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  1. I AM SICK OF IT - This won't happen here anymore

    I think it just means he's finally decided to get the boob job.
  2. I should have added that basicallly Mark Sanchez is Kyle Orton in disguise. He has never been more than an average QB, completely lacks field vision, breaks down under pressure, and never showed a capacity to read defenses. Mediocrity in neon lights.
  3. This may be the best analysis you've ever done. Pristine accuracy.
  4. Yeah. Roethlisberger is done. Just like Eli. All of a sudden these guys get old. I know, Brady and Brees. We all get old at different points.
  5. keystone cops vs. laurel and hardy. Browns at least are moving the ball, but boy to they both look like stiffs.
  6. This Will Create A Long Thread

    I don't know what the QB ranking will be by the end of the year, so I agree with you there, but I'm pretty confident that whatever the order ends of being, the top three on that list will go in the high end of the top ten picks in the draft. So I really can't see D'Arnold going at 11, even if he drops to third on the list. Other than Rosen, are any of the other guys not projects?
  7. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    On the other hand, Alex Smith has grown as a QB and his team is the best team in football right now. Even if we win 6-7 games, we may still have access to a very good QB in the draft. It just won't be Rosen or D'Arnold, if D'Arnold even comes out.
  8. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    I think after Cleveland the reality is going to set in. The assumption here is that we have a choice. The schedule becomes brutal after Cleveland with only the Saints and Chargers looking like they could go either way. But if the Jets beat Cleveland and upset the Pats, I'm all in. It would be criminal not to root for them at that point, even if the future is ostensibly on the line.
  9. Good news for the tank crowd

    Yeah, maybe. That's why I gave us only four more wins. But five puts us at 7-9 and around a 12th pick. If the Jets win 5 games, they are out of the sweepstakes unless they give up the farm.
  10. Good news for the tank crowd

    Let's see.... Browns, Dolphins, Saints Chargers, Bucs, maybe Panthers? All potentially winnable games. That would leave us conservatively at around 6-10 and around a 7th or 8th pick in round 1. We can always use another CB, right?
  11. Spank that kitty-cat!
  12. Query; why are NFL ratings/attendance etc declining?

    We live in interesting times. Personally, I have absolutely no issue with someone exercising their constitutional right of free speech to kneel during the national anthem, for whatever reason they so choose. When I was a kid, the Jehovah Witnesses in my elementary school class did precisely the same for reasons of religious belief. The Supreme Court back in 1943 was pretty emphatic that such action was completely protected, and this was before Congress inserted the words "under God" in 1954 due to anti-communist hysteria. The national anthem was not in any way a part of our traditions until the 20th century; it began as a rather trivial tune celebrating Columbus Day in 1892. The anthem has three legitimate ideas in it: 1) we're a nation under God, at least since 1954; 2) we are a nation that believes in liberty for all; and 3) we are a nation that believes in justice for all. In a time when that last idea is a subject of legitimate dispute, it would seem a pretty mild gesture for a citizen of our nation to express disillusionment with what they perceive as a failure to live up to that ideal by kneeling. For those who are adamantly convinced that our country is the beacon of justice for all its citizens, such a gesture will be dismissed as foolish or ill-informed. That's perfectly legitimate. For those who might doubt that premise or blatantly dispute it, kneeling would seem far too little a gesture for other reasons entirely. Tying the act of kneeling with disrespect for either the nation or its principles would seem misguided. It is actually a thoughtful act of questioning whether our principles are being upheld. To me, that right to question is at the core of what the founders intended. Those who know their history will have no difficulty finding many examples of far more aggressive expressions by those very founders regarding their expectations of our young republic. What I find troubling in all of this is the focus on respecting flags and anthems, which on its face seems to promote a kind of old-fashioned, boy-scout patriotism, but which, between the seams, smacks of a kind of authoritarian nationalism that demands lock-step obedience and political correctness to a fault. That rubs my Protestant spirit the wrong way, but as Voltaire once supposedly said: "I may disagree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." I always believed that our soldiers fought for that right, and all the other rights granted by our great republic, which our flag and now anthem is meant to symbolize. In the end, a symbol is only as good as the values it reflects. Some of our greatest citizens have at times challenged the failure of our nation to sustain those values and helped us become better for it. A great nation pays attention to all its voices, not just the few, not just the enfranchised. In this matter, as in so many others, FDR was right: we have nothing to fear, but fear itself. I know this is one view, and I am not intending to start a debate. Consider it food for thought or a twinkie empty of nutrients. I'm ready for my time-out.
  13. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Whether you want Rosen or D'Arnold, the bottom line is that D'Arnold is clearly a special QB. Reminds me a bit of Matthew Stafford, but with absolutely outstanding pocket presence and field vision. You can't really teach that. He's got elite written all over him. I like Rosen as well. Big arm, smart, playmaker -- behind a terrible offensive line. Jets are in good position either way.
  14. Query; why are NFL ratings/attendance etc declining?

    Well said. Concussions should be added, which were a factor in ruining boxing. I would add that the reality TV political climate has put most sports in the shade. Watching a football game seems somehow rather routine and passe these days. And more than ever the NFL seems primarily a highly corporate business -- the joy of sports has somehow dissipated over the last few years.
  15. By definition, when you are on a Jets forum declaring that you are too mad to be a Jets fan anymore, you are a lifer. Just accept your fate. The mercy seat will come soon enough.