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  1. Sean Payton may become available next year, especially if Drew Brees retires. He can't seem to get the Saints defense to respectability and that may be his undoing. In any case I would love a Parcells guy as the new HC.
  2. Darron Lee

    On the long TD run by Richard, #52 jumped clean out of the lane Richard used to blast through. I was really impressed with how fast he got out the way. BTW Lee sucks and Jets should put Jordan in his spot. He is too small and is not at all physically threatening.
  3. Darron Lee

    You know the next move will be Woody Johnson firing both Bowles and Maccagnan and calling Charley Casserly for his advice on who are the next first time HC and GM he should hire seperately.
  4. Darron Lee

    And when you couple him with Hackenberg that is not exactly a recipe for success. I think Mac's drafts are not as good as they have thought. Justin Burris is bad, Leo Williams is not as good as advertised and - as a whole - the Jets defense has adopted Todd Bowles, milquetoast, emotionless personality.
  5. Points from Yesterday

    Lee was a missed pick IMO. He avoids contact like the plague, fails to fill lanes, gets caught up by blockers who disrupt him in coverage. Basically in Todd Bowles dysfunctional defense, no one is going to look good, but I never thought they would look this bad. Leonard Williams hasn't played to his capabilities, and if he has he sucks. I can't say enough about how great it is to see Josh McCown jump start his career (sarcasm) while Bryce Petty - who has as many wins as McCown in his last 25 starts.
  6. Like every other GM in history he will have a bad pick now and then. I think the problem is that Bowles and Mac are not on the same page as to the type of player they want to draft. How do you select Darren Lee in the first round and then misuse him so badly. I think Bowles defensive scheme basically sucks. He is playing a 3-4 defense with LB's that don't fill their lanes. Like Rex I don't think he knows how to build a 4-3 defense. Mac did take Hackenberg, so I can see the point of doubters of his ability to recognize QB talent. I think Petty was a pretty good pick, but I think Bowles already has his mind made up on him, so I think we will soon see a lot of real bad QB play when Hack gets his shot.
  7. I can't rehash this terrible Jets history. I can only PRAY TO GOD that Maccagnan recognizes QB talent and drafts....FINALLY a franchise QB.
  8. Here's where we disagree

    He has proven to be vastly overrated. He hasn't shown me a damn thing, nor has Mo, Darren Lee, Buster Skrine, Marcus Williams, Burris etc, etc, etc.
  9. Here's where we disagree

    Change and instability are killers as far as developing a young team, but Bowles loves his veterans more than his "developing players". No Bryce Petty or Heaven forbid, Christian Hackenberg, very little ArDarius Stewart and Chad Hansen. Bowles is simply the latest in a long line of DC head coaching wanna-be's and he has got to go. This defense has totally taken on his milquetoast, emotionless personality. Guys like #52 jumped clean OUT of a running lane and Washington went on a long TD run. I think he is Bruce Carter and his most impressive ability was the speed in which he got the F out of the way.
  10. If Hack plays vs Oakland

    By 'real' you mean delusional right? Hackenberg will be as lost as a babe in the woods. In fact, if Bowles plays him against the Raiders it will be as bad as starting Everett McIver against Bruce Smith. Ask Boomer Esiason how that worked out.
  11. I just don't get it

    Watson is already starting in Houston and I think Trubisky will before the season is over. Mahomes is not n a good spot, much like Aaron Rodgers I think he will sit for a few more seasons while Alex Smith plays. Kiser is also starting for the Browns, so those team have a better idea if they have a franchise QB than the Jets.
  12. Jet Coaches and their QB's

    Jets history went sideways when they fired that man. A team takes on the personality of their coach and Michaels was no nonsense, tough as nails, make no excuses, while Walton was a "not my fault", pass the buck, blame the injured stars - Fields and Klecko - while pampering Gastineau. Kotite was a complete joke and Coslet was hampered by a GM who was dying of cancer.
  13. Bowles 3-4 defense is a total joke. They have an outside guy - Darren Lee - playing inside and an inside guy - Jenkins - playing outside. Plus they have a deep front line and yet only utilize three at a time. Stupid is as stupid does and Bowles is as stupid as any yet to be fired coach that I have seen.
  14. Martin looked like the best player the Jets had on defense. Williams is overrated, I saw him stick out an arm on one play to stop Shady McCoy. Not a shoulder or diving at his legs, he stuck an arm out there and then stopped playing. Adams is the real deal, but our GM traded the best DL we have, Sheldon Richardson. Mo Wilkerson is a joke and like I said Williams hasn't shown Pro Bowl anything yet. I still say they would ALL be better in a 4-3 defense, as would Darren Lee, but I don't coach the Jets....Todd Bowles does.
  15. The Jets have needed a QB for the longest time, but yet it seems that every other team in the league when they need one they get one. Philly traded up and got Wentz, as did the Rams for Bradford. May not have worked out like they planned but he is a solid QB. The Jets just spin their wheels year after year taking bums like Geno Smith and Christian Hackenberg and to a lesser degree Bryce Petty. The Browns, Texans, Chiefs and Bears ALL got QB's while the Jets got a pair of safeties. Even Buffalo got Nathan Peterman - who they deemed ready to start for Tyrod Taylor - and the Lions got Brad Kaaya. Maybe the latter two aren't much better than what the Jets have, but those teams made the moves to find out. Just about every single one of these guys is better than what I have seen from Hackenberg who looks as much of a wasted second round pick as Stephen Hill or Vlad Ducasse. Can Mac actually TELL if a QB is good or not? That is the real question folks, because now we are in full 'Suck for Sam' mode, but is Darnold the guy? Will Mac actually be able to identify 'the guy'? I guess we'll see because if he can't he needs to be shown the door along with gutless wonder Todd Bowles.