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  1. This is what a rebuild looks like. Have no expectations and hopefully be plesently surprised when players outperform. Patience.
  2. Only 7 posts thus far? Come on buys, you can do better than that!
  3. Long-time suffering fat year as well. but I respectfully disagree with your opinion that keeping Harris & Decker would have been a beneficial move. Just what would Harris and Decker have done to better the younger players? Have they ever been on Super Bowl winning teams? There are a lot of Super Bowl rings on the fingers of the coaching staff. I've been all for this purge from day one and to me, it finally tells me that Woody had decided to stay out of the picture. Let's hope that Mac can make some right moves. All we got to hope and pray for course is that they are the Right Moves. keeping Harris & Decker would not have won us that many more games. Perhaps one or two more ? This is a rebuilding year let's all soak it in.
  4. If he can stay healthy, he'll become a solid starter this year.
  5. Enjoy the rebuild everyone.
  6. Good move, hopefully we get a draft pick. It's not like he was going to be the sole reason we win games this year.
  7. Good job by Mac. There goes another waste of a first round pick, again. But at the very least, they bought themselves some insurance on Harris on the cheap.
  8. I like the move, Davis will be used to sub Harris. He may be slow in coverage but The guy has a good motor, you gotta give him that much
  9. Sheldon seems to be turning into one the leaders, like it or not.
  10. It won't come down to his foot mechanics. It'll come down to the space between his ears. If he's another interception machine, he will be added to the long list of QBs that simply couldn't "hack" it, pardon the pun.
  11. Let's hope they have enough young leadership to pull this team through what probably be a very long season.
  12. Other than center, ILB position is still thin...any opinions on this guy?