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  1. I'm still in shock

    The QB performance was indefensible last nite. The Jets never had a chance. He has a loooooooong way to go at this level.
  2. One NFL Game is equivalent to ten Baseball games and two Basketball games
  3. Looking for more deep routes and points from Hack.
  4. Bro, these are very well produced productions. You're eye for detail is uncanny. Peake has improved his route running for sure. His TD catch was a beauty. I would like to see more of Harper. He looked good in his NYJ debut. i give Hack a C+ after reviewing your well appreciated efforts on the site.
  5. He deserves a look with at least the two's. Thanks and great work once again
  6. Broken Foot for Lucky

    Get well soon bro
  7. This effort is tremendous. Makes the site more pleasurable. No doubt that Hack has the arm strength. His mechanics have improved from last year. If the run game gets going he may be able to put points on the board. I think the Jets will be looking for RB in the next draft. Would be great if one is there
  8. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    That's funny. You start sh1t then find out how much more you have digested. Stop derailing the threads.
  9. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    Robby is tough. Don't let his slight build fool you.
  10. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    There are new Jets fans all the time. Some may have never heard or saw Hill play. You know everything though....smh