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  1. They are a BPA franchise and these QBs were not the BPA for any team. But they are QBs so teams take the chance. I don't have a problem with any of the QBs taken where they were taken. I think the teams got it right, but I think there is a decent chance we look back in 3 years and realize all 3 were busts or at least not franchise QBs.
  2. It's not really about Gruden. You can pretty much ask any expert or watch the tape of the kid and you will realize it was a great pick....even though we needed offense. If Adams has a 90pct chance of success, you don't take OJ Howard if you think he has a 70pct chance of success. That's what the draft is all about. Especially with the first pick. Reaching for players is usually a mistake unless its for a QB or if you are one player away from being a SB contender. In the Jets position, they can't afford to pass up on Adams. Now if we had taken Lattimore over Howard then I could see the complaints because to me they are both equally likely to succeed so you go with offense. But this probably wasn't even close between Adams and every other player on the board (let alone on offense).
  3. Good. Why would you want easy games? You want this team to go 7-9 next year? The harder the schedule the better the chance with pick number 1 next year. Get with the program!
  4. That's why you can't rip this pick. Watch the tape.. The kid is special. Plus he has the measurables. He was a steal at 6. Plus we needed a safety so it's not like we took another DL. With that said, they need to go offense two out of the next three. Would love Cook, but we don't do exciting players.
  5. The poll is flawed as it forced me to pick a defensive player. I don't care who falls to us in the 2nd, we better go offense. Cook, kamara, Zay Jones, juju, shaheen or leverett, or one of the OL still on the board. A few will drop to us. We have to like one of them. With that said, here comes a corner back!!!
  6. Agreed but you don't compound it by taking Christian ponder
  7. So what? What if mahomes was the one and we took Watson or vice versa? What if they both are busts and Adams is a pro bowler. You don't just take a QB because you need done, you take a QB if he is worth taking at 6. If they didn't like these guys why should they take them simply because you think these other guys MAYBE good?? That's an awful way to build a team.
  8. Gave it an A. Would have been an A+ if we weren't desperate for offense.
  9. Why? Because he won a national title. So did tebow. Watson is ok. Maybe he'll be great but his chances of success with a weak arm is very low.
  10. Agreed.
  11. Because Watson has no arm.
  12. You almost had me. I wanted offense unless a guy like Adams fell to us. Can't pass him up. Wish we could have traded down but I can't complain.
  13. I wanted offense, but can't blame them if they want Adams.
  14. Adams/Howard or trade down PLEASE!!
  15. I wanted offense. But if Adams is still there at 6, we will take him