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  1. This. When you're a jet, you're a jet all the way.
  2. The Buttfumble is dead

    Only in new York
  3. Film Review: Week 1 Jets @ Bills

    Thank you for the film work. Please send a copy to Bowles, not sure what he's watching but boy oh boy, these errors seem coach able.
  4. Oakland (-14)

    High chance it'll be over by Q1, time to pay that visit and "see the baby"
  5. Dalvin Cook lighting it up for Minn

    To me, Mac's decision to not take Cook is more of a fireable offense that the Hack pick. Picking Cook would have potentially solidified the RB position for the next 5 yrs...minimum. He could have traded both Forte and Powell for additional picks and NO one would have said boo. Instead, he fell in love with his pick of May. I think he had May as his 2nd pick before the draft started. but once Adams fell on his lap, Cook should have been his pick. So much for best available player...
  6. David Johnson likely out 12 Weeks- Powell or Forte?

    Please trade Forte, even for a bag of footballs.
  7. How can anyone still defend Macagnan?

    Everyone will be cheering for Mac when he picks Donald and or Rosen next year. Relax everyone and enjoy the season for what it is, a rebuild. Oh, Petty and Hack will get their opportunities to showcase themselves after McCown gets killed behind this porous Oline.
  8. New York Jets Report Card: Week 1

    Hey, they didn't phone it in by halftime. They played hard and were competitive till early 4th quarter Let's not forget that this team is limited in both talent and experience. You can't turn water into wine. Winning up in Buffalo today would have been a major defeat, long term wise. On to next week and the slaughter that is Oakland.
  9. Jets vs Bills Week 1 Preview

    What's the over /under for the game being unbearable to watch after the first quarter?
  10. Predict who gets the #1 pick

    Jets Jets Jets
  11. Interesting Colon Insights

    By the time I got to the spot where he calls Hack a mobile QB, I stopped reading more of this drivel.
  12. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    I'll I can say is...WTF?
  13. Kerley SIGNS with Jets

    Bringing in another Jag/has been tells us that this management must not think too highly of their new crop of wr.
  14. Don't care about Richardson anymore, he's gone. I just want to see lots of blitzes vs buffalo.
  15. That punter better ice that leg
  16. But does this offensive coordinator ever call a slant pass?...just wondering never saw one all pre season
  17. Seriously, why they playing this guy? How are they so sure that he doesn't have a cracked rib?
  18. The Jets will start 1 and 0

    Hahaha! You win the funniest post of the day.
  19. Report: Jets Shopping Forte

    Good for MAC to shop him around. He won't make a win-loss difference to this team this year. Plus, it give that Elijah McGuire an opening. Finish the purge I say
  20. Bates Press Conference

    As frustrating as this may be, let's face the facts that these kids aren't in their long term plan.... they must look at the tapes and roll their eyes. embrace the tank!
  21. Bates Press Conference

    Yeah, he was definitely skating somewhat.