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  1. Richardson, Wilkerson jerseys are just out of frame.
  2. They're looking good, plus a boat load of draft picks coming.
  3. And people thought the Bills were tanking........
  4. Game Observations (JAX)

    He's on IR for the Jags.
  5. Actually it's the opposite, the announcer during yesterday's game said Bowels has let go some of his defense responsibilities so he can be more involved in the whole team.
  6. This guy has 18 million excuses on why he sucks.
  7. Jermaine Kearse didn't do too bad for himself.
  8. I was wrong on Adams

    But there's the threat we could always trade him for a long snapper.
  9. Trends To Watch

    ArDarius Steward reminds me of taller Laveranues Coles.
  10. This is how far we are from the #1 Pick...

    I don't think we have to worry too much about the Bears, they beat a good Steeler team today, plus they drafted they future QB this year.
  11. Right there is enough to sh*tcan Dumb and McDumber, if they couldn't see his talent and what he meant to the Dline, then they don't need to be running the Jets.
  12. Where are the Goff bashers now?

    With the holes Gurley had to run through I'm sure was a big help for Goff success. Meanwhile when we try to run, it looks like they're running into a crowded subway car.
  13. I am an eternal optimist, I also believe I'll hit the lottery some day too......