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  1. Abusing the reputation system

    I think the idea of the whole system ratings is to highlight popular posts within a long thread, which gets a little banner so when you are scrolling down it stands out. In theory, it rewards the people that make the best posts in a thread. It's similar to say how the most upvoted comments on reddit is at the top, but without sacrificing chronological sanctity. I don't mind the up vote and butt fumble or what not system because in the grand scheme of things, it's intent is to raise high quality posts. The downside of "emoji shaming" is the nuclear waste to the cheap electricity provided by the up votes. Can there be meltdowns? Sure. It's a necessary side effect, one that doesn't hurt that much. I don't know if it's possible, but if it's an issue, is it possible to manually turn off up/down vote system per account? This was anyone who feels victimized by this can still have control, while not having a system wide issues. So manual shut down would mean you as a poster can't up or down vote, neither can you receive up or down votes. Is that possible?
  2. Game Observations (DET)

    Game observation: Tank is going very well. I actually didn't even watch the second half after working my day around the game so I could see Hackenberg play live. He looked horrible. I haven't done the reviews yet (not tonight) but I'm not even sure there is a single play for a positive Hack throw. It's absolutely disastrous. And the Lions pass D was dead last in 2015 so it's not like we faced the '00 Ravens. They added talent to it, but that was just atrocious. I watched bits and pieces later. KRL noted it, and what they did is textbook defense for a young QB with no weapons. They took away the running game, and took away the short routes. They dared the Jets to beat them deep, banking on the lack of experience at WR preventing people to be open down the field, and the horrible O-line from blocking for too long. It looked like Hack had trouble with the pocket mainly because the Jets weren't prepared with the deep routes. They just don't have the weapons besides Anderson. It might help to have Hansen move up because he was decent with the 9 route in college, and they really need to stretch the field from both sides to actually have the defense back off. Petty looked better and I would like to see him against the first team defense as well. Everyone mentions how the WCO offense relies on short passes to open up deep passes, well the deep passes open up because the defense moves up. The defense moved up, and we choked. I haven't done the review on him either, so I'm not sure. One thing I can tell you, our receivers aren't getting much separation at all.
  3. Thanks. I think he bailed on the play because he saw the guy coming through the middle. He actually does everything perfect until that point, where he puts his eyes down and moves away. The Titans show blitz, so Hack goes to his hot read (Jenkins) and then holds the LB (maybe safety too, can't see that far down) with his eyes and then goes towards his first read in Harper. Unfortunately, this is when the DE/LB is trying to penetrate the A gap, which causes Hackenberg to bail on the play when he did actually have protection. If it wasn't for the borderline holding by the RT, I think Hackenberg gets absolutely blown up on this play for a sack because he doesn't get out of the pocket quickly. Someone like Wilson or Tyrod could do this better because they are more of a threat in the open field, but Hackenberg just isn't one of them. Yeah, I wasn't impressed with his ability to get open at all. He apparently does well on returns, which could be a reason why he makes the team.
  4. I think we both agree that his first read is Harper (3) right? He looks off to the left in his drop (This is to hold LBs/S because no route has actually developed at this point) then goes over to the slot receiver on his right. He has protection, because only 5 defenders run at him, and he has 5 blockers as well. The LB (DE, I'm not sure what the guy is) is just pulling a stunt where he wants to go from the outside or C gap, to the A gap, but the Jets have defenders there. The center does a good job on doubling the guy in front of him, and then peeling off to get the guy pulling the stunt. Prior to the play, the Titans show two LBs with the possibility of blitzing, and one of them comes on the play. This means the short area to Hackenberg's right will have free space, which is also why he looks towards Harper. When he sees the LB pulling the stunt come through the middle, he doesn't stand tall and quickly puts his eyes down and moves to the left, which is exactly where his pre-snap and progression read (with the LB dropping on that side) back told him not to go. Once he moves, the only reason he isn't sacked is because the RT grabs the defender across the neck area and throws him off balance (possible holding penalty) which makes the guy go off path. If Hackenberg stays in the pocket, both Harper and Jenkins is open within time to get the pass off without him being touched. It obviously doesn't matter in this game because it's pre-season and the results don't matter. But he bails on the play before he develops because he sees the defender come up the middle, and doesn't follow through with the play. The Titans didn't send an overload blitz because when Hackenberg looks to his left at first, he can see the LB dropping back. If that defender had also come on the blitz, then it's a 6 on 5 mismatch, at which point Jenkins is the hot read for a quick pass. Once, that hot read situation is taken care of, it's still a 5 on 5 blocking assignment. I think the coaching staff has much more access than we do, and are most likely doing a better job of evaluating guys, but they aren't sharing that information with us or any other team. So we do evaluations on our own and see what is happening.
