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  1. Pffft, worse is getting cut whilst on family vacation. And on a log flume to boot!!! Hate the offseason, etc and so forth.
  2. That makes two of you then. Me? It's precisely for that reason that I think he is a greedy fool attempting to return to the well, and I expect it will fail in equally spectacular fashion.
  3. I don't get all the hoopla about including Toradol. It's an NSAID with the biggest advantage being it bypasses first pass since it's an intramuscular injection, thereby making it that much more effective.
  4. Klecko, although he doesn't run away with it. While both he and Revis forced coaches to gameplan around them, I feel Klecko was that much more difficult to account for given his versatility.
  5. As my avatar indicates, I'm a huge Mangold fan (and a fan of Cs in general). That said, Winston Hill and Marvin Powell were ridiculously dominant at a more "prestigious" position. I'd place Nick at 2B with Powell being 2A.
  6. 1. Faulty reasoning is faulty. How you win (or lose), matters. While the desire to compete is not particularly quantifiable (your style over substance), your ability to compete, is. So when a team gets blown out routinely in a loss, it's a telling barometer on their competitiveness. Really not sure how that's even debatable. Again, if you saw some good things on the field, especially at the positions named, you'd have a reason for optimism. But we can agree that wasn't the case. 2. If you go back and read what I wrote, you'll see I mentioned those positions in the framework that this season was a "nuclear disaster." Nowhere did I say they would/could be worse. Now if you want to lend that to the belief they won't be worse, have at it. But I'd aspire to see improvement. With the current roster, that doesn't seem likely. Perhaps you're content with the status quo? Or are you one of those if/then/black/white fellas? Or are you being deliberately obtuse and trolling me? Really don't know all the personalities around here yet.
  7. As with all things, relativity and perspective make for a more accurate assessment. Had the Jets proved to be a competitive team throughout the 5-11 campaign (not the case as 6 of their losses were >20 points), with pieces in place for what are arguably the most important positions on the field (QB, CB, LT, OLB, nowhere to be found), then you MAY have a point. However, since the opposite of all that I pointed out was the case for the 2016 Jets, then it was an unmitigated disaster, or in your words, a "nuclear disaster." Hopefully we are all wrong and they take steps towards being a better team next year. Hopefully.
  8. You say whiskey sours like it's a bad thing.
  9. Not since last May by the looks of it. But I'm pretty sure we gained a Roger Vick (or facsimile thereof). So, there's that.
  10. Your perception was that I was one of the cool kids. Remember, we act accordingly to how we're treated; that street runs both ways bud. A BMW doesn't serve my purposes. As to what I do in the real world, well, I save lives, regardless of what people drive. And that's pretty cool. Thanks pal!!! You're terrific, wish you'd post more often over there, lol! Munch, Bing, Ragu and Harrier are running the show. The decision was made to make it register only because the Guest traffic was killing us in the pocketbook. You can sign on with an account and join though.
  11. Completely respect this view, except for one thing; this (at least from my end) was never about JI vs anything, so I'm not sure where you got that from. Additionally, mine was an opinion of what led to the downfall of JI as it relates to its transition into a Scout entity in general, and your contradictory assertion that it was/wasn't content related in particular. That's it. Have a great rest of your day, I'll be sure to do the same.
  12. LOL, your interpretation is more than open to debate, trust me, especially as it relates to the content and style you employed on JI, but by all means keep running with that revisionist view. As for your assertion that there are no "Hamper" posters on JN, I would ask that you take a look at some of the posting history of the more prolific on here, owner included. Just as you don't want to be pigeonholed as an arrogant, self-absorbed, insensitive, elitist tool for your past posts (persona?), others don't want to be characterized as insular, smarmy posters simply because they lashed out at particular posters more often than others. It's a give and take thing.
  13. Absolutely, 100%. It's the reason I make multiple visits to this site on a daily basis. It's a different experience of a shared topic, which, like all things, provides one perspective.
  14. Your last point pretty much kills your hypothesis about content; the reason Sooth (and it was Sooth, not some conspiratorial doppelganger) was "coddling you" was because you provided content, much in the same way TMZ does. Your shtick was to antagonize the masses, often with contrarian commentary. This was often directed at those of us you rail against from the Hampur, thereby creating a reactionary back and forth that in turn drove up clicks on the site (and subsequent threads). Where Sooth missed the boat was hitching his wagon to whom he perceived to be 'serious' content makers, instead of acknowledging that his site had long ago stopped being one driven solely by that content. It's kind of like the kid who tries to act like things are on the up and up when his parents walk in the room; you're really fooling no one, so just own up to what you were doing (or who you are, for that matter). It's commonly referred to as "reading the room." I agree that as a whole, regardless of the type of poster you (collective) were, the realization of us all being sold out became quickly apparent. You've certainly changed your tone since you've been here at JN, largely for the better. But do us all a favor and try to be consistent and truthful when revisiting the past, yours isn't the opinion many would share. There's plenty of quality posting being done at the Hampur, just not the type for which you care. And that's perfectly fine. For everyone.
  15. Cool, I'm a mod!!!