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  1. JetNation Week 2 FanDuel League

    I think I stacked Brady/Hogan/Gronk on the team that got deleted, lol. Sucks it got deleted.
  2. LOL, I was watching the game and figured Ok, game is over at the start of the 4th, let's try Petty. Nope, not Bowles. Needs to dink and dunk down the field with McCown like he was trying to cover the spread. I doubt he will start Petty anytime soon. We will see McCown out there as long as he's healthy because Bowles just can't see that the team has no chance to win.
  3. Four QB Scenarios

    1. I think this would be one of the worst things that we can do given our situation because Garrapolo hasn't done anything yet to show that he can be difference maker, let alone be a franchise guy. A two game sample just isn't good enough to take the shot on him. He could be great, or he won't be great. But that's a chance you take when you finish 6-10, know the top QBs won't fall to you, so you take your shot with money. With a top 3 pick next year, you go QB because you have that position at an under-value contract for 5 years, in one of the more loaded QB classes in recent memory. 2. Pretty much no way Kraft signs off on this, Bellichek maybe, but never Kraft. Brady's pretty much got carte blanche in terms of his contract situation. Brady alone has made Kraft way too much money for him to sign off on dropping their franchise guy, quite possibly the best QB in the history of the game, for an unproven guy in Garrapolo. Garrapolo goes somewhere else and becomes good? People will forgive the Pats for letting him get away. Brady goes somewhere for even one year and does well? People will torch Kraft for the rest of his life unless Garrapolo turns into a stud. I believe he has Jeter status with the team, only going on his terms. I believe Favre/Rodgers is a scenario a lot of people paint, but Favre was very mediocre in the two seasons prior to his last season in Green Bay. It was why they were grooming Rodgers because they figured Favre would retire or decline further. And still people were ready to lynch the team for making that decision. Brady is still a top tier QB, quite possibly MVP level, so they won't do that. Only way is some kind of catastrophic injury. 3. I could see this from the Jets perspective, I wouldn't see if from Smith's point of view though. In this scenario, he would have been pushed out by Kapernick and Mahomes, so I don't see him signing somewhere just for short term value, knowing they are picking someone else to take over for him. I see some place like Arizona (good team, QB may or may not suck), Washington (if Cousins leaves), or some competitive team that needs a veteran QB. I could see this from the Jets side, especially if they resign Bowles and his penchant for veterans, but I just don't see it from Smith. 4. I think this is the most likely scenario. They pick a top 3 QB, and let the guy run with the job. They use the money to help fill in offensive line, and receiver (I really like them to take a shot on Allen Robinson). I could see them invest in a decent RB that pass protects, to help out the young QB (ala Thomas Jones and Tomlinson for Sanchez). It also behooves the Jets to not trade this pick, because they need all the goodwill they can get. A draft pick this high buys you about 2-3 years in developing time to turn things around.
  4. In the film reviews, I talk about wide defensive alignments, this is how teams can defeat it. In passing situations, they want to contain the QB in the pocket, so the only real way to combat it is a strong and accurate arm, a good running game, or a QB that can attack the field with his legs. On this one, you can clearly see the Center has nothing to do at first, thus they leave the center of the field open to the QB. The Jets face this a lot.
  5. I think Petty may have potential, but the rest of this roster is bad enough, that if he can elevate the team, he might be worth holding onto. I just find these games extremely boring to watch because the Jets just don't have hope.
  6. I believe in drafting guys in the 4-6th round range as prospects. I actually liked the Petty draft (at that point, had Geno/Fitz) so drafting a guy with a high ceiling and low floors should be a fine strategy. It's the same idea behind the Pats when they drafted Brady, even though Bledsoe was one of the highest paid QBs at the time (albeit no one predicted this outcome). Having someone like Fitz or McCown as back up is just asking for mediocrity at best given an injury. I'm not saying let's pick high QBs every year, but if we get a starter, then pick the David Webbs, Josh Dobbs of every draft. It may not work out, but they have high ceilings (with low floors) and if you can coach them, you can reap the rewards via trade or actual use in the future. In essence, I would rather lose 30-3, if it meant getting to see Webb or Dobbs given a shot, than losing 30-20 seeing Fitz or McCown.
