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  1. nope not even close how about the previous regime hitting on 2 out of 12 picks? money spent on free agents no-one complained when they were signed and that money is not effecting anyone this yr
  2. I loved nnamed source the worse roster in the luage by an unnamed source. Man up and stand by your stament until then it is smoke on the water they are rebuilding which is what most fans have wanted and now they are getting roasted for getting rid of two older players... As a fan I think those two older players deserve a chance to play for a championship esp Harris, why not write that?
  3. that no-one can answer but you cant keep changing coaches and GMs every 2 or 3 yrs. There is no vision and constant changing of directions and plans. The most successful teams have one thing in common for the most part. Stable front offices and coaches for multiple yrs. And when a coach retires they promote from within. That takes time to build.
  4. And you know this how? based on your opinion and that is fine but I think the gm has done a better job then idzick and bowles is not as bad as he appears. By no means does this mean he is a great coach just middle of the road. he appears to defend the correct players. I.E. The Jones release. Is an average coach good enough ? I do not think as a pair they are as bad as people and the media are making them out to believe. They looked good when they won 10 games the first yr and looked equally as bad the second yr when they lost 11 games. Allot of this as fans we are desperately wanting to win ad there is nothing wrong with the impatiences but in this case it will take time to do a proper rebuild, I am happy we are actually doing that. Being said it will be hard to watch a game unless they start hack and play through his growing. I think getting a franchise QB is the goal and then building around him, this is something that the gm is setting up for in next yrs draft if hack is not the answer. And I say because no-one has seen hack play a single live down of football so calling him a bust is a bit premature. Complain the did not play him last yr but also keep in mind they said at the beginning of the yr they told everyone he was not going to play so give them credit to keeping to their plan for him, and avoiding a Geno Smith issue here.
  5. nope I think we become the browns if we fire another gm and coach, there needs to be some stability. So in this case if they are prepared to loose and not pull the plug on the rebuild then I support. But half way through you change direction and change gms and staff then we are the browns.
  6. I can see that but in all honesty I rather the GM shut up and do his job. The coach definitely shows he does not like talking with the press which is the polar opposite of Rex. I just think maybe they are getting a bad rap here from the agents esp because the gm does not address the press. There is more then enough time for both players to catch onto teams that give them a chance to win a ring, this in the long term i think is the best of they can get the franchise player at qb next yr if hack and petty prove not the be that player. Look at the Colts Peyton goes down and they tanked and got Luck this is in the same category. Just going to be a hard year to watch. I know I wont be attending any games this yr
  7. everyone is saying this was handled wrong. But does anyone have any real story where they did. All I see teh agents leaking a story. They could have handled this privately and correctly but the agent leaked the story
  8. sad to see him go. But he should have a chance to latch onto a winner for a run at championship. I wish him the best.
  9. I am just surprised it took us yrs of bad drafting to gt to this point and now we are drafting players who are least sticking to the roster it will take time.The question is if Bowles will learn and grow. I think he is somewhere between the 10 season and last yr. I think we have the correct gm in place with exception of 2 pics (Hack the jury is still out and Harrison who has not played a game) he has done a decent job. But with this mess is decent enough?
  10. why bother the geniuses here will label who ever is drafted a bust. I dont understand jet fans because at times we love to suffer but then the big majority that just loves to bitch about the gm defend bad players and just complain to be heard and think they know more then the guys paid to do the drafting
  11. no are you? Seriously a different point of view makes me a bot? Sorry for seeing the Jets for what they are and I am a life long fan. If we turn over this staff we become the Cleveland Browns and I do not want that. So to recap I bring points of conversation show the drafts and the players on the team from those drafts and this is what you answer with. Sorry but you are defeatist. Thank you for not contributing anything to this conversation other then a snide comment. You can not even counter point my facts, no effort you just want to complain go at it complain away but do not expect people to agree with you
  12. No hardly because in Macs first draft he drafted an alternate for a probowl and ,issed on one because of injuries the rest of his guys are in the league in his first 2 drafts he has at least with the exception of qb has found some talent can anyone say that about idzicks draft? The numbers and names are in front of you. haters gonna hate the fact facts but idzick left this team with no talent. So Macs job is easier because no matter where he drafts he will fill a need. Get made for drafting hack fine I get it but be mad because he drafted player and the team is still bad blame the previous regime and the fix it quick plans. But do not pretend you know more then the guys getting payed to do the talent evals (I don't)now compared to previous regimes. Look at the draft grades for us and let me know the last good draft was 2011 before Mac http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/nyj/draft.htm
  13. no what I am saying is Idzick left this team completely lacking talent and the difference in drafting. That much should be apparent without the snide comments. The flushing of tens of millions of dallars, were you complaining when they had the 10 win season I huighly doubt it. If you were complaining you were upset they lost to Buffalo and missed the playoffs.
