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  1. This stinks of Bowles crying to Mac "if I only had safety help" ... Rex 2.0?
  2. It's funny, right under your reply there's an ad. Sent from my HTC6535LVW using mobile app
  3. Yeah I'm not saying I hate it. Maybe I'm getting old and just resist change. Max it's all good! Thanks Sent from my HTC6535LVW using mobile app
  4. Bro, its the same format, layout and functions as tapatalk, i.e. it IS tapatalk. I noticed after the stickies and announcements were on the main (subscribed) space. I also noticed that there are adds. Im not judging your motives (if it's cost effective for the forum I'm cool with it) but in my opinion, it was awesome the way it was. P.S. The reason I downloaded the app to start with was it was (way) better than tapatalk but now its literally the same app. Edit, Max, I just checked and I don't see adds , maybe it was tapatalk that had adds when I was comparing.
  5. It seems that the messed with a great app. It's basically the tapatalk app now. [emoji21] Sent from my HTC6535LVW using mobile app
  6. Yep, Some time the best deal is the one you dont make.
  7. Pretty much what this thread ended up saying
  8. I haven't checked the value board but the sounds kinda light for the #6 pick
  9. This makes the most sense, lets wait and see what happens in camp before we cut bait on Petty.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. I know Mac believes in draft a qb every year until you find your guy so theres a good chance. Unless Hack and Petty are total flame outs we'll carry three qbs going forward after a year with McCown.
  11. Even a broken clock is right twice a day
  12. I still have that record stored away somewhere but the rolling paper is long gone. Younger guys proceed to scratching your head on what that means.
  13. This is the biggest conviction of Bowles, he lost the team! Zero discipline! Zero effort! Zero respect! Time to move on.
  14. This is not on McCagnan, I blame the coaching staff. We need a Parcells, Belicheck, Cower type in New York that doesn't stand for this sh*t! I thought Bowles was a task master but its clear he lets his players walk all over him same as Rex. I hate to do another coaching reset but we have to move on from this crap! Yes we need more talent but the discipline and effort this season is shameful!
  15. Remember the Mud Bowl! Yes' I'm still bitter...