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  1. PSA: 4 Months (chill)

    Lol, it's not about rebuilding. It's about sucking the year the draft is loaded with QB prospects. You obviously don't follow college football so to you every draft is the same and every QB prospect is the same. The reality is different. For as long as I'm a jets fan I don't remember this team tanking for an elite QB prospect. But you want to list all those other times, feel free...
  2. I don't think you get free passes or fired based on one decision. Passing on Lynch looks good, passing on mahomes looks bad. I'm still not sold on Watson. I'm willing to let the year play out and judge him then. Anderson, Peake, leggett, mayes, Adams, Lee can all make or break his tenure.
  3. I didn't hate Lynch, I was just reacting to guys like Paradis that acted as if Lynch was a lock to be really good and bashing Macc for passing on him. I prefer to give GMs a couple of years before grading their drafts. Good or bad. Idzik had a couple of years and just about all his picks were awful and he was deservedly fired. Macc isn't in the same boat. Macc has hit on a bunch of guys and a few are still questionable (Lee etc). If all his draft picks under perform this year, then go ahead and fire him. But do have this discussion today just shows that some posters don't get it.
  4. You can't spend a year bashing a guy for passing on Lynch and then act as if it never happened and hide behind "well, Elway liked him also!" You have to evaluate all of Maccs draft picks and not focus in on Mauldin. There are guys like Adams/Mayes/Lee/Williams/Anderson/Leggett etc that need to factored in (good or bad). To do that evaluation based on Mauldin and week 2 of the preseason is flat out ignorant.
  5. Thoughts? Since your hate for Macc stems from his decision to pass on Lynch. Trevor Siemian - QB - Broncos The Broncos have named Trevor Siemian their starting quarterback. As expected. Siemian has outplayed 2016 first-round pick Paxton Lynch since the day Lynch was drafted, and Lynch made no tangible progress in his second NFL training camp.
  6. Paradis still thinks Lynch is a future HOF QB and it's not Paxton's fault he's stuck behind the GREAT Trevor Semien. In Paradis' mind it's like when Rodgers was stuck behind Favre.
  7. You think we cut Decker because the goal this year was to put a really good team on the field? Honestly, all the signs pointed to a bad year and rebuild. Then when some of you guys finally wake up to the reality, you act stunned that this roster isn't good enough to win this year. It's comical to see you guys finally come to the realization many of us came to months ago. Sam Darnold is the answer and the only way to get there is to be bad.
  8. Some of you are acting like being bad this year isn't part of the plan. There have been numerous threads about this team clearly intending to tank for a top pick next year. Then you guys watch this team look crappy you act like shocked and demand Macc's firing.
  9. Weren't you the guy that insisted Paxton Lynch was our savior? The same guy that is losing a QB battle with Trevor Semien. Mauldin is one player. Even if he is a complete bust that doesn't justify firing Macc. If Adams turns out to be a bust and a few others are terrible then sure, fire him. But to fire him over Mauldin is comical.
  10. Rough night for Jamal Adams

    First off, yeah, he looks better than Kizer. Better thank cook and every other player taken after him? Probably not. But your method of analysis is easy to make every draft pick look bad. Unless you draft a HOFer, there will always be a player here or there that outperforms the player you took. If Maye turns out to be a 10 year starter that makes a few Pro Bowls, I am not going to be upset because Cook happens to be a HOF RB. I love Cook, I also loved Mccffery/Fournette/Mixon. This was a great RB class, but when you are rebuilding you usually don't draft a RB. The Cowboys didn't take Elliot before they built a great line. They also took Zeke despite some off the field issues and he's already been suspended 6 games. Cook has a much more checkered past (same with Mixon) so I am not sure passing on them will look stupid in a few years when they wear down/get suspended etc.... Either way, can these players make one play during a real game before we anoint them?
  11. Rough night for Jamal Adams

    I loved Cook, but a team rebuilding doesn't need a RB that will get abused behind a bad line/with no QB. By the time this team is good, Cook will have plenty of miles. Plus Cook had plenty of off the field question marks. If we were a RB away from being a contender I would have killed for Cooks/Mccaffery/Mixon/Fournette. The Qbs were trickier. Next years class is much better, but that doesn't mean one of these guys (Mahomes/Watson/Trubisky/Kizer) can't become a stud. Plenty of B+ prospects at QB emerge, but many do not. Guys like Bortles/RG3/Bridgwater/Manuel/Ponder type guys were well liked, but never fulfilled the promise.
  12. Rough night for Jamal Adams

    Agreed. This team needs to load up on offense the next few drafts. But whining about Adams is like whining about Leonard Williams based on a bad preseason game in his rookie year.
  13. Rough night for Jamal Adams

    So far Maye looks better. But these are rookies in their second pre-season game. Only bitter SOJfs would be whining about the pick already.
  14. Hackett, Schotty, Gailey, and on and on

    Those opening drives lacked any creativity. That doesn't excuse hack or the O-line, but LOL and coming out pounding the rock with Powell like he's David Johsnon. How about opening up in a spread offense. Let him complete a few quick dump offs and then establish the run after you've made your young QB comfortable. Meanwhile, players were dropping balls, taking penalties and missing blocks. Typical Bowles style football.
  15. That's some awful play calling. Just running into the line despite being severely outnumbered is just a recipe for disaster.