  7. Yeah, overall I hate Todd Bowles and his lack of plans. There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason behind their plans right now. It's essentially "Hey, let's trust veterans, and have some fun guys" attitude. If the Jets plan is to just tank, I can see why McCown is out there because he has a very limited ceiling, which paired with the rest of the roster assures us to lose most games. Petty or Hack have lower floors for sure, but they also have enough arm talent to catch lightning in a bottle for a couple of games and win. Saying all that, I want to see Petty play, this McCown movie is just a horror show.
  8. I don't think he set the right protections, but the offensive line made the first huge blunder there. The Bills are in 4 wide, and both tackles decide not to block their guy. There is a different angle that shows both tackles double team the defensive tackle, instead of defending the edge rushers. I'm guessing McCown called the wrong protection or they didn't understand because both guys ran freely at the QB from both sides. Once that happened, the play is all but over, and McCown throws up a floater to Anderson.
  9. McGuire isn't seasoned enough to play consistently because he's didn't show himself to be a very good pure rusher at this point. If he gets better at rushing, then the screen game works better, because as of now, they are going to place a spy LB on him to take out screens. I think they were too scared to expose McCown to hits and just took the easy way. He's fine as a back up, if that's the intention to have a guy that can get through a couple of games without single handedly losing them games. I, on the other hand, don't really believe in the adequate back up theory for a position that only plays due to injury to your star player. I think the roster is better used up with your starter, and the backups should be youngsters with potential. The Pats had Garrapolo/Brisset, Packers have Hundley, Chiefs have Mahomes/Bray, etc. Once the starting QB goes down, your team is unlikely to win anyway unless it's a rare situation. So I think the spots are better worth trying to cultivate young QBs in hopes that they progress to the point of having value, either to your team or in a trade. Thanks. Yeah, I think I'm going to shy away from the downs thing. Typically takes me about 90 seconds per play to insert it, double check to see if it's correct and all. Figure with almost 30 plays, that's 45 mins I could save doing this. I don't think McCown has any value on the trade market, because he's not making any team better. Assume in the most desperate situation, Luck is ruled out for the season and they want a QB. McCown doesn't move the needle much (although improvement from Tolzien) to the point that they should trade anything for him. At that point, the Colts are better off declaring the season over. I just don't understand why he's running go routes on the outside. The defense doesn't respect it and the defensive backs are faster than him, especially at this point of his career. At least in the slot he can make moves left or right, giving defenders something to think about. Yeah, very Fitz-esque.
  10. Yeah, it was very similar to Fitz. On the other hand, Fitz took risks (he also had better receivers) which often failed but he did try to push the ball down the field consistently. With McCown, the failure rate may have been higher, because even in limited tries, he almost had 4 interceptions. Yeah, I thought he would be better at reading defenses but apparently not. He locked in on Kearse consistently in the game. I think they can get better, but I saw similar problems last year and they really haven't learned. The main issue (and I saw the Eagles start it in Fitz's first year) is that, they don't know how to solve stunts in 4 wide lineman. The defense sets up a LB to mirror the RB, to clog the lane if it's a run play. If not, they all back out in coverage, which is death for mediocre armed QBs. Petty was better at it, but he also seemed to hold onto the ball at times for too long. Otherwise, the QB is essentially encapsulated in the pocket, so unless he can run, he has to find gaps in the zone and have a strong enough arm to get it through. Defenses then switch it up with stunts, where the lineman have to make switches and the Jets rarely adjust. If a DE goes from C gap to A gap, either the tackle has to hand off to the guard, or run behind the guard and protect the QB. Instead, we have lineman that decide to double team the guy on the guard, leaving free lanes for the ends.
  11. JetNation FanDuel League

