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  1. Marshall's drop

    At the end of the day all these vets the Jets cut to supposedly "tank" have not exactly been missed. Marshall and Decker have had little to no impact, Mangold and Revis aren't even playing right now and David Harris played one snap on Sunday. So at the end of the day while its tough to watch this team it was the right thing to do. We weren't winning much with or without these guys and by keeping them would've just delayed the "rebuild"
  2. 6 Jets ruled out vs Oakland

    What's up with Leggett?
  3. I just don't get it

    I think if Macc is still here next year which I think is going to happen he's going to have to stake his claim and take a QB in the first rd. and start him immediately. This team hasn't done that since Sanchez and instead has been wasting time on developmental 2nd, 3rd and 4th rd pickcs with guys like Geno Smith, Hack etc... For all of Tanny's faults he at least showed some balls and went out and traded down to go get Sanchez. If we're not in a position in the draft to take a QB then Macc needs to do everything in his power to trade down to get one. End of story.
  4. the key is hitting on your draft picks. Yes, they got Carr but they also drafted Khalil Mack and Gabe Johnson so while I'm all in on the rebuild you have to hit on your picks or your just in constant rebuild mode like the Browns.
  5. Luck be a Lady tonight

    I've seen this idea posted around twitter about trading for Luck, and while I'm not saying No I'm also saying it's not as much of a no-brainer as it seems. Sure sounds crazy for a franchise that has been starving for a franchise QB for so long but if we were to trade for Luck we would likely be giving up a ton of picks and while a good QB like Luck can mask a lot of problems this team has sooo many holes that trading for Luck and giving up those assets would basically turn us into the Colts, 9-7 perennial Wild Card team that can never win in the playoffs. Again, if he did become available it would soooo tempting but I worry giving up the picks would just leave us with the same team plus Luck. I know we'll have a ton of cap space in free agency but that's just a 1-2 year band aid like we learned in 2015. Even with a top flight franchise QB you still need to build through the draft and put weapons around the guy. He'd be much better served somewhere like AZ, a team with the weapons in need of a QB
  6. History Repeating Itself?

    If this season goes as bad as it looks it will be there has to be a scapegoat which in my mind will be Bowles. I think the way Macc has cleaned house he at least gets another year with his HC. The only problem with that plan is what type of HC is going to want to work with a lame duck GM? That's why IMO they either both go or both stay, learn from the Idzik/Rex debacle.
  7. 6 of the Jets Last 10 First Round Picks...

    Give Dorsey a blank check and let him bring run the show....Maybe Toub as the next HC?
  8. Why would they bother trading for Forte when they can just resign Chris Johnson. Powell would probably make more sense for them and we should just go ahead and trade him since our coach refuses to make him the #1 back.
  9. It's not even about stats, although he's done nothing in that area but if you watch the tape and the game you'll see just such a lack of effort and hustle. That's the part that bothers me most. Maybe we cut Wilk in the offseason and bring back Sheldon? Would be a genius move in a tank year to trade him, get the assets back then bring him back. Although once Sheldon sees how a real winning organization is run I doubt he'll want to come back
  10. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    Read the same thing. I think it makes a lot of sense for both sides. With Carton likely out they get to keep some sort of consistency and familiarity with Francesca and on Francesca's side he gets a blank check while also getting to "Save face" and saying he's doing it for the company. If this does happen though they either need to reduce his air time and please get this guy a partner.
  11. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    A lot of piling on in this thread and tbh some well deserved since he as quick to call people out on air and did make some enemies. At the same time he's also done a lot of good with some of his charity events. I think as others have said he's just someone with a lot of demons who always seems to find trouble. A lot of people would kill for his life, making really good money (Sorry I just don't believe the $250k number probably closer to a $1 million), talking sports, only working 4 hours a day, getting a ton of vacation time. So it's easy to hate on him out of jealousy but at the same time he's a human with a family and children old enough to understand what's happening so at the end of the day this is just a sad situation and while he did this to himself you have to feel for his family.
  12. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    I have a hard time believing Boomer is waking up every morning at 4:00am for $250k a year especially with all his other jobs.
  13. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    Interesting, wonder if this is the end of Boomer and Carton. Let's say hypothetically he gets away with just a slap on the wrist and a suspension from WFAN you have to wonder if Boomer would want to continue to work with him. Boomer has other "tv interests" with CBS, Showtime etc.. and you would think it's important for him to maintain a clean image. Plus at his age and the fact that he does have other jobs and I'm sure plenty of money, makes you wonder how much longer he would want to continue the early mornings. Just be interesting to see where this goes I have a feeling we won't be seeing Craig on the air for a while
  14. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    So I have no idea about the legal ramifications of something like this, could he be legitimately looking at real jail time?
  15. Jets 1-0 Start

    I get it, the right thing to say if you're a "Real fan" is "I can never root for my team to lose" but the reality is the Jets are rebuilding and the best thing for the future of the franchise is to get a top pick. I know it's a losers mentality but if the Jets go 6-10 that would be considered a success as far as 2017 goes. But what's the point? We get the 10th pick, draft the BPA and go sign Tyrod Taylor or Alex Smith in the off season? It stinks to have to think this way but in order to start winning this team needs to just rip off the band aid. Keep in mind it's also not just getting a top pick in the first rd. its all subsequent rounds, having the 33rd pick let's say can be our LT for the next 10 years or that studd WR we need to compliment the $80+ million in cap space we'll have