  5. Happy Birthday Phil!! I'm interested to see the young guys in this game. Lions had one of the worst pass defenses in the entire league last year (but they drafted two corners) so it should be interesting to see how the Jets do.
  6. The issue for me with that play is that, his read from head movements is from Harper (3) to Jenkins, and then left of the formation (I think Marshall). Once the LB blitzes (delayed blitz) the pass to Jenkins is open and he should take it, even though it's not a confirmed first down. Once the LB abandons Jenkins, the pass was there for the taking, instead of bailing on the pocket. I think it's too early, but we have nothing else to go on. I think the Hackenberg breakdown of him throwing passes at training camp was one of the more widely read lol. I hate Bowles, and I really hope we don't see McCown much at all besides an injury replacement. Any game started by him is useless to the Jets now and the future. No problem, thanks.
  7. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    True, the QB cures a lot of issues. Prime example, Colts. That is an expansion team without Luck.
  8. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    I think that team is set up for the future much better, as long as they get a QB. The defense is talented, the offense is talented as well. If they get a QB, that would be a young and dangerous team. I think they are in the same boat as we are, not going anywhere without a QB. However, you put Sam Darnold on the Jets and a clone on the Jags, and I think they are better.
  9. That's perfectly fine, let's break it down. Which play are you talking about with quick feet? I'm assuming No. 2, but I'm not sure. Which screen pass? I'm not sure what you mean by turning inside. I see both of them turning towards Hackenberg after getting to their spots, so again I'm not sure. Well I do make a similar point in the Success film review with Hackenberg, especially because these broadcast angle doesn't show what's happening down the field. For all we know, these guys could be well covered. On the two deep throws, the receiver Hammond was pretty much blanketed. West coast systems rely on short passing games to to open up the field and allow guys to go deep. I would like the Jets to take shots down the field, because that would mean the system is working and teams are adjusting. The Pats do utilize the short game to open up the long game, but they do actually do it in practice and not theory. If Hackenberg is taking shots down the field, it shows that the defense is moving up to stop the short passes and/or running game. It gets more complicated behind second and third tier lines because they may not hold the defense off long enough for deep plays to materialize. All of it is guessing, because we never know what plays are called, for any game. Theoretically, we can't know without being given access. So it's guesswork based on the progressions, and opportunities presented, and then taken advantage of/missed. If we have four receivers running the go route, and back staying back to block, we can safely assume the play call was 4 nine routes or the QB audibles to it. We can worry about that too. Multi-level worrying. I don't want to see McCown play at all, but for the purpose of this one, it was looking at the bad plays of Hackenberg in the past game.
  10. I agree, I think they need to take more deep shots. My only problem is I can't really tell what the defense is showing, or what's happening because the broadcast tape just follows the ball. I really wish they made the coach's tape available, because it's the best tool to evaluate, and pre-season is all about evaluation. he two instances he did throw it deep to Hammond, he was extremely well covered in both cases. It was actually a bad play to even throw it deep, which makes me wonder if anyone was really even open down the field. I would like to see him throw deep with Anderson or Hansen or someone to see if they can get behind the corner. I actually don't think he did bad on that play, because it's a screen pass. I think he was supposed to engage the defender and then leave him to go block the LB on the screen. The issue is that, the RT got pushed right into Hackenberg's path, which caused him extra delay in getting the pass off. It doesn't help that Hackenberg makes a horrible throw, which further delays the issue. Brady and Bellichek are one of the best player/coach combos out there at making adjustments. If A isn't working, they were willing to go to B and C. I think that's what made it special with Rex, because his system was basically press cover with his corners saying you can't beat them one on one, and then playing the chess game with the other pieces. Some games, Brady couldn't adjust, and some games the Jets defense fell apart. He got pushed back too much into the QB, which combined with Hackenberg's inability to get the pass out quickly ruined the play. If the screen pass in on target to the RB on this play, it would go for a decent gain at least IMO. I think the RT got pushed too far in, while not pushing the guy inside. Ideally, if you let the guy come that far in, you slant him to the inside, so when the screen pass occurs, you are now naturally