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  1. You act like this is crazy, but look at Fitzpatrick. He was a similar journeyman and then he went and had a career year! It's such a good idea that no one can deny the utter genius of it. They could almost make the playoffs again!
  2. Grade Hackenberg after Preseason Week 1

    Name calling is always the sign of someone who has a well reasoned argument to backup his points. if you think getting the football into the end zone is a secondary consideration of a QB then I'm not sure you understand that points are required to win games. How do you propose they win games if the ball isn't going into the end zone?
  3. lol, the other hackenberg threads had people praising him for going through his progressions.
  4. Grade Hackenberg after Preseason Week 1

    Jets fans have been reduced to this. An A for zero points. I guess you go with what you know.
  5. You thought it was going to change because...that he didn't play poorly in a pre-season game?
  6. You bring out some nice strawmen here. There's very few predicting them as one of the worst teams of all time, the last 25 years or even the last 5 years. Personally, I expect them to get 6-8 wins and have done so consistently. What does facing Belichick and brady have to do with it? How often has it actually been New England standing in their way of making the playoffs? There's 14 other games to play each season. Well, there hasn't been any success yet. There's been on draft pick of the macc era that is a surefire stud and you could have picked that player off any draft board from idiot media types doing mock drafts. Any Jet fan is 100% on board with what they're trying to do. Many of us don't believe they are capable of executing. Ideas are easy, execution is hard. There's not much to point to that they can get it done. Do you regularly want players cut because they are great jets often enough that you needed to state that was not why you wanted Harris cut?
  7. West Coast Offense Principles/Info

    They scored a touchdown. Why are people complaining? If they can score 1 TD a game then they are going to win a lot of games! I mean, not actually win, but ya know spiritually because they won't be shutout of scoring a TD for multiple games.
  8. Right on. They won a pre-season game 7-3 over the titans. Freaking fantastic. Gonna be a lot of people let down by reality when they step out of wonderland.
  9. 7 points and didn't buttfumble guys. SB is basically won already.
  10. What if it's the only game he ever plays?
  11. Matthews has better stats than Watkins. Watkins was already missing camp time with injuries this offseason. Watkins was a hilariously bad pick for them. Worse than even the Jets blunders since they gave up two 1sts for him. Even when healthy, he has only flashed talent and hasn't shown the ability to take over the game even when healthy. Add on top of that, he's been a dunderhead with statements insulting "the little people" and tweeting about he and OBJ are going to set the record for salary with new contracts... Darby was great his first year, not so much his second. He may not have been rebounding in their camp and if they're going to play the same defense Carolina does then he'd be playing his weakest ability. He was drafted for Rex's scheme which is very different from McDermott's scheme. The Bills got better imo. A more consistent, non-injured receiver who has better stats than Watkins despite his "butter hands" reputation and a corner with similar stats to the one they traded who fits their defensive scheme better. They got extra picks for the privilege of doing it. It almost seems like they have some sort of plan. If any fans should be pissed, it's Jets fans because it's obvious Buffalo is preparing to go for a QB next year and have the draft assets to get it done.
  12. Off Day Thoughts

    Exactly. You can't judge Geno until has has a HOF player at every position on the offense.
  13. Off Day Thoughts

    The benefit is that people will hate McSuck so much that they'll treat hack like a savior even if he's as bad as Geno and he gets to come into a game in which the other team didn't prepare for him specifically.
  14. Off Day Thoughts

    So a CB who's been the 9th worst CB since he entered the league has a decent half year before getting injured is now a beast. This is the hackenberg disease spreading. Ignore all previous results and only look at some strange small sample. "oh, his footwork was acceptable on a play in training camp in shorts! Def a lock for HOF!"
  15. So everybody likes Sheldon again? The board needs like an indicator arrow so I can know what to think about him this week