lost Wright, Nimmo, Lugo & Matz to the DL. And Duda, Flores, Ces and TDA all day to day. Add in all the work that the bullpen is being forced to put in this early, and it has the makings of a tough year.
  5. Not going to miss Montero. It was painful watching him pitch, even if he got guys out, always felt like he was on the edge of disaster.
  6. Bruce at 1B today for Duda. Grandy, Conforto & Ces in the OF. Now, if we only had a 3rd baseman.
  7. At least we get another try.
  8. And, there is the 3 run home run. But can we actually protect a late lead.
  9. Relief pitching continues to be brutal and overworked. Last 4 games our bullpen is 0-4 with a 7.15 ERA; Starters have no decisions, but a 1.88 ERA during the losing streak. And offensively, we have just 21 hits in 4 games so even when our starters leave with the lead, there is no margin for error. And it snot as if we have been going up against a collection of Cy Young candidates, Hopefully they can get it turned around starting tonight.
  10. If anyone is curious, here is our top 51 with their cap hits
  11. Update on cap space to go along with the roster update. From data on Spotrac and overthecap: Salary Cap $167.1MM Top 51 Cap Hit: $145.4MM Dead Cap: $13.5MM Total Offseason Cap Hit: $158.9MM Cap Space $8.2MM Considering we will need about $8MM to sign a draft class, and only top 51 salaries count against the cap in the offseason, we are going to have to do something to free up space -- maybe a Sheldon trade or Gilchrist release, but something has to be done to free up space.
  12. Not sure sucked is a strong enough word. Coming off of a 9-8 16 inning win on Thursday and riding a 5 game winning streak, with Thor, Degrom and Harvey ready to go. All 3 guys pitch well and we still lose all 3. Bullpen was horribad and the bats went silent so there was no margin for error. Very frustrating weekend of baseball.
  13. The guy scares me. The talent is not questioned. Just judging from his game tape, I like his game better than Fournette, especially if we are going to run a west coast offense under new OC John Morton. But he just has way too many red flags for me. I am concerned about his fumbling, off field issues, work ethic and injury history. For these reasons, I want no part of him at 6. Not sure I would even take a shot in him in 2. Start of the season this past year, he was overweight. Add that to his performance in the combine, and I worry about how hard this guy works in the offseason. He also had one of the highest fumbling rates in the NCAA this past season, fumbling once every 64 touches. Add in 3 shoulder surgeries since high school and multiple off field issues, and, despite loving his tape, I would have to pass.