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  1. Time to be creative was last night. Trade down and get as many picks as possible. But instead, like the last fukkin' nine years (last three on his watch), we go defensive and draft a luxury position, safety. Remember when we "locked up 10 year starters" in Wilk, Sheldon, Pryor, and a ton of others? Look, I think the kid will be good. I just don't think he helps us. I also think Mcc should have done better.
  2. Creative/imaginative GM vs our guy. I always read posts from folks saying stuff like "Well, who would you have taken?" It's not up to us. We don't get paid millions of dollars to make these decisions/evaluations. See, a great GM is working constantly behind the scenes to create scenarios like the one you mentioned above. Over the last three years, Mcc has shown that this level of creativity eludes him.
  3. And you would think that using our first pick the last NINE YEARS on a defensive player would give us more than the dog shyte defense we put out on the field last season.
  4. Yup. If Mcc were truly interested in rebuilding the team, he should have traded down for picks. But that's what happens when you have the three stooges at owner, GM and HC.
  5. Thanks for this article. I just sent it to my wife. lol BTW, doesn't the image of the author look like Mcc?
  6. Yup. You definitely see the same themes repeated as well as all the storyline holes. Guess they get less obvious when there is a week or so between episodes.
  7. Had this discussion with my wife a few week's ago. I binge watch with her but get bored after a while, too. For me, I guess it's that I prefer the format of feature films which have a beginning, middle and end to a story in one (about) two-hour setting. I don't like things so drawn out. Reminds me of the old days when folks watched "serials" like Buck Rogers over many weeks/months.
  8. Hey, we picked a defensive player first. Total shock. Ah, but we're all set at QB, RB, TE and receiver so I guess it makes sense. Countdown to the Mcc/Bowles firings now on the horizon.
  9. Simply incredible. Perfection.
  10. That's the spinoff concept: Not just the salumi, but all aspects of antipasto. With you as the iconoclast, serving it for breakfast or as the entire meal.
  11. One segment could be called "Lip Readers".
  12. I could see this episode entitled, "The Red Wave Follies".
  13. The title of your blog just came to me: "The Prosciutto Chronicles".