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  1. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    To be fair, Clemson's defense is probably going to do that to every QB they face this year.
  2. Week # 2 Positives/Negatives

    Week 2 positives and negatives...see week 1.
  3. Todd Bowles is a defensive coach right?
  4. I do have a problem with celebrating a hit or tackle while we are getting blown out.
  5. A Late Entry into the Tank Bowl

    Jacoby Brissett playing well as I predicted despite have Schotty calling his plays.
  6. A Late Entry into the Tank Bowl

    Brissett may surprise you.
  7. Four QB Scenarios

    As much as I HATE to admit it; he does look good in the green and white.
  8. Darnold may stay, not necessarily to avoid the Jets but because that's what USC QBs sans Sanchez tend to do. Apparently life as a USC QB is good. Rosen is a goner though. He's hungry and ready for the NFL challenge IMO.
  9. Film Review: Week 1 Jets @ Bills

    They still have to fill their run fits and not over run plays leaving wide open cut back lanes. In pretty much all those big runs, if Lee and/or Davis stayed disciplined and filled in their proper gaps they would have been there to meet the RB in the hole when he cut back. Those stretch runs are specifically meant to take advantage of overzealous and undisciplined ILBs which we have.
  10. Film Review: Week 1 Jets @ Bills

    Isn't there a story out of Bowles chewing out the d-line group in a meeting? Does he expect them to do their jobs and that of the ILBs too?
  11. If Hack plays vs Oakland

    Their defense is not that good. Mack is the only one that consistently provide pressure.
  12. True. Lucky for us I don't believe there will be a lot of other openings after this season besides us and there are a lot of thirsty candidates.
  13. I rather his "CO"-offensive coordinator last year Brad Childress. Childress has prior head coaching experience, with a winning record and NFCC game berth I might add. He lost his HC job because he waived Randy Moss, who had become a locker room cancer, without going through the proper chain of command. Also like Mangini he put his faith on a hurt broken down Bret Favre. I wouldn't mind Dorsey though.
  14. Bart Scott is trying his best not to name names but it's pretty obvious he is talking about Lee when he starts talking about our defensive woes. He even let Lee's name slip as he is talking about that screen play at the 14:00 mark.
  15. Damn beat me to it...Great minds! I posted the following in the Dalvin Cook thread but it probably belongs here: