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  1. The Steelers and Seahawks did a great job with Roethlisberger and Wilson by running the ball a ton and giving them a sh*t ton of easy throws. The Jets are doing the same thing with Hackenberg. Those Steelers and Seahawks teams were much better than this Jets team, too. As sh*tty as I think the coaches are, their development plan with Hackenberg is a good one.
  2. He skipped his senior year of college. This should be his rookie year. He's a full two years younger than Dak Prescott.
  3. Sheldon takes bait, hammers Brandon Marshall

    Marshall acted a fool during halftime of one of the games (I think the game at Foxboro) and pissed the entire team off. Richardson said something about it. Players were pissed at Marshall, not Richardson. The only thing Richardson did wrong was talk to the media about it.
  4. Sheldon takes bait, hammers Brandon Marshall

    The "it" was actually something else.
  5. 2000 Ravens D vs 2009 Jets D

    He was one player. I believe CB #2 and CB #3 (maybe even #4) went down. Those are two of your three starters. Manning and the Colts receivers should have taken advantage of that and they did. They didn't do much before that.
  6. 2000 Ravens D vs 2009 Jets D

    The defense only blew the lead after almost every single CB went down. The Jets backup CBs were matched up against the Colts starting WRs. Big advantage to the Colts.
  7. 2000 Ravens D vs 2009 Jets D

    Cromartie wasn't on the team in 2009. Jenkins was also out most of the year.
  8. I don't believe that either. Moss was faster than Hill.
  9. No ******* way this guy is as fast as Randy Moss.
  10. Positive Report on Christian Hackenberg

    That's the key right there. If the OL can't keep him clean, he'll revert back to the bad habits. There's little doubt about the work ethic and ability to read defenses. Do I think that the OL can keep him clean, though? No.
  11. Sam Darnold not a lock to enter draft

    It'd be so Jets like to get the #1 pick and Darnold decides to stay in school.
  12. If the Jets have the #1 pick and a ton of cap room, it's an attractive job for anyone. And if the Jets have the #1 pick and a ton of cap room and someone established is available, Mac can kiss his ass goodbye.
  13. Anderson and Enunwa; Beasts in the Making

    I'd call Enunwa a weapon. We've seen the guy outrun an entire defense (Ravens) on one play and destroy Kam Chancellor on another. Not many teams have a guy with his kind of physical ability.
  14. I'm not saying Kerley wasn't a better player than Enunwa in 2015. He was. And he probably could have helped the offense more than Enunwa did that year. I'm saying that the Jets sacrificed Kerley's production in order to develop Enunwa. I would say that it worked, considering Enunwa is now better than Kerley ever was and is still getting better.
  15. Woody Set to Hand Control to his Brother

    Woody has never stayed away. You cite 2005-2009, but Favre was 2008 and was ALL Woody. He can't help himself.