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  1. I've expressed the same view. Patience is a virtue. Let's give him at least until the end of the pre-season. If he sucks, we'll have some actually data to confirm it. Until then, the hot air machine continues to blow.
  2. I agree with that. Fans can't help but pretend they're unheralded GM's who can see just from a few clips that a player is great or a bust. But we all know that it's almost always a matter of dumb luck combined with the reality that most players don't reach beyond mediocrity. It's a matter of statistics, not brilliance on the part of the ignorant fan. But don't tell him that. He'll quickly mention "the eye test."
  3. Concern with Lynch is that he's dumb as a rock and has a slow release. Those two factors usually spell doom for QB in the current NFL. I actually do believe Hackenberg has a higher ceiling than Lynch. Lord save me from empty predictions, but there it is. I said it.
  4. From John Adams and John Quincy Adams to Woody Johnson. I will say no more.
  5. That's fair. I think there were basically two ways to go == DB or RB. The two RB's were character disasters and a luxury pick in a rebuilding year. Going safety or corner depended a lot on what the Jets knew about the status of the positions/players going into the draft. I fully expected to see them pick a CB as well. But I get why they went safety now. Let's hope Burris is all that he appears to be so far this off season. Corner may not be a problem after all.
  6. Point is, this would have VERY likely been a DB pick no matter what. As others have stated, the Jets were never going to pick Cook or Mixon, and even less likely despite talent because a RB at that point would have been a luxury pick for a team like the Jets. And they obviously knew that Pryor was a goner and Gilchrist was a goner. I don't get the Mahomes thinking. The Jets are a bottom five team trying to rebuild with one of the best QB drafts in while coming up in 2018. Why on earth would the pass on a sure thing (a top three pick) in Adams for a project, when they're going QB next year with much better quality? Mac isn't as dumb as people here are trying to make him out to be. None of us knew that they had already moved on from Pryor and Gilchrist when they were drafting.
  7. Here's the next several picks. Who would you have preferred? 7 39 Marcus Maye Jets DB Florida 8 40 Curtis Samuel Panthers WR Ohio State 9 41 Dalvin Cook Vikings RB Florida State 10 42 Marcus Williams Saints DB Utah 11 43 Sidney Jones Eagles DB Washington 12 44 Gerald Everett Rams TE South Alabama 13 45 Adam Shaheen Bears TE Ashland 14 46 Quincy Wilson Colts DB Florida 15 47 Tyus Bowser Ravens LB Houston 16 48 Joe Mixon Bengals RB Oklahoma 17 49 Ryan Anderson Redskins LB Alabama 18 50 Justin Evans Buccaneers DB Texas A&M 19 51 DeMarcus Walker Broncos DE Florida State 20 52 DeShone Kizer Browns QB Notre Dame 21 53 Teez Tabor Lions DB Florida 22 54 Raekwon McMillan Dolphins LB Ohio State 23 55 Dalvin Tomlinson Giants DT Alabama 24 56 Obi Melifonwu Raiders DB Connecticut
  8. Actually now that I look back, this could well be the template for the Jets this year: CASSIUS [the orator] On this day we reach back to hallowed antiquity to bring you a recreation of the second Fall of Mighty Carthage. On the barren straits of Zama, there stood the invincible armies of the Barbarian Hannibal. Ferocious mercenaries and warriors from all brute nations bent on merciless destruction and conquest. Your Emperor is pleased to give you THE BARBARIAN HORDE! [On the arena floor, Maximus talks to the Gladiators, instructing them.] MAXIMUS Anyone here been in the army? FELLOW-FIGHTER #1 Yes FELLOW-FIGHTER #2 I served with you in Vindobona. MAXIMUS You can help me. Whatever comes out of these gates, we have a better chance of survival if we work together. Do you understand? We stay together, we survive.
  9. those are real people in the stands? I thought they were all CGI like in Gladiator.
  10. I'll let you know at the end of pre-season, when there should actually be some evidence to form an opinion. If the evidence is damning, I'll be the first to say so. I have no ties to Penn State, thought the pick was two rounds too soon, at least, and was a clear reclamation project. Those usually don't go well, but the flip side is that he actually looked good as a freshman at Penn St. If you asked me the odds, I'd be 2 to 1 against this working out, but there simply isn't enough data from his almost non-existent NFL career to make any definitive statements.
  11. Actually, doesn't count much. Just gradual accumulation of evidence toward an assessment. You seem absolutely hell-bent on being proved right that he's a bust. I know i'll get the obligatory snarky response, but putting over-used sarcasm aside, we don't have enough to make a judgment.
  12. If you had any credibility, that is now thoroughly lost. Let's retread our failures... yeah, that's a solution.
  13. Agreed. They've gotten so gun-shy on a number of levels that they've made quite a mess of it. Like I said before, let's give it the pre-season before passing final judgment. I want to see the whole trajectory of just that before jumping on the bandwagon to declare him a bust. Right now there is frankly almost nothing available to make a clear determination of his capability. Many of the excuses for him will no longer be relevant by that juncture.
  14. But were they tight spirals?
  15. Ding, ding! We have a winner. I'm yet to see anyone here argue that Harris hasn't lost a couple of steps and was great in coverage. His legs are dead. He needed to be cut last year, not given an extension. Decker is perpetually injured and would not give us a single win, if that was what we wanted so badly. Has Woody Johnson been reading up on Abe Lincoln, who famously quipped: "My plan is to have no plan." Genius.