blocking him from the runner. He just let him get bull rushed, while still leaving the outside part open. The majority of the flaw is still on Hackenberg, he needs to make a better throw, that was just a terrible screen pass. I have no problems with mentors as long as the guy was actually good or made something out of nothing. Who has McCown helped develop? Same with Fitz. I think Lovie Smith had the same idea of bringing in McCown to mentor Glennon, and it pretty much got him fired. For a mentor guy, I really believe in two types of guys. One, guys that were limited on talent, but still made it work and became really good. Someone like Chad Pennington, who was a good QB when healthy, even though he had limited arm strength. He relied a lot on anticipation, reading the defense, and film study. Qualities that I think can be passed onto others, while showing them how to perform. Obviously, he's retired now, but he would have been one example. Second, a guy that has been good, has been there and now is on the twilight of his career. Maybe Alex Smith after this year, around 34, possibly declining, has been good in the past. I don't like guys that have generally been bad through out their careers acting as mentors because they haven't really displayed anything that shows they've mastered the game. Sure, every now and then, some guys that was a JAG turns into a great coach, but I think that's a very few number of them, because most players get out of the game and enjoy retirement. For McCown in his career, he has been around these young guys: John Navarre: Did pretty much nothing in his career. JaMarcus Russel: We know how that ended. Matt Moore: Career Backup Cutler: Didn't really improve in Chicago, kinda flat as with his career in Denver Mike Glennon: Back up to Winston, now overpaid Jhonny Manziel: Out of the league I don't see any instance where he helped facilitate the improvement of anyone. He worked with Kessler/Hogan/RG3 last year, but I really doubt any of them start games this year. I really just don't see that he can help these kids. I had the same issue with Fitzpatrick, because he was a horrible QB. What was he going to tell Petty? "See tall No. 1 WR? Lob it up and hope he jumps!"? I wish the Jets wouldn't care what the NFL thinks in terms of tanking. The Titans all but tanked for Mariota, and the Colts did so for Luck as well. I don't even want them to tank, but I want to know if Hackenberg/Petty has what it takes. If they do, great, we can compete this year, and our future looks brighter. Might as well start from day 1. If they don't, that's fine, reset the whole thing and get a QB. With McCown, anything short of absolute greatness is a disservice to the team, because him leading us to an 8-8 season does nothing for us. I think the whole season is about finding out if we actually have anything at QB, because physically both of them fit the profile of high end QBs. It's the mental and mechanical parts that need to be sorted out. I don't expect them to name a starter soon, but I have this weird feeling that Bowles will just go with the veteran like last year and it makes me not want to watch the game. Honestly when I was doing these reviews, I didn't even look at the time McCown played, skipped right ahead because we already know what he is. Last year, I didn't think Hackenberg was ready. I even mentioned in the scouting article, that I thought they needed to sit him and break him down because his mechanics are horrible. I didn't want Fitz back, because I thought Geno was a much better fit for the system. I agree, Marshall/Decker being friends with Fitz absolutely influenced the coaching staff and their decisions. And Marshall all but quit once Fitz was gone. Hopefully it's different, but I kind of want Hack/Petty to play from the start so we have enough time to evaluate both of them. I want 8 games for Hack to see if he's improving, and 8 games for Petty if Hack can't be any good, instead of 3 games at the end. To be honest, I haven't watched the return game so I don't know. As a Jets fan, I'm usually happy if the ball is kicked through the end zone so we can start at the 25, lol. As for punts, the best returns for us are usually when the ball bounces backwards. I think Harper has a chance, going to try and see if I can pay more attention to the guys. I had trouble with the numbers, actually had to keep a tab open with the rosters just to figure out who was out there. Me too, I'm super excited to see them this Saturday and see how he progresses (or regresses). Detroit had a horrible year last year against the pass (the only team worse than us according to DVOA) so some of the stats may be skewed. I think it's a function of the media, and the market. Making fun of the Jets gets the other fans happy to see the Jets bashed day in and day out, especially after the Rex years. The SOJF mentality (which exists with any fan base that has dealt with losing over a long period of time) causes the Jets fans to drown in the sorrow as well. He has all the talent to be a stud, but his mechanics and mental makeup will determine how far he could go. I think mainly they were trying to get the defense to loosen up a bit, but receivers weren't getting much separation. Thanks.
