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  1. They will trade him to the pats for valuable UDFA picks
  2. Hye, Revis is a free agent...maybe they can sign play safety
  3. why do you come back to a forum that banned you and everyone hates you?
  4. hey, sure you draft safeties at 1 and 2. I mean, it is a position that you usually find decent vets at a reasonable price, but you should draft two in the same draft so that you can spend on the more expensive corner in FA which generally doesn't fare as well. It's just smart. You're all underestimating Bowles inventiveness on defense. After they signed Mo to a gigantic contract, they used Richardson in some sort of linebacker role so I'm sure he can figure out how to put these safeties into the game as DTs.
  5. Sure they do...many teams will trade the Jets a UDFA for him.
  6. The Jets have to be the worst team. They can win..maybe...1 game... You know they'll win 4-6.
  7. to be fair, you can't really judge geno for another 14 seasons..
  8. ban evading is a nono
  9. You know there is zero chance of this, right? Both the Browns and Bills have 2 1sts next year and will be bad too.
  10. I made a joke that mac would panic and pick Adams again...I honestly didn't think that would be so close to the mark
  11. Did they really just take another a safety?
  12. Bills likely to take Zay Jones
  13. This pick will be a success if mac doesn't panic and pick Jamal Adams again
  14. and he'll get a 4th round pick. Turning 1sts into 4ths! Mac has the midas touch.