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  1. (Off Topic) Any Led Zeppelin Fans?

    Funny, I was just telling my wife that the lead singer sounds like early Plant. That opening vocal in Highway Tune really sounds like him.
  2. The exclusive "NEGATIVE" thread

    So you're saying we have a chance... I read you loud and clear.
  3. camp updates...

    KRL needs special access too.
  4. a Lucky Jet

    Fortunate Zit
  5. From the Life is Unfair department...

    Damn... That's a terrible disease. My brother in law was pushing 400 lbs when he got the news.. 11 months later 195 he lost his battle. RIP Sent from my HTC6535LVW using Tapatalk
  6. Biggest fall from grace?

    No he shouldn't... the list should consist of icons in their respective sports. That said, take that POS Aaron Hernandez off. He and Rice were short term flashes in the pan.
  7. I was wondering where I heard of him.
  8. "Jets selected Clemson TE Jordan Leggett with the No. 150 overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Leggett (6’6/258) made 38 starts for Clemson, tallying a 112/1,598/18 (14.3 YPR) receiving line and earning first-team All-ACC as both a junior and senior. PFF College charted Leggett with nine drops among 109 catchable targets over his final three years. A solid college receiving tight end whose NFL transition is questionable, Leggett was a poor run blocker on tape and has zero special teams experience. He was allegedly nicknamed "Lazy Leggett" at Clemson for poor work habits. At his Pro Day, Leggett ran 4.71 with passable vertical (33") and broad (9’11") jump numbers. Neither a run-game asset nor a dominant receiver, Leggett would do well to carve out a Jermaine Gresham-like career. Apr 29 - 2:23 PM"
  9. Receiving skills "Jordan Leggett is one of those players that just makes things look easy. If he owns one stand-out trait, it’s his hands. Not only are they huge, but they work to cushion the ball and absorb the velocity on the throw. His grip strength is also impressive, especially when working in traffic. According to Pro Football Focus, Leggett only had three drops on 49 catchable targets during the 2016 season."
  10. "STRENGTHS Outstanding size for the position. Has experience playing in-line, from slot, and as a wingback. Former high school receiver with natural, confident hands to snatch throws out in front of him. Just two drops over final two college seasons. "
  11. Devin Smith Out

    Do we just cut/injury settlement Smith to add some cap space? I'm thinking he's done or at least will never regain his speed and agility. Sad story but dems is da breaks. Sent from my HTC6535LVW using Tapatalk
  12. If he starts McCown more then 5 (spot starts) all season, he'll bare the rath of the fans and Woody will have to react.
  13. TE Jordan Leggett

    I read somewhere that of 70 targets he had 0 drops.