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  1. The player is excellent and quite possibly a first round talent. A for the player. C for the pick because we need corners unless we are now moving to zone coverage. Wilson was there for the taking or Jones as a long term play and they went against it. We are one Claiborne injury away from putting back the losers from last year's debacle back into games. If they would have gone CB, I would have completely understood the move. Another safety is redundant, especially with high picks when we have so many needs. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  2. He's a scout, not a negotiator. He got his ass handed to him on every single negotiation so far. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  3. I like Stewart as a possible No. 2 down the road, but why would we pick him ahead of Carlos Henderson or Chris Goodwin? Why?? Heck, I like Jehu Chesson over this guy. I have no idea what the thinking is with this pick, because he was the 4th concern for any defense playing Alabama. Ridley, Howard and the running game would be ahead of him. I'm not saying he will be a failure, he was projected to go around the 3rd, but the chances of succeeding were much better with Henderson or Goodwin. C- Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  4. Allright, ready....set.....complain!! lol CB or Cook at this point I guess.
  5. I don't mind late round flyers on anyone with potential because it's just late round flyers. One guy I kinda like late as a draft pick is Jerod Evans out of VTech. They had a ton of drops from the receivers, and that offensive line seemed terrible to me. He'd be a project, kinda reminds me of Brett Hundley a few years ago (although I guess he hasn't done anything yet) but someone that could turn out decent under the right coach. The physical tools are there.
  6. If they pick Robinson or King or Cook or Wilson or even Jones after trading up, I can live with it, but Webb is as mediocre as you can get and I don't even think he's a second round guy.
  7. This was actually one of the reasons why I really wanted the 12/33 trade back, because I think this pick gets enormous value because teams are shocked to see some guy last this long, and then feel like paying up more. We really need a CB, and adding another mediocre QB to the team just isn't going to help. I wonder if Sheldon is involved though, because the Packers lost Peppers and Jones, so they would need a DE in a 3-4 scheme. Other than that, makes no sense for us to even talk to them.
  8. Why? Why would we trade up? Dear God, don't let it be Webb. I wouldn't even take him over Petty.
  9. Cook, Wilson, King, Jones or Robinson. I'd be happy with any one of them.
  10. Thanks, I appreciate it. Trust me, there is a long defensive breakdown article coming in the off-season. I started it, but it's running way longer than I expected because almost everything was an issue, lol. Probably have to break down the articles into a mini-series.
  11. I think they might go offense in the second (either Robinson or Cook), but they have to grab another CB at some point. My sleeper guy: Jehu Chesson, I think he'd be a very nice late pick with great upside.
  12. A couple of scouting sites mentioned rumblings about converting Adams to a CB because they love his athleticism (not Jets related, just in general) but I would rather leave him at safety instead of trying to make changes.
  13. Our offense is mediocre at best, and it would really behoove the Jets to start picking some weapons on offense. However, why is there a myth that our defense can be ignored? I haven't done the write-up for the defensive issues last year (mainly wanted to see what issues they faced and the people they picked to change it, but also because it's longer than a term paper) but this defense was absolutely horrible. It's actually a mini miracle that some teams didn't burn us even more than they did last year. On this play, it's a 3rd down play and the Jets have two deep safeties to prevent a long pass. They rush 4, man up on the short routes, and have two deep safeties over the top. Sammy Coates runs a simple go route (same as the other WR- I think it's Brown on the other side) but notice Pryor being caught in no man's land and being useless on this play. Pryor has to move with Coates, much like Gilchrist moves towards Brown on the other side, where the inside corner and over the top safety have it well covered. A group effort against Brady here and I can point to about 2 absolutely wide open guys in the middle. On this play, Pryor is actually blitzing, it's Miles and I'm not sure who the other safety is. Anyway, the second safety is essentially useless on this play because he follows Pryor up the line for no reason, leaving a gaping hole in the middle. If Brady even looks to the left, this is an easy completion. The second safety covers absolutely no one, instead of covering the middle of the field. I'm also not sure how this is not a penalty against the CB playing Gronk. Biggest culprit on this play is Revis, who literally lets a TE run right by him before he realizes that the play has started. This is a blown coverage overall because Pryor gets turned around twice on this play, resulting him being late. The issue is Revis letting a guy run wide open, which causes an issue for Pryor and he abandoned his responsibility in the middle. These plays weren't hard to find and there are a ton of them for the Jets last year. The secondary play was one of the worst displays of talent/effort out there so the Jets are making a good decision by trying to address the issue. I would have preferred Hooker because I like his range better, but there are plenty of scouting reports that states that Adams can be very good in coverage as well. In fact, there were some rumblings about converting him to a corner at some point. I know the Jets need offense and we haven't drafted an offensive player in the first round since the Kennedy assassination, but let's also not pretend like the defense doesn't need any help. Yes, they have failed with defensive picks in the past, but they have failed with offensive picks as well. This was a draft slanted towards the defense, so Adams should help out the team, especially if he's good at coverage.
  14. I love Quincy Wilson, I think he could be a steal in the second.