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  1. We should be in the third year of Mariota throwing to Decker in a Jets uniform.
  2. He will. It's Marshall who's in danger. Marshall is small and slow, so he can only play the slot. Peake can play anywhere. So can Stewart. Stewart can also handle PR and KR duties. Therefore Marshall is screwed unless one of these guys gets hurt.
  3. Maye is a worse athlete than Adams? They were close in most of the drills, but Maye had a significantly better 40 yard time and better vertical. He's clearly the better athlete. That's why he'll be playing more FS than Adams.
  4. But does he have the athleticism to cover guys at the NFL level? I don't think he does. Maye does, though.
  5. He's got a lot of talent. Great size, good athlete, former division one basketball player. He just needs to lay off the sauce and keep his playing weight down.
  6. Collins is good and was a second rounder. I still think Mac was smoking something when he took a safety who is an average athlete at #6.
  7. The only place the Jets are better are at safety and tight end. And while ASJ and Leggett are exciting, they're still dependent on a QB.
  8. Maye's game seems translate better to the NFL than Adams's.
  9. Lito Shepherd and Ed Reed were the obvious choices. They thought Bryan Thomas was a John Abraham clone. That would have been something to watch, if that turned out to be the case.
  10. It's unclear who actually hit the guy. He may just be going after Mauldin because Mauldin has a deep pocket. If the guy accidentally spilled a drink on Mauldin and Mauldin in fact beat the sh*t out of him, Mauldin should be cut. Total bitch move to beat up someone 120 pounds smaller than you. If the guy spilled a drink on Mauldin on purpose, he probably deserved at least one good shot.
  11. I wonder how much is Rodgers and how much is Bowles. There's definitely a dumb and dumber thing going on there. Which is which is anyone's guess.
  12. I should also add that Ellis was drafted to play 3-4 DE, so switching him to 4-3 DT wasn't a horrible idea. They should have just shifted him inside without making him gain any weight. I believe the reason they moved him to 4-3 DT was because they drafted Bryan Thomas.
  13. This is worse. Ellis was pretty athletic for a 285 pound DE, so they figured he'd be an athletic DT in Herm's 4-3. Mauldin was heavy footed coming out of college and a one-dimensional player (pass rusher). So they make him gain a bunch of weight, which eliminated any athleticism he did have. Absolutely moronic. At this point, Leonard Williams and Sheldon Richardson can beat this guy in a foot race.
  14. He played 100 more snaps in 2016, so yes, there was a noticeable decline in production.
  15. Correct, but any athleticism he did have was lost after the coaching staff had him put 10-15 pounds on.