    Thanks, the Rams really helped out, lol.
  12. Lol, anything to get him off the team. I'm not sure I've ever seen a guy fail this badly at adjusting. I feel like he's one of those guys that walks around in pain after dinner because he refuses to adjust his belt a little looser.
  13. JetNation FanDuel League

    Yup, the King Maker is I.
  14. Oakland (-14)

    Doing the film reviews, I kinda feel the Jets were lucky to score some points last week. I would bet heavy on the raiders, their defense is good and we're not stopping that offense.
  15. JetNation FanDuel League

    First paid out $175!! Great game guys, next week, same time, same spot, lol. Maybe I can actually play with a kicker that has a game scheduled instead of accidentally punting it.
  16. Allen Robinson tore his ACL today, and he's a free agent at the end of the year. Could he be on the Jets radar for next year? He already has ties to Hackenberg, and with the right QB could be a monster. The Jets have a need at WR (as well as pretty much everywhere else), so could this be a fit, while he signs a decent sized (but not mega) contract because of the injury? Would a Robinson/Enunwa/Anderson trio work, with Stewart/Hansen as the back up? Risky to have two top guys come back from major injuries, but at this point, the Jets need to take some risks. Assuming the Jets draft a QB with their top pick, they should have an under-paid QB for 4-5 years, allowing them to spend some money on weapons. The injury should take the franchise tag off the table as well.
  17. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    I have to say Rosen is really growing on me, I think he's progressed at a higher rate than I expected. Rosen/Darnold is pretty much neck and neck to me, and I think coming into the year, I secretly had Darnold/Allen/Rosen as my pecking order. I love Rosen going through his reads, really reminds me of Luck at Stanford, albeit not quite the downfield arm. I'm still not sleeping on Jackson. He's not going to be the pure passer such as Rosen/Darnold but man is he a match up nightmare for a defense. He's looked better, and I think if he can keep his completion percentage higher, really reminds me of Mariota with less accuracy but still really good.
  18. Can coaches be placed in the concussion protocol? Can we start a gofundme to bribe the doctor not to clear him?
  19. I love Robinson as a player, if he's healthy. He kinda reminds me of an AJ Green type player that has been stuck with a horrible QB. If he wasn't hurt, I was sure he'd be franchise tagged. I would take the leap of faith on him, and try to include an out clause after 2 years if the injury persists. We have a low stack of talent, so to rebuild, I think we have to take some risks and hope to hit on them. I'm intrigued by Bell, but his Revis level holdouts bother me honestly. Also think part of his effectiveness comes from that team. He's known as a really patient runner, waits for blocks to be set up, etc. Behind our line, he's just be backpedaling as he's waiting. I would take a flyer on him too, lol, albeit much cheaper. Injuries can be horrible, but it can also quickly transition the rebuild if we hit it right. I'm saying all this assuming we get one of the top QBs in the draft next year, btw. If not, throw it all out.
  20. Kerley SIGNS with Jets

    I did not know that actually, thanks. Although, in that sense by having Kerase and Kerley over Decker, we're possibly losing one more guy we could have on the roster with potential. The team is devoid of talent obviously, so it doesn't matter but we also lose that developmental guy. For example (throwing out the Mehta BS) but would you rather have Decker/Carr or Kerase/Kerley for a cheaper rate? I probably would have kept Decker because discarding his rookie season where he didn't start, up until last year, he played in 78/80 possible games. He started 73 of those games (5 are from his second year, not sure if it was injury or him breaking into the lineup). While he's older and the shoulder can be tricky, I don't think he's chronically injured. He was 1000 yard pace with both Geno and Fitz as QBs, and I thought he'd be a very good mentor to young receivers as well. Saying all this, I like Kearse. I think he'll actually be a decent pick up. I just wish they kept Decker instead of going full blown youth movement, and then abandoning it halfway through.
  21. Chiefs vs Cheats

