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  1. Offensive line is atrocious. Claiborne has been dismal. Hackenburg had his bell rung in the first drive and hasn't had a prayer of a chance to develop any kind of rhythm or even set for a pass. If this is the real Jets, we're on a freight train for the number one pick next year.
  2. Agree on his tendency to dump off too quickly to first option, however I also was very aware of a number of very poor blocks, offensive line collapsing around him, and high snaps from the center that will tend to throw off a QB's rhythm. The OL did not look good in these videos.
  3. SAR Training Camp Report - Monday 8/14

    Geezus, did you get milk with those cookies?
  4. A+ for Hack, seriously what else could we hope for?

    Depending on who was at fault for that snap fumble, I'd give him a B. Why? Steady, no major mistakes, likely followed the plan as given by the coaches and seemed comfortable in his role. A growth step. Petty looked like crap, but I'll give him a mulligan for playing with some stiffs in the 4th. Glad Hack got a number of reps so we could actually see his progression.
  5. Enough's enough; we need to sign a WR for 2017

    I see what you did there. (DGB)
  6. KRL Camp Notes (7/31/17)

    Best part of the site at this time of year. Thanks!
  7. Who do you want

    LOL. Agreed. This is a cesspool of stupidity. Credibility is a precious thing.
  8. Pre-preseason predictions

    What's a "precipous?" Perhaps you meant "platypus?" That would be a nice metaphor.
  9. Could Darnold pull a Peyton? Cimini Ponders

    In fairness to the English language, I think the word you want is "pedigree," not "provenance."
  10. Top 5, Top 5.

    wrong again. Bo Jackson had around 500 carries in his career. Jim Brown had over 2200. Jim Brown averaged 5.2 yards in that stretch.Bo averaged 5.5 in less than a quarter. Michael Vick has more rushing attempts than Bo jackson and a higher average (over 7). How many part time backs have high numbers because they are used situationally? We never saw Bo Jackson even complete an entire season in his short career because of baseball and injuries. Put a guy out there for 2000 carries and watch them converge toward the mean. Brown never did that. He was a monster day in and day out.
  11. Top 5, Top 5.

    Ugh. Bo showed flashes of tremendous ability and talent. No doubt. But he will always be a "potential" great who couldn't deliver on that promise. He joins many players who were "could have beens." Doesn't belong on this kind of list. And he wasn't the best to ever step on the field "by a long shot." That's just stupid.
  12. Top 5, Top 5.

    Brown, Campbell and OJ had similar styles (Dickerson in the group as well) -- all big, fast, agile, angry runners. Sanders and Sayers were gifted in a different way -- both electrifying, balletic, cut back runners who were like elusive ghosts. It's like arguing who's the greater super hero. For me, guys like Payton and Smith were a notch down. They weren't as talented, but they were hard workers and over achievers. Smith benefited from some of the best O-lines in the history of the NFL, but that doesn't diminish his durability and consistency. Guys like Bo Jackson and Terrell Davis were monsters, but injury killed what might have been legendary careers. I read an article once interviewing Gayle Sayers and he pointed out how different the game was in his era vs. modern game. Just one point that seems trivial, but for a runner made a big difference -- the repositioning of the hash marks on the field. In the old days, the hash marks were spread much more widely and the ball was placed near one or the other for each down. The effect was to create a strong and weak side of the field. As Sayers noted, on a running play, teams would rarely run into the short side of the field, so defenses could better defend the run. RB's had essentially half the field to work with and defenses knew where they were going.
  13. Top 5, Top 5.

    9 years. And I fully agree. In 1963 Jim Brown ran for nearly 1900 yards in a 14 game season and averaged 6.2 yards per carry. Dickerson took 16 games to break 2100. Campbell in 1980 put up 1900+ in 15 games but averaged mid 5's per carry. O.L in 1973 broke 2000 in 14 games and averaged 6.0 per carry. Those were legendary seasons. Brown literally dominated the game for nearly nine years. He was the Babe Ruth of football. A 6'2", 230 pound back with close to 4.4 speed in an era when that was crazy freakdom. they come along like that every fifty years. There's been no one like him since. Nobody
  14. Top 5, Top 5.

    Then you didn't see Jim Brown. Even Earl Campbell would tell you that no one dominated the game like him. It's not even close. And in Jim Brown's day, he ran the same slant over and over again. Teams sat waiting for him and he still blew through them. Ray Nitschke said Jim Brown was the only player he ever feared, and if you knew Nitschke you understand why that was the highest compliment a player could ever be given. Here's Campbell on Brown: Earl Campbell May 2, 2012 ยท It was a true honor to be referenced by the greatest of all time Mr. Jim Brown. He mentioned me at the 2:47 mark, but please listen to the whole interview. Let me know what you as fans think. http://espn.go.com/espnradio/play?id=7858936
  15. Top 5, Top 5.

    I'm not a big fan of compiled stats that benefit from longevity and carries. Martin was a consistent, reliable 4.0 yd/carry back and was impressive in racking up 1000 yard+ seasons, but he was not a dominating back and he was, by his own admission, an "overachiever" even for where he was at. Tomlinson was a tremendously versatile back who was simply more talented than Martin. Martin had the same yds/carry as Otis Anderson, who played longer. That's not a good thing. I'm an old timer and I can even remember seeing Jim Brown on our little black and white tv in the early 60's watching football with my dad. i certainly remember Gayle Sayers, who was just plain electrifying, especially as a returner. There are a handful of truly super-elite RB's -- Brown and Sanders are in a class by themselves, in my opinion, then O.J,, Campbell, and Dickerson. Payton and Smith are favorites, but were somewhat more in the Curtis Martin class -- average yards per carry, durable foot soldiers. the Faulks and Tomlinsons have to be judged a bit differently because of their versatility/added dimension. Martin is HOF, but belongs with Franco Harris, john Riggins, Jerome Bettis in the lower tier of the hall. Just my opinion. Ask yourself which RB you would build an offense around. Martin would not be even a top 15 choice.