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  1. Wouldn't it be great if fans of every NFL team posted their teams news in this forum?
  2. Hackenberg was given the choice to abandon PSU after the sanctions came down with ZERO penalty (sitting out a year). He could have gone to any number of schools and played behind a team with all their scholarships, instead he stayed and PSU and probably lost a ton of money in the draft due to that decision to stay loyal to PSU. If that makes him a douchebag in your eyes, so be it. Hack was frustrated towards the end of his run at PSU due to numerous factors. He was beloved by the fans and anyone that knew anything about the situation. From his scouting report on NFL.Com: "Twice voted team captain and has displayed leadership qualities from time he stepped on campus." From his scouting report on Walterfootball: Toughness Delivers passes while taking hits Has played hurt Football I.Q. Good teammate Leadership Such a douchebag!
  3. Nah, just toking.
  4. What was wrong with what he said? Sounds like he is going to train hard, play hard and try win. That's kind of the attitude you want from your players. Sure Sheldon is a dope, but that statement is spot on. And I am one of those guys that want this team to tank, but I don't want that tankjob to come from the players, I wanted it from the Front Office (which is why we parted ways with the likes of Marshall/Decker/Harris/Revis and replaced them with younger players.)
  5. Are you going to let us know what he said that drove you to start this thread?
  6. Agreed on all accounts, but you know Harris will have a pick 6 to win the Super Bowl.
  7. Where are all those guys that felt so bad for Harris for being cut so late in the process that he would never be able to land on his feet? Poor guy...
  8. Their emergence has made the likes of Marshall/Decker expendable. They may never become #1's but they can be as good as the group of guys Seattle has at WR where defenses can't focus on just 1 guy. If any of the other young kids emerge this year we could have a very good offense for whoever emerges as our QB. Hopefully Hack.
  9. To be fair, the Giants used cap room to fill in a few key holes on their defense the last couple of years. Not sure where the Giants would be without Vernon, Cromartie and Snacks. Free agency shouldn't be how you build your team, but it can help fill the gaps in your roster.
  10. Agreed. The new rules have just made it that much more important. Teams just don't run the ball nearly as much. But when Seattle won it was predicated on defense, running and a decent QB (Wilson was not elite). So you can win with defense and a good run game but having a franchise QB alone guarantees years of success even if you have subpar talent. The Packers would be a disaster without Rodgers.
  11. Some of these guys can't stand good news about the jets.
  12. LMAO. So Adams will be compared to all 10 QBs taken before/after him and if any 1 of them become good MAcc is a moron even if Adams is a pro bowler? Gotcha I love it when people say things like QB> Safety, as if we all don't already know that. The question is whether the QBs available to you at the time you select are worthy of being selected ahead of the talent available at other positions. Let's go back to 2013 draft. And let's pretend the Jets had Leveon Bell Graded as a much higher valued prospect than the QBS remaining (Geno Smith/Glennon/Barkley/Nassib/Sorensen). It's our turn to pick at 39. Who do you take?
  13. Yeah, QB is important but you're assuming the scouts like Watson. Just because he was in a great team and performed well in a big game doesn't make him an NFL caliber qb. It would be negligent for a GM to draft a QB solely because we need one abd not because he was a first round talent.
  14. I agree.But the plan is to rebuild this year. Hope Hack develops, if not land one of the higher rated QB prospects next year. I am sure if they had Watson graded high they would have taken him. I am sure if other teams had Watson graded high, they would have jumped up to take Watson. But instead Watson fell to 12. You don't see elite QB prospects like Peyton/Luck/Cam etc.. drop to 12. You see questionable guys fall to 12. We already have a questionable guy in Hack. Does watson have a better chance of success? Sure. He is on a better team and is probably a better all around QB. But that doesn't make him too good to pass up when you have a guy like Adams fall in your lap and you are likely going to be in position to draft an even better prospect in 2018.
  15. Yeah, but that wasn't the question. Try again..