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  1. 1 yr is too soon for anyone to be beat up for a second round pick. everyone wants him to start and to play but we have been down that road it is bettter to let him learn from the side lines. in 2 yrs yes beat away but after one yr. nope
  2. I do not see Macs job on the line. he has not done a bad job but he has not hit a home run either. He has done more with late round picks and fa. But remember this team was bad talent wise who is around from the previous regimes picks? so anyone he picks here in a position of need will help us
  3. why all the trade back...sorry but you would rather try to trade up into the late 1st for PM. Take the 6th pick and shoot for an impact player either on defense or offense. Or better yet watch the qbs slide to where you pick and do not move up from the 2nd round. because we all klnow someone is going to slide
  4. well one of them needs to fall to the Jets because I do not think either of them are worth moving up for. Esp when we are rebuilding. I would rather go oline and build that up or lber but I am not following the draft so it I am just going by gut reaction I do not know who is worth what other then based on my reading online which hypes everyone
  5. You guys maybe but I am not dude needs to be warned about his manners he went straight to troll mode with his response looking to pick an argument I wont fall for that crap
  6. already done
  7. what ever dude you are super offensive, go straight to insults wow brave internet tough guy, dude /dudette? yes you are the very definition of a troll anyone does not need more then 1 post to tell that go insult someone else
  8. troll.... look they moved on stop being bitter because Geno got punched and lost his chance at qb-ing the team two yrs ago and when he got the chance to qb last yr his poor choices on the field came back to haunt him he held onto the ball to long instead of throwing it away and hurt his knee. that is not what is the question here. They signed Hoyer why because Foitx crapped the bed and they are not bringing him back the same way the parted company with gen0. I would suggest you take off the geno glasses and get over a mediocre qb at best...12 wins in 4 yrs that is someone I would pine overr
  9. can you tell me how ryan gets into this conversation? unless you actively trolling for a response
  10. Then again he might not be. the relationship with geno was beyond repair with teh team and the fans. If geno was smart he would went far away from the NY media but instead he stays in the area. The biggest problem with geno is in between his shoulders. he constantly makes poor choices on and off the field. I like this because he is an older qb that can mentor the younger qbs something Geno would not and could not do. If neither qb on the roster can not develop we move on just like we did from Geno 4 yrs of him and 12 wins versus 50 turn overs. Yeah lets give him another chance. Sorry but most fans have seen that show and are happy to be moving on. He is not here and should not even be in this conversation
  11. this is the right move. Geno is toxic and they needed to move on
  12. watch Geno be Geno start off as the second string get into a game f it up slide to third string and say it was not his fault he threw 3 intreceptions. Look his time here was done the relationship was toxic on both sides. I think he would have been better served getting away from the NY media though, but hey geno is smart guy right....right? He would have been bettergoing into an environment where the media is on the teams side like green bay
  13. are we all winners if he doesn't come back here?
  14. this is his retaliation to the Let's bring geno the living turn over back
  15. highly unlikely Geno's worse enemy is Geno he will do something to loose or screw it up like not paying back a 250 lber when he was supposed to be the starter here...