    Rosen looking good, Pats losing opening day......so far a good week!! But it's ok guys, if you haven't realized, not the Pats D guys. They haven't learned the playbook yet, so don't worry ok guys. Once again, not their defense so don't worry, ok?
  22. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    I raise you a YES.
  23. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    I think I listened to that show once or twice and he was insufferable. I think he's a local Skip Bayless, trying really hard to irk the fans. His career in radio should be over I'm guessing. Although I do think gambling addiction can be pretty devastating once you get hooked.
  24. Kerley SIGNS with Jets

    I figured going into the year with Enunwa, Anderson, and whatever youngster looks decent was an OK plan, but it's not a prudent plan though. It relied on both of them stepping up without Marshall around (since Decker only played a limited amount). Neither of them are polished route runners (nor are the guys they drafted), but then adding Kerase and Kerley abandons that plan. It also directly flies against having McCown being the mentor QB, because you figure that means he can help bring along the younger guys. Sort of hedging their bets by saying, we pair experienced QB with inexperienced WRs, so they can learn from the experienced QB and still playing. With Petty/Hack, it's harder because both would be inexperienced and therefore harder to assign blame and scout. If they moved on from Decker for $7 million, I don't understand why Kearse and Kerley are then fine on the cap (the cap hit for both are around 3 million combined), although Kearse has a 5 million hit next year if he's not cut. I figure Decker is a better player than both of them. My biggest gripe with Kerley is that he came back after blasting Gailey about not playing him enough, when that's the exact best case scenario for the Jets again this season. So either he fails (bad signing) or he blocks the kids because he's a veteran (impedes development). This is by far my biggest gripe with management. There should have been no reason whatsoever to bend to Fitzpatrick's will last year. He didn't have any offers, the positions were filled up (only Denver was remaining, and they liked Siemien, and picked Lynch by then). I have no idea why Bowles kept mentioning Fitz as the starter even when he wasn't signed, or why they didn't offer him basically backup money instead of giving him the 1 year, $12 million contract. If Decker/Marshall influenced the decision to a great amount, then we may as well throw out the GM with the bath water because it's his job to evaluate the talent without being compromised by feelings in the locker room. I still can't believe they brought Fitz back. If it was just Kerley or Kearse, I would have been fine, because it allows them enough space to let one or two guys to get some playing time in a rebuild. Now, the 3 WR set is Kearse, Anderson, and Kerley. Factoring in a rise of TE usage with ASJ coming back, how much opportunity do these kids get to unseat Kerley without injury? Especially with "I need veterans" Bowles. This plan reeks of the same stupidity last year where they admitted to doing absolutely nothing mechanically with Hackenberg, instead letting him get up to speed with the NFL. They wasted a whole year to redo his mechanics, and then expected him to be a starter this year? They treat these kids like alcohol, you pick them and lock them away to be forgotten, and then hope they turn good in a couple of years by sitting around and getting second string reps. I just feel as if the organization doesn't have a plan, nor does it actually stick to a plan. It seems they think one way at one point, and then a week later decide to change their mind.
  25. Kerley SIGNS with Jets

    Then why cut Decker in the first place? I assume the plan was Enunwa, Anderson and see who steps up. Once, Enunwa went down, they would need a veteran guy so they went and got Kearse later in the year (although signings such as Wilson, Harper seem to suggest they wanted a veteran guy). I just don't get what Kerley does, that would tip the things in his favor. Special Teams? God no. Route running? Kerley specializes in the art of running a cross route, and not much else effectively. Heck, if they wanted people to learn, why not let Decker do it. He's a much more accomplished receiver, and a better route runner. And he's worked with Manning in the past, so would have something better to share with our younger QBs than Kerley's stories of Sanchez's exploits, Geno's movie reviews, or how Kapernick removes grass stains from his paints. I think my biggest issue is that Kerley came back here after complaining over and over again, how he was phased out the last time. How they benched him. So he's either dumb to think that Bowles changed, or he knows from Bowles that he won't get benched like last time. And with our roster, I'd much rather give someone like Anderson, Hansen, Peake, or even Marshall a shot than this guy. So if and when that happens, it sounds like another situation where he's going to be unhappy. And if he plays over the kids, it sounds like a situation where most fans would be unhappy.