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  1. Petty / Hack Timing

    I could see the justification for going with mccown before that awful INT today. He was given his chance and gave it away. But we know Bowles won't be making that kind of move this week. Mccown will need a real dud one of these weeks to push Bowles into common sense.
  2. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    McCown played fine but when your an old vet starting on a rebuilding team those types of mistakes are unacceptable. If Petty had the exact same game today I'd come away happy because it would be part of the learning process. If it were up to me, that would be the last pass mccown would have thrown for the Jets.
  3. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    All the guys wanting the jets to cut him would be the first to whine when he excels on his new team. This isn't an Odell situation. It's a one time thing and he may have thought the game was over. It was moronic and he should be disciplined by the team but cutting him is just today sojf nonsense
  4. Darron Lee per PFF

    The hit on Cutler wasn't an egregious penalty. He didn't lower his head. It was more of an inadvertent. He was great all day until the team imploded and he had a couple of bad plays late. Overall the kid is getting better and better. If not for that penalty, his grade would be way higher.
  5. Buster Skrine per PFF

    Is this like the SATs where a person gets 27.1 pts for just spelling his name correctly? Oh wait, not sure why I'm assuming skrine is even capable of doing that....
  6. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    Taking a knee is idiotic
  7. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    Why not throw? There's a ton of time to get in fg range. The play call or the decision by mccown were the problem.
  8. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    Have you even read this thread? I can point to numerous posts that directly bashed Adams. If every post was "Macc sucks because he didn't take Watson instead" I could understand that. But many of the SOJF crowd are bashing Adams as a player. Here are some quotes from various posters that you didn't bother to process (all just from the first page): "how about not falling down when covering a tight end or trying to make a tackle. i'll settle for this, o mighty one."- Tell me how that isn't some "soured" on adams. "Hopefully this quote was prior to being abused by Gronk???" "b/c being abused by gronk isn't exactly changing the safety position, is it?" "Adams had his chance to something know one seen before, completely shut down a HEALTHY Gronk, and he failed." "Can we say the commish made a mistake and called out Adams instead of Watson. " 27, please tell us all again how this thread isn't about SOJF's that have already soured on Adams......
  9. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    Kansas City's defense has gone to hell since Eric berry got hurt. So yeah, safety is an important position. If desean Watson ends up being a franchise QB will the jets look stupid? Yes, unless they're able to draft or sign one this off-season. Either way, hating Jamal Adams simply because he isn't a quarterback or pass rusher is just flat out stupid and typical sojf mentality.
  10. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    Jetnation: A Jets forum where Jets fan come to bash promising young Jets players because he failed to shut down one of the greatest TE's of all time catching passes from one of the best QBs of all time. #SOJFs
  11. It's the twitter age. Everything is the "worse ever." I'm a Yankee fan, and there are Yankee fans wanting Girardi fired, hate CC Sabathia, think Sanchez is the worst Catcher ever, Judge strikes out too much, Castro is terrible, Madden broke Chapman, Frazier sucks, Tanaka should have had TJ surgery, etc.... If you want to look at the negative in life it is REAL easy.
  12. You make it seem like a group of guys can just show up on Sunday and randomly win football games in the NFL.
  13. Meh, in the time we've been to two or even three AFC championship games there are teams that haven't been to the playoffs or won a playoff game. That doesn't mean we have to accept failure, but to just blindly bash every Jets player and every move Bowles/Macc makes is the exact opposite of viewing things through "green colored glasses."
  14. The Corpse of Jay Cutler just beat the Falcons and Bortles lead Jags just beat the Steelers 30-9. While Cutler and Bortles aren't good, we beat their teams while teams like the Falcons and Steelers could not. Not to mention we played a very good/close game against the "corpse" of Tom Brady..... Again, SOJFs will always find a negative slant on everything. I don't even like Bowles, but you guys have an unhealthy negative outlook on everything Jets related. Bowles can be a bad coach that is also handling the Mo Wilk disaster as good as can be expected. Just because Bowles isn't a good coach doesn't mean every decision he makes is wrong. You guys sound like Foxnews bashing on Obama or MSNBC bashing on Trump. There is no gray in your lives. It's truly sad.
  15. Are we 0-6? The way you talk about the players and the coaches it sure feels like you think this team is 0-6. And I love taking a picture of one play where a player isn't in position to make a play. I am sure that has never happened to another good player in NFL history.