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  1. These are impressive gifs. The guy's development was undoubtedly hampered by the constant position switches from offense to defense and back. I would like to see him become more physical with his press technique.
  2. It is accurate. I like Darnold, but I don't think he is clearly the best prospect coming out next year. Also, Rudolph should be getting mentioned along with the other 3.
  3. If Allen's game continue to progress, he is going #1 next year. Physically, the guy is just about a perfect prospect at the QB position. The comparison to Hackenberg could not be more off base. Allen just needs to get his reps in. A lot of the mistakes he makes appear to be a result of just not having played much yet.
  4. I based it upon how I project their ability to the pros. 1) Williams may not be Antonio Brown when it comes to his routes, but there is more than one way to skin a cat. His ability to win vertically at the catch point is elite and he has a huge catch radius. I think he is a slightly faster Alshon Jeffrey. 2) Garcia is going to need a year to fill out and get stronger, but I think he has a lot of upside and he plays a premium position.
  5. Dbate, Harris put up better numbers at his pro day.
  6. The flat screen almost got it last year after the Hackenberg pick.
  7. I like the concept of picking up all those extra picks, but man are those some brutal selections. I'll break a window if we pick Mahomes at 13.
  8. That's correct. I don't think Hooker drops to 6, so I didn't consider him. I think Allen is a blue chip player, but I'm not taking another interior DL. I've grown very leery of Cook due to character questions, concerns over his shoulder, fumbling issues and a pedestrian combine. Foster is a very good player, but I don't want to go ILB in round 1 back to back years. I consider Reddick and Barnett to be lesser prospects than Williams.
  9. Hi Pep, there is a link to draft tek's user draft (similar to what we did on the other board) in my post. I went with what players were available. In their mock, Fournette was gone at pick 4 and I assumed Trubisky would be selected by Cleveland moving up to pick 6.
  10. That's a very fair point.
  11. Hi tin. I don't understand your question.
  12. Trades: Jets & Browns - Browns have amassed a surplus of picks and use that to select the top player in the draft and possibly the top QB in the draft. We need so much help that it's time we (finally) trade down and amass picks in a draft that is not loaded with blue chippers but has a ton of very solid prospects throughout the first 3-4 rounds. Jets receive:Browns 1st round pick (pick 12)Browns 2nd round pick (pick 52 overall)Browns receive:Jets 1st round pick (pick 6)Jets & Broncos - I don't think there is a shot in hell that the Jets are getting anything better than a 3rd for Sheldon. Jets receive - Broncos pick 101 (3rd round comp pick)Broncos receive - Sheldon Richardson (who is ecstatic to move to a state where marijuana is legalized)So I used the draft tek 7 round mock draft and limited myself to players available at each of the Jets picks. round pick (12) - Mike Williams WR (Clemson)I considered Deshaun Watson here, but I ultimately passed. I wouldn't mind picking Watson, but I think he is going to need time and support, neither of which the Jets can offer in the short term. O.J. Howard was a strong consideration here, but I decided to go with Williams. Howard just doesn't have the production (so far) that Williams. More importantly, I think it's a deeper TE class than WR class, so I felt I could pickup a TE further down in the draft. Williams reminds me of a young Brandon Marshall. The only time Hackenberg ever had success was when throwing to a WR (Allen Robinson) who had a huge catch radius, so maybe Williams can haul in some of Hack's errant passes. 2nd round pick (39) - Budda Baker S (University of Washington)This was another tough selection. Tre White from LSU was a consideration here, but he is a little shorter than I like and its a deep CB class. I also considered Carl Lawson here, but his injury history concerns me. Ultimately, I just think Baker is a damn good football player who is versatile and fills a weakness on the team. 2nd round pick (from CLE) (52) - Antonio Garcia T (Troy)This was very tough again. I actually typed our Cordrea Tankersley's name, but decided to go with Garcia due to the depth at CB. Jets have not used a pick in the first 2 rounds on OL since Vlad the Impaler. Kelvin Beachum is a short term solution at LT. I think Garcia, with a year in an NFL training and eating regimen, can fill out a little bit and improve his strength. His athleticism is very nice and I think this kid could be out LT for 5-10 years if we give him some time. 3rd Round Pick (70) Akhello Witherspoon CB (Colorado)This pick came down to Cam Sutton, Dorian Johnson or Akhello Witherspoon to me. I think Witherspoon is very intriguing. Pre-med student, so I'm guessing he is smart and a hard worker. Only played 1 year of high school football and is still developing. Started at a JUCO and had a big growth spurt in college. He led the nation with 21 PDs and has good ball skills. Measured in at 6'3" at the combine, ran 4.45 and jumped 40". This kid's best football is still ahead of him. 3rd Round Pick (101) Joe Mixon RB (Oklahoma)I don't know that Maccagnan has the balls to make this pick, but I love Mixon. I think he's the 3rd best back in the draft (ahead of McCaffery) and he reminds me a lot of Le'Veon Bell. 3rd Round Pick (107) Isaac Asiata G/C (Utah)Jets beef up the line again. Asiata would be a future starter at G or C. 5th Round Pick (150) Jonnu Smith TE (FIU)Jets finally pick at TE and Paradis exhales. Smith is a small school player who had a big Senior Bowl and blew up the combine. Smith has the size to play in line and the athleticism to get downfield. 6th Round Pick (191) TJ Logan RB (North Carolina)small, blazing fast RB who will help as a returner7th Round Pick (224) Jojo Mathis LB/DE (Washington)Pass rusher who was having a good season and then got hurt.
  13. Alternative picks I like: RB: Aaron Jones, UTEP TE: Kittle; Jeremy Sprinkle (Arkansas) CB: Rasul Douglas (West Virginia); Jeremy Cutreter, Akhello Witherspoon (Colorado) S: Tedric Thompson (Colorado) WR: Noah Brown (Ohio State) Edge: Joe Mathis (Washington); Samson Ebukam