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  1. No announcers
  2. RA gave a certain SEA CB fits last year. He was being held quite often. If Futz could have reached him....
  3. RA legs move so much quicker than the defenders
  4. Speed cannot be taught. RA is a pure burner. He and Peake have the real speed to create severe mismatches. The Q also has speed. He brings power and YAC explosion to the O. This is an improvement from last season.
  5. I am no fan of Rodgers. He may bring me closer if he makes better calls this season
  6. This is not factual data. Just conjecture. Rodgers admitted that he should have played Burris.
  7. So are many of the D coaches gone too. No need to argue that fact either. The coaching is the leadership. This looked like a cluster fcuk last year. No one on that team was clean
  8. There were backup players that Rodgers neglected to use. You continue to ignore that fact
  9. So everyone else was the issue but Rodgers? Not realistic
  10. He retired during the season. Why did we not get rid of Rodgers?