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  1. I'd take issue with Carson Palmer being a franchise QB. He's an average QB which is very valuable, but does not fall under what I'd consider a franchise QB. I'd also say that Manning was not a franchise QB at the time. Again, a good QB, but anyone who thought he was more than 1-3 year stopgap was fooling themselves. He wasn't even the starter the whole time there.
  2. Adams call vs. Gronk

    The people saying 1 or 2 games were the dunderheaded dreamers. Jets have been 6-10 from the start. They remain a 6-10 team.
  3. Where does McCown rank?
  4. If they don't learn to avoid hits then it won't matter. They'll be like RBs who get torn up after a couple years.
  5. Brett Hundley

    It would have to be a lethal amount so kinda self defeating
  6. New York Jets Report Card: Week 6

    I've said 6-10 all along so hardly a consensus. 0-16 was a pipe dream of some delusional posters who don't realize just how hard it is to go 0-16.
  7. Thoughts

    It's like ryan fitzpatrick all over again
  8. If they trade cousins than they need a QB...with which they will have the 49ers pick...
  9. They could only put up 17 on one of the worst defenses in the league. Maybe not the time to be trumpeting that they're better than 6-10
  10. I just don't understand some of you guys

    They were never, ever going to win just 1 or 2 games. People underestimate the monumental difficulty of losing that many games. I said 6-10 from the start and that's where I'm getting they end up. So you may as well enjoy a few wins because the pipe dream of #1 or 2 overall was never happening.
  11. So about those Safeties

    says the people that say you have to wait 3 years to know...
  12. How much does Blake Bortles suck?

    He's so bad he could be a QB in the Jets QB Carousel of suck.
  13. You mean the worst defense with Tom Brady and the Bills with the #1 defense in the league?
  14. They're not tied for 1st. They're tied for 2nd (or 2nd last if you will). Buffalo is 1st.
  15. This is how bad it's gotten. Jets fans thinking McCown is the QB of the future.