  11. Once the starters were out, the line didn't do the QBs any favor. It's worse in the Petty where he got killed behind that line. While you can argue the 2nd team or 3rd team is facing the other team's similar unit, it's a bit inverse for the offensive line. Usually the offense holds the advantage in an equal match up because they know where the play is going, thus the defense is reacting. So 2nd and 3rd string receivers get open more easily (assuming similar talent), which is how guys like Spadola/Gates look great against second tier guys but fizzle out later. On the offensive line, it's inverse because the line is reacting to the defense, because the defense knows how it wants to attack, and the line is reacting. So given similar talent, the defense is going to win out because it dictates the course of action. Teams get around this with roll outs and screens, but in this game, the screen pass didn't really work well with Hackenberg. I would like to see Hackenberg (and Petty) with the first team line, even against first team defense to see how they react and play. A lot of QBs stare down receivers at times, and there are a few reasons. 1) Sometimes, there is only one real intended target on a play, while other receivers run clear outs or blocking patterns. This usually means there is a running back or TE close to the line as the safety valve. We see this a lot more in college than the NFL, but teams with dynamic receivers will dial up plays that try to get one on one match ups for their guy, and the QB will stare him down at times because he has no other read. 2) The timing of the progression doesn't start at the top of the drop back. While west coast principles (which we are using) tends to rely on the footsteps to correlate with timing and progression, it's not tied down to it. Safeties seeing the top of the drop back can jump routes if it comes out consistently so there are variations as to when the progressions actually start. A complex offense like New England has a ton options built into it, and doesn't really rely on one school of thought. 3. NE (IMO) relies on option routes on a consistent basis. Most teams read the defense at the line, make audibles and go from there. I believe they make in play audibles by having the receivers think like the QB out there. So if they call an out route, and there is zone defense to that area, the receiver may have the option to turn that into an in route, where there might be open space, or a go route. I think it's why we see Brady yelling at his receivers at times, because they missed an easy throw and catch situation by picking the wrong option. Also why they are much better against zone than man coverage. For these option routes, Brady has to read where the guy will option to by taking a longer look at him, which causes the impression that he's staring them down. 4. It's limited, Brady goes through progressions about as well as I've seen. Thanks. I don't know how to blame the OL for the guy though, because if he holds down the hand, it's holding. It's a team effort, but I figure more of the blame goes on the QB. I did like the read and if you extrapolate the play to see when the ball would have gotten to Peake, it looks like it would have gone for a first down (assuming accuracy and Peake actually catching the pass). Thanks. Lol, I watch all these plays so many times while writing, natural to see random things. Peake is a wild card for me. Last year in the scouting report, I said he was a slightly less athletic but more polished Stephen Hill with similar issues and strengths. If he can actually get better with routes and pass catching, I think he'll surprise a few folks out there. I'm going to wait on Harper, but he did look good at times. The guy that I really hope improves is Marshall, because he has that short field ability to elude the first man that we lack. Also, one of Hansen/Stewart have to step up at some point. Interesting. What are you looking for in Game 2 of the pre-season from him? I think Brady would be great anywhere, although he may not have been the all time great that he is now. Brady is about as good as it gets as a pocket passer right now because he can make almost every throw with excellent accuracy. There was a throw to Hogan (I think) in the SuperBowl where he's running up the seam and defender is right there with him, maybe a step back at most. For almost any QB, that guy is covered. He dropped in a throw right over the defender into Hogan's hands perfectly. There are only a few QBs that can make those types of throws (Wilson is one of them) with accuracy, because the defense played that perfectly and still got burned. NE helps him for sure because the offensive philosophy tends to be a step ahead of the league, but I can't trash the guy. He's probably the best QB I've seen and I think he'd be great anywhere. Fitzpatrick was quite possibly the worst QB I've ever seen in terms of not getting off the first read. It was yell and scream at the line for 20 seconds, and if your number wasn't called, you may as well just walk up the field because Fitz was going to his first read no matter what. I think the issue with Geno was that he never really had to make multiple read throws in college, so at least he had youth on his side. I really dislike Bowles, and honestly the moment he says McCown is the starter, Woody should fire him over Skype. Lol, the RT got pushed like 7 yards back. I think it'll come soon, I think the first step was limiting mistakes and they somewhat did that.
  12. Thanks. I think that's the grade I ended up with as well. I just don't understand the lack of planning last year (or this year honestly with McCown) because the team is doing everything it can to stunt QB development. Last year, it was bringing back Fitzpatrick and then refusing to bench him, when there were other options available to us. I would like to see how they open up the game, because the west coast does run a fair share of quick throws as the base model. The longer throws are also based heavily on timing, which makes me wonder if they aren't satisfied with his footwork quite yet. I don't think Petty is getting axed because most teams carry 3 QBs, especially with McCown being injured often. I'd like to see more of Harper and the younger kids. I wasn't impressed with Hammond much at all, I thought he had bad routes and didn't seem to be getting separation. I don't think the last receiver is on the roster right now. I think they'll carry 6, with Marshall on the suspended list. He looked decent, but I would like to see him take more chances and see how he performs.
  13. Lol. Receivers dropping passes left and right. So we bring back the guy mainly known for a big drop. Wonderful.
  14. Lol, I wouldn't be shocked. I wrote them actually, although Glenn does write a lot of great articles as well. I gotta appreciate him for churning out the articles because I get exhausted after these, lol. Thanks. I really wish he would get a look with the better team around him. I'm not saying he'd succeed, but the tools are there, and he seemed to be making the right reads, albeit in very limited action. Thanks. Lol, I finally filled out my profile a few months ago, after my wife told me it could be a reason people don't "identify" with me for writing these.
  15. I really hope they just brought him in here as a mentor and not an actual competitor. I would hate to read stories a couple weeks from now about how the team feels he's the choice to win now, and want to wait on the kids. There is no point in waiting until say week 8 to put in the kids because it's too short of a sample size, and we're just bound to pick a QB anyway then. I think McCown already had his Fitz year with the Bears. Hopefully, he settles in as a back up that can help the kids assimilate into the game better. If McCown starts and we're losing, the circus will be back, the media will make sure of it.