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  1. Yeah, in my heart, that's how I feel, too. I just wanted one more quasi-Who experience until Pete decides to hang 'em up. Sounded like a fun night, especially at the Met.
  2. I really want to go see "Pete Townshend's Quadrophenia" at the Met in September. But just like most rock shows these days, ticket prices are crazy. Pete's 72 now so really want to catch the show which might be the last staging with him. But even cheap seats with parking and the rest is going to run like $700. Maybe I'd do it if Keith and John were alive. But I can't justify spending all that coin. Fuk this world.
  3. Click for short video clip.
  4. A few recent Emily photos. How friggin' smokin' is she? Geez.
  5. Good Lord. Take out that stupid belly button piercing and she's perfect. What I imagine Helen of Troy to look like. Goddess level.
  6. Look, if it were up to me, Jackson would be put in stocks for a month in front of the Garden. Then just let folks "vent". But that does not change that talent wise both teams are populated with scrubs. Take Leo and Kristaps off each team and you have a Summer shift at Burger King.
  7. The Jets are the Knicks of the NFL. Both teams have talent levels akin to second division soccer in Latvia.
  8. Mike Maccagnan isn't Milton the stapler guy from "Office Space".
  9. From the first time I saw her, Rihanna really did it for me. I just find her unbelievably sexy. You know everything is on the table.
  10. This video just came up in my YouTube recommendations. Definitely worth a look. Tons of hot chicks.
  11. "I mean, I don't tank nothing," Sheldon Richardson told So he is tanking?
  12. Finally, a Jet gets to the Super Bowl. EDIT: Oops. Forgot Revis has a ring.