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  1. He is worth a 2nd. Look at what New England did... traded picks for established players. No development time and you get a proven player.
  2. trade out.
  3. Yes, nice consistent player, but that was many years ago...
  4. Saw this the other day. Lets see what loser we get this year in the 2nd round It’s almost hard to fathom, but the Jets have drafted only two Pro Bowlers since 1979: Defensive end Mark Gastineau — who was the team’s second-round pick that year — and cornerback Justin Miller in 2005. But, there’s a bit of a caveat to that statistic. See, Miller went to Hawaii in 2007 as the AFC’s kick returner, not in the defensive backfield. In fact, Miller was a terrible cornerback when the Jets put him on defense. 2016 – QB Christian Hackenberg 2015 – WR Devin Smith 2014 – TE Jace Amaro 2013 – QB Geno Smith 2012 – WR Stephen Hill 2010 – OG Vlad Ducasse
  5. Exactly, not playing in a game and not ready to play.
  6. Hackenberg. Living in the present. Quite the list of 1st and 2nd rd busts. Keeping it in the 2010's. we have Hill, Ducasse, Hackenberg, Millner, Devin Smith all 100% non contributors.
  7. The Jets have has horrible team management as evidenced by the lack of successful draft picks, which is the fuel that drives the salary cap management long term strategy. By sucking real bad at drafting and drafting losers, the Jets have been forced to over pay in free agency for players past their prime or those that never had a prime.
  8. Just start Hackenberg so we can get new material for football follies.
  9. They both sucked and Folk set the tone for a bad year by single handily blowing the opening game with his missed kicks.
  10. good move if it can be done on the cheap. Def puts the Jets back in contention with those WR's and if Cutler gets hurt, Hackenberg or Petty can then step in and go from there. Get a TE in Free Agency (Bennett) and Draft Fournette in Rd 1 and off lineman in 2nd or 3rd and roll from there.
  11. He was their Bryce Petty once...
  12. D+ Hackenberg pick is the difference between and C+ and F-
  13. Trying to figure out what to order for dinner. Def not reviewing who can be a good player....