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  1. this is where we difer, I understand your point, but the refs lead to 14 point difference. get the calls right even if the team that is supposed to be 0-16 would have won. There is no excuse for league making billions of dollars to get wrong calls esp when the lead to the outcome of game. Refs should be like kids seen but not heard unless a rule is broken. To 80 percent of the people The Jets were Screwed. How is that right, simple it isn't but yet people are more concerned over standing for the anthem then getting the game right.
  2. we lost because the patriots scored 7 points on a bad call we lost because because 7 points was taken away on a bad call, we lost on an imaginary pass interference, that set up the cheaters first score. I agree we did not put pressure on the cheaters qb but the main reason we lost was because the refs sucked and looked like the fix was in top cover the spread
  3. he never lost control or possession A fumble in American and Canadian football occurs when a player who has possession and control of the ball loses it before being downed (tackled) or scoring. By rule, it is any act other than passing, kicking, punting, or successful handing that results in loss of player possession.
  4. the new england refs win... fu*( the refs and the cheaters
  5. should we say the refs win? because without their help the pats are not in this game
  6. this that ball was not fumbled never touched the ground the worse you can say is he lost control and recovered control when landing hence a touch down fu*k these refs
  7. it doesnt these refs suck ass The Jets need a formal complaint and make sure the asshat refs never work again
  8. I am tweeting the commish it is disgusting the refs must have points on the game I am tired iof being fuc&*( by bad calls
  9. thes refs suck c(*k plan and simple how is that a fumble through the back of the endzone?
  10. Kasey rogers sucks he has the fecal touch of turning dlinemen into disapearing linemen
  11. If he signed with teh Jets he would be the best QB on the roster
  12. they have been doing this sh*t all game
  13. these refs suck absolute the worse. I tweeted the commissioner. These refs look like they have money on the cheaters. Not a single holding call? no interference and every questionable call goes against us. F the refs
  14. without the refs the cheaters are not in this game. I fing hate the way the game is called, never a holding call against them never an offensive pass interference either fing cheaters
  15. these refs suck ass two bad calls against the defense missed holding on the pats now this? How much do the refs want the cheaters to stay in this game