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  1. I do. I don't identify with the common millennial.
  2. Crusher talking about his kids are out of high school. Leelou who I thought was around my age judging by her picture is still 5 year older me. Ape talking about high school in the 80's. I'm over here still trying to figure out when is the right time to propose to my girlfriend.
  3. Am I the youngest person in here?
  4. I see all the high school kids now are into the really tight clothing. When I was in high school int he early '00's, baggy was the thing that was in. I'm not even sure how kids really even learn anything anymore. I would just have my smart phone out and google everything.
  5. I was born in '87 so I guess I'm a millennial. When I went to high school there were still jocks and nerds however.
  6. Good! vote jc
  7. hello! Nice snapchat pic avi
  8. I may or may not have a missile.
  9. I'll take the leftovers.
  10. Hello all!
  11. I can't believe the OP actually started this thread. I bet if he said that the Jets are tanking this year this thread would've been started either way using the same words you used.
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