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  1. Preseason Power Rankings

    How is ESPN wrong here? This Jet team is awful right now - I hope they're right.
  2. The Ghost of Revis Past?

    2009. 2010, 2011 he was a great player on the Jets - 2012 he was injured just about the entire year (2007 and 2008 quality first round draft pick on his way - but not great yet) 2013 TB mostly sucked more or less rehabbed his knee, 2014 was a very good player and won a Super Bowl with the Pats then came back to the Jets and was very average in 2015 and quit on the team in 2016. For all the contract BS he pulled, for going to and winning with the Pats and most importantly quitting on the team last year - I just don't understand how anyone would want to immortalize this guy. Great player - Yes. Great Jet - absolutely NOT!
  3. The Ghost of Revis Past?

    Being great on a team for 3 years is not enough reason to retire his number.
  4. There is simply zero reason to start McCown. This team has made it clear they're going with a youth movement - starting McCown is contrary to EVERYTHING they've done all off season. Petty got a shot last year and was mostly terrible. It's going to be Hack... McCown is there if Hack and Petty both completely deteriorate to the point where the team legitimately can't put him on the field and pretend to be an NFL football team, just being bad won't be enough to pull Hack it would be have to be beyond awful. If McCown starts the season this organization is waaaay worse than I thought and that's saying a lot.
  5. You pay whatever it takes. Much of what you stated is true but point #3 is simply wrong. You have 15 years to build a team around him. The first 3 years are his time to learn anyway -let him take his lumps but stick with him.. The fact many first round and second round picks bust - there's just a good a chance that whoever you do end up taking (with the ransom picks) will bust too. Until you find the QB everything is meaningless, floating in football purgatory. Get the QB and start building.
  6. If Josh McCown is named the starter this organization it truly clueless.
  7. The vast majority of this entire article's premise is false or irrelevant if you assume the authors first point is accurate. If you say he truly subscribes to BPA (and referenced rd. 1-4 as evidence) then any other decision as to what he likes to draft or not draft is irrelevant.
  8. lots of dead cap money

    I agree that Mac was okay letting Fitz walk, but there was internal sentiment for him...Mangold, Marshall, Decker etc...They basically forced Mac's hand (they really thought they were going to have a REALLY good offense) That's not to say Bowles wasn't pushing for him, but I think it was more than just him. It essentially split the locker room.....and then when proved to actually Suck - the locker turned into a F-in disaster.
  9. Kapernick - why the hell not?

    No. You don't need to continue to bring in 8 win QB's. You keep drafting QB's until you find a legitimate franchise QB. Continuing to roll out mediocre,, recently cut trash is the worst thing a team could do.
  10. Kapernick - why the hell not?

    He's a back-up level QB which simply is never worth the distraction.
  11. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    This organization honestly doesn't get it. It's sad. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. Grade the 2nd Round Pick:

    F Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  13. In this case Adams was a luxury pick the Jets simply couldn't afford to take. It seems at worst Mac could have gotten a 3rd this year a 1 next year. When you've entirely dismantled the team you give up the right to take a safety in the first round, especially if you can trade down. People don't want to hear this, but when you've messed up the team so badly as the Jets have - there are multiple positions that should be entirely off your board in the first round...and trading down should be your priority. It's now clear to me Mac is not the guy to rebuild this roster.
  14. Call the pick

  15. Agree. It's right out of the Woody Johnson playbook. PR is the priority over football. It's the sign of a long term losing organization - but it is exactly how this team has been managed under Woody Johnson. Jets will take a first round QB...