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  1. The Optimists View

    1- We won. Even though I am pro-tanking, it's always fun to watch your team win a game early in the season 2- Did any of us really want Dolphin fans having a good time in our stadium and leaving the place happy? 3- If we are stuck with Bowles, it's nice to see that he is competent enough to get these guys ready to play on occasion. 4- Adams is a real player. He may not be a QB, but you can't have enough Williams/Adams players on your team. Not just really talented, but a smart ball player. He's the anti-calvin pryor. 5- ASJ is a legit TE. 6- Elijah McGuire is slowly emerging. 7- Ardarius Stewart has the look of a player ready to explode one of these weeks. It took Robbie Anderson a few weeks to emerge last year and I think Stewart is on the same track. 8- The offense, in general, is not all that awful (even without a franchise QB). Putting up 12, 20, 20 in the first 3 weeks shows that with a legit franchise QB they could be a good offense. Even for us tanking fans: 9- Jags (may be a real team and will likely beat us next week), Bears, Colts and Saints won today. 10- Of the teams that are win-less, the Giants, Chargers and Bengals are all too talented to not reach 5 wins. And the Niners and Browns look decent enough to scrap together a few wins.
  2. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    And Geno Smith had 42 TDS and 6 ints in his last year in college. I'm sure whatever team drafted him is happy about that pick.
  3. We better effing lose every game

    Looking at QB stats in college is not the best way to evaluate a QB. Check out Geno Smith's numbers in college and tell me how that worked out for the Jets.
  4. It's a shame that all that is left on this forum are SOJFs are the likes of the posters in this thread that hate a player like Leonard Williams.
  5. NFL may scrap moves to LA

    That would be great. I always feel bad for fans that lose clubs.
  6. That's a fair criticism and there will always be fair criticisms when a draft pick goes wrong. It's not hard to scour through the hundreds of drafts picks after a guy is taken in the 1st or 2nd round and find a player that turned out to be better. It's looking like the Jets screwed up, but that happens with any player that turns out to be a lesser pro than a guy taken later. And I get your point that there was, at least in your mind, a clearly better prospect in Jones, but if any of the other GMs felt Jones would end up being this good they would have snagged him before the 52nd pick.
  7. I like his confidence and talent. Whether that translates to NFL production we will see. This is a rebuilding year so there is no harm in throwing him out there to see what becomes of him. If he continues on this path he will be fighting for a roster spot next spring. With that said, the players drafted after Lee don't look too good as of now. The next 3 picks were Doctson/Fuller/Treadwell who have a combined fifty catches in their careers. Not many other players taken right after him panned out including the GREAT Paxton Lynch. Honestly, the only regret is that Macc didn't pull the trigger on a trade up to snag Laremy Tunsil when he was falling. But hindsight is always 20/20.
  8. Agreed. Barring Adams and Mayes being busts, which they aren't, Macc was only getting fired in the delusional mind of SOJFs. Macc hasn't been amazing but he's been good enough. The last thing you want to do is constantly fire GMs and create a sense of chaos in your organization unless a guy is idzik-level incompetent. His good moves (Williams,. Adams, Mayes, Anderson, Shell, kearse+2nd, asj...) offset some of his bad moves (Fitz second year, Lee Smith,hack...). I still think bowles is on the hot seat and could coach his way out of a job. I've seen very few good coaching moves to justify keeping him around.
  9. This thread is awesome. Sojfs heads are exploding. They don't know if this is good or bad in the long term but they do know that no matter which way this goes they will whine about it.
  10. Being a true Jets fan (or fan of any team), means being a Jets fan through good and bad. I'm not a bandwagon jumper or else I would have bailed on this team the other 200 times its severely disappointed me. You on the other hand appear to be looking for an out to root for another team. That's fine, it's just not something a "true" Jets fan would do. In the last 10 years the Jets have made 2 AFC Championship games and given their fans plenty of joy. In the late 80's and 90s this team went 11 years without breaking 10 wins, but after a couple bad years your wondering if some of us will decide that THIS is the straw that broke the camels back? Maybe you are a kid and haven't been a fan through all those awful years, but some of us have suffered through far worse than Idzik/Bowles.
  11. Yup, that's the sad truth. Eli has never been a great QB. He has never been the best/2nd best QB in football (for a given year), but he was always good enough to win a super bowl if things fell right for him and his team. Just look at how many years Eli missed the playoffs and/or made the playoffs and got knocked out without winning a game.
  12. Who said I was one of the suckers that forked over all that money for crappy PSLs? You can be a die hard Jets fan from your home. As for boycotting the team, yeah, that's a pretty stupid idea and not really what you started this thread about and not what I was responding to. Your posts are all over the map. Maybe you should calm down a little and come back when you are feeling a little better.
  13. If someone bails on the Jets because they don't find a franchise QB this year, then they haven't really been a true Jets fan all these years. There have been so many awful moments as Jets fans this would just be another in a long line of bad moments.
  14. Crazy stat from Cimini

    I was fine with tanking this year because I knew it was best for the Jets long term, but it was still tough to stomach knowing the Giants were going to have a good year. Watching the Giants implode, so far, makes it that much easier to enjoy this season.