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  1. Did they hire someone who knows what a TE is yet? the reports didn't say anything about the Jets even talking to him about his contract and given Harris surprise about it...he was never aware of the jets reaching out to him
  2. No, in every sport it's a solution in search of an actual problem.
  3. They'll just end up signing Revis again..
  4. You make a good point.
  5. There is no such thing as tanking in the NFL. The league isn't built for it. Rosters are too big and the likelihood of drafting a QB is..low. 2012 had Andrew Luck which is the last sure thing starter to be drafted. That's 16 1st round QBs and 1 sure thing. Even if you go with QBs currently starting then you have Tannehill, Winston, Mariota, Wentz, and Luck. That's 5 out of 16 1st round QBs. That's a 30% chance you get someone who starts consistently. "Tanking" means winning 2 games max for a 30% chance to hopefully get someone who isn't terrible and then wait 3 years to find out. Fans want a plan. Tanking is not a plan, it's playing the lottery.
  6. Demario Davis is a starting linebacker for Jets. Paid like a backup and still overpaid for his production.
  7. but aren't you aware that the Jets have like 30 Mac drafted players on the roster?! He's obv amazing.
  9. If we don't get along will you turn this RV around?
  10. There's this guy that works at the deli near me. Accidentally knocked over a chair behind him, but CAUGHT it before it hit the ground. I think he could have a breakout year for the Jets at WR because he did almost as much as Peake did last season. Remember guys, ANYTHING can happen! Don't overlook him.
  11. Somewhat different situation. The Sanchez contract was indefensible because he was under contract and the only reason for the extension was to soothe his ego (if he had one) Extending Sheldon would be just as bad, but in a different way. He's the ultimate pay me player. He'll have a very good season so he can get paid and his contract will be an albatross around whatever team signs him. The Jets killed any market for him last season by playing him out of position which made his play not worth his off the field issues as well as gave him a league wide rep as a locker room problem. So now he's a plays when he wants to locker room problem with off the field issues and a suspension history so while he'll end up getting a decent FA one is going to trade for him.
  12. it's not a complicated answer. He was drafted in the 2nd round and is not very good. He may never see the field. It shouldn't be a question of *if* a 2nd round player will ever play a snap.
  13. I don't. They'll end up winning enough to draft like 6-8. The "amazing" coaching job that Bowles does with such a talent devoid roster earns him another year and an extension. Both the Bills and Browns will draft before the Jets as well.
  14. Best 2-14 team ever!!!!!! TAKE THAT NFL!