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  1. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    Not necessarily true in tonight's game. The ones played the entire 1st half. It look like men vs boys
  2. Watching them getting their butts whipped by Tampa, all I can say is UGLY.
  3. 8/15 practice tweets

    With Lucky be unlucky, expect Mac to scour the league for some WR's
  4. SAR Training Camp Report - Monday 8/14

    It took what 11 days of training camp and finally a fight! The hockey fan in me applauds!!
  5. Just like Rex winning the Snoopy bowl
  6. It's a preseason game everyone pop a pill. Now is not the time to start dissecting every single possible play that went wrong. Thank God Hackenburg Didn't wet the bed tonight, that's all we could've asked for.
  7. Competition is good, it's the cornerstone of capitalism.
  8. Unfortunately true, it's gotta be freakin hard to crack a lineup, even the Jets
  9. Hack is back for another series
  10. It's good to have football back.
  11. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Looks nice! It's got that new car scent to boot!
  12. Once I saw that this was a Manish article, I didn't care reading it. Move on