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  1. Is T.O still avaiable?
  2. #JetsCamp Report – Tues 08/08/17

    Very good hands and man was he wide open.
  3. CTE Found In 90% of Donated Brains

    Plenty of jobs have their risk of injury or death. Police make nice $$ and after 25 years can retire with a pension. Some take the risk for the pension and retirement income. You know the risks with anything you do, but choose to do it anyway. Watch a episode of Deadliest Catch and look what they do for less than $100k per year. Life is risk/reward....
  4. I know there are no refunds. Lets see if he plays this year, and we will see if the Front Office has any clue.
  5. I know, would have been a much better signing...
  6. Patience, this guy did not take a snap last year when there was no one else that did anything under center. And I would like a refund off the price of my season tix...
  7. will you got to the games?

    Team in Distress..... Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress. § 8(a)The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.
  8. Dallas offered 2nd rounder for Richardson

    He is worth a 2nd. Look at what New England did... traded picks for established players. No development time and you get a proven player.
  9. Jets 2nd Round Pick?

    trade out.
  10. 2nd Round

    Yes, nice consistent player, but that was many years ago...
  11. 2nd Round

    Saw this the other day. Lets see what loser we get this year in the 2nd round It’s almost hard to fathom, but the Jets have drafted only two Pro Bowlers since 1979: Defensive end Mark Gastineau — who was the team’s second-round pick that year — and cornerback Justin Miller in 2005. But, there’s a bit of a caveat to that statistic. See, Miller went to Hawaii in 2007 as the AFC’s kick returner, not in the defensive backfield. In fact, Miller was a terrible cornerback when the Jets put him on defense. 2016 – QB Christian Hackenberg 2015 – WR Devin Smith 2014 – TE Jace Amaro 2013 – QB Geno Smith 2012 – WR Stephen Hill 2010 – OG Vlad Ducasse
  12. All-time worst Jets draft pick?

    Exactly, not playing in a game and not ready to play.