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  1. NaVorro Bowman

    Or it's what not being the guy who actually committed the crime does.
  2. Amari Cooper

    The dude came out a year early and had over 1,000 yards his rookie season (at age 21 and what should have been his senior year at Alabama) and made the Pro Bowl. He follows that up with another Pro Bowl year. You guys are ridiculous.
  3. Belichick praises Jets

    No. He's usually more prepared than other coaches. It IS impressive. Most guys would say, "Oh, that #51, he's doing good on special teams."
  4. Good news for the tank crowd

    Not true. It absolutely takes two to tango. Tennessee was not parting with that #2 pick. They were sold on Mariota. Mac offered at least #6 and Wilkerson and at least one other team offered more. 2017 was different, but I guess he couldn't top the Rams offer. The point still remains, the only two QBs who he's tried trading up for are Mariota and Goff, which shows that he has some ability to identify a franchise QB.
  5. Good news for the tank crowd

    You're missing the point. There's a difference between being the #1 QB in a draft class and being a franchise QB. EJ Manuel/Geno Smith were the top QBs in their class. If you targeted either one of them, you'd be on the unemployment line. Trubisky was the #1 guy in his class and Goff or Wentz were the best in their class. Mac went after Goff HARD, but didn't do the same with Trubisky or Wentz. It's not as simple as going after the #1 guy in the class. You have to take it one step further and ask if that guy can be the franchise. The fact that Mac thought that was the case with Goff and not with Trubisky or Wentz tells me he knows what he's doing. Goff looks the part. We'll see with the other two.
  6. NYG Wheels Are Coming Off

    He gave him a better off than the Giants . . .
  7. Right. He was facing away from the QB and in pursuit of the RB. That's a great play for a 300 pound man. But go ahead, keep discrediting the guy.
  8. You conveniently left out his fantastic interception to stop a Rams scoring drive and his fumble recovery.
  9. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Which is fine, but then you get to pick again. Right now, the Jets are the best of the bad teams. That's not a good thing.
  10. Good news for the tank crowd

    Mac went in hard for Goff and targeted Mariota. He certainly seems to be able to identify the good QBs.
  11. Good news for the tank crowd

    Really? Teams don't pass on Cam Newton because they drafted Jimmy Clausen the year before. Second round QBs are guys you hope become good, but you don't go all in on them. If they pan out, great. If they don't, you tried.
  12. Jets Place Charone Peake on IR

    He was a 7th round pick. What did you expect?
  13. He was good in 2015, but not worth that contract. I would have just franchised him and let him play 2016 under the tag to see if could take it to that next level.
  14. 100% false. He had red flags. You just didn't hear about them because he's a guy who didn't open his mouth and just produced. Everyone thought Terrell Owens was a thug and Marvin Harrison was a great guy.
  15. The Jets tried to trade Wilkerson twice. They didn't get close to what they wanted.