  14. when one player out of 30 picks sticks what do think? This roster was bad had no talent last yr, so lets blame the man who had 2 drafts. Not the guy who should have left the team with some type of talent. You don't know if the long fix is working because 1 good yr one bad yr and now building through the draft as they have said. So it has been one year and you are calling it a failure. Congratulations you have set the time period for a rebuild through the draft at one yr. I stand by what i said about bowles he is somewhere in-between the coach that had the team at 10 wins and the team that won 4 games last yr. Is that enough Idk can he become better idk. but he needs to improve this yr to show signs of help 5 picks soon to be 4 or three if they could move sheldon, winters a round three pick and Quincy a round 6 pick are his best players 5 of 19 picks. So when a olinemen gets injured who do we put in we have no depth Scream because he missed on hack or Petty but nobody ever expected Petty to be more then a back up and a reach to start same about of drafts lest picks and two players are not on the roster. One is injured and the other is on the Bucs roster. it takes time to build through the draft especially if the team has no depth. I expect them to do another draft and if hack is not the answer at qb draft one very high next yrs. The question is what they do with the money. You are screaming about signing signing a back up qb, revis for basically one yr who was decent not great but was the talk of the league and were you complaining when they won 10 games two yrs ago? when he signed revis was considered a top 10 corner, ad injured wilkerson who had a sucky yr when the entire team had a sucky yr. Gilchrist was force to play way to much of an important role when he should have been more of the back up quiet type due to injuries and everyone else sucking. Fitz the yr before won 10 games I do not have an issue paying dead money this yr to be gone as it does not hurt this team as built, who would have signed to be better please name them. Name the qb that with this team as built could win with them... While we wait look below at the two drafts from idzick and tow from mac and tell me why this team has no depth again? You have darron lee as sucking but he was second on the team with tackles. devon smith injured nothing anyone could do about that unless you in your infinite wisdom foresaw this and should have warned the world. 2013 Round 1: CB Dee Milliner -- cut Round 1: DE Sheldon Richardson -- still on roster Round 2: QB Geno Smith -- Giants Round 3: RG Brian Winters -- still on roster Round 5: OL Oday Aboushi -- gone Round 6: OL William Campbell -- y gone Round 7: FB Tommy Bohanon -- cut How draft class looks: 2 of seven picks remain 2014 Round 1: S Calvin Pryor -- still on roster Round 2: TE Jace Amaro -- cut Round 3: CB Dexter McDougle -- cut Round 4: WR Jalen Saunders -- gone Round 4: WR Shaq Evans -- gone Round 4: OG Dakota Dozier -- still on roster Round 5: LB Jeremiah George -- gone Round 6: CB Brandon Dixon -- gone Round 6: WR Quincy Enunwa -- still on roster Round 6: OLB IK Enemkpali -- gone Round 6: QB Tajh Boyd -- gone Round 7: OLB Trevor Reilly -- cut How draft class looks: three of 12 picks remain Overall:5 of Idzik's 19 picks remain look at Macs drafts Round 1, Pick 6 Leonard Williams, DL, USC Round 2, Pick 37, Devin Smith, WR, Ohio State-injury prone soon to be out of the league if he cant stay healy Round 3, Pick 83, Lorenzo Mauldin, OLB, Louisville Round 4, Pick 103, Bryce Petty, QB, Baylor actually started a few games before getting hurt at best back up qb Round 5, Pick 152, Jarvis Harrison G, Texas A&M -Bucs has not played a game (no stats at least) Round 7, Pick 223, Deon Simon, DT, Northwestern State 2016 Round 1, Pick No. 20: Darron Lee, OLB, Ohio State | Highlights 2nd on the team with tackles after questionable yr Round 2, Pick No. 51: Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State| Highlights did not see the field Round 3, Pick No. 83: Jordan Jenkins, OLB, Georgia| Highlights 21 tackles 2.5 sacks Round 4, Pick No. 118: Juston Burris, CB, North Carolina State| Highlights played in 16 games Round 5, Pick No. 158: Brandon Shell, OT, South Carolina| Highlights http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2016/12/can_brandon_shell_be_jets_right_tackle_in_2017.html Round 7, Pick No. 235: Loc Edwards, P, Sam Houston State| Highlights punter Round 7, Pick No. 241:Charone Peake, WR, Clemson| Highlights on the roster