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    When they cut geno smith.
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    When they left NY
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  1. We're number 1!!!!!!!

    Personally I've been living in football hell for 48 years soooooo..........
  2. Was it the MOwer or MO Lewis that changed the pats fate. Coincidence. I THINK NOT!
  3. In the 2018 draft.....hello Sam!
  4. Who do you want

    John Morton will be the HC and I don't think MAC is going anywhere.
  5. As long as you don't get hit by a flying lawnmower you're good.
  6. Suck for Sam in 17

    I'm ok with that.
  7. Suck for Sam in 17

    Darnold should start looking for homes in jersey
  8. Suck for Sam in 17

    Gotta get rid of Bowles. 2-14 should do it.
  9. Crap, I thought we were Super Bowl bound til they cut Decker.
  10. OPPUTUNITY=to be the head coach of the New York Jets next year. Hack will be gone,Darnold on the roster, McCown recovering from injury as the projected started with Petty as his backup. Darn old takes over game 5..............ahhhhhh crap,I woke up!
  11. Christian Hackenberg #5

    So does 6, Bubby and the sanchise.
  12. Christian Hackenberg #5

    Hack should go with 17 18 or 19. Just to look different. 7 sucks behind center also.
  13. Christian Hackenberg #5

    I hate the #14 thanks to Richard Todd, Neil ODonnel, &Ryan Fitzpatrick, the jets should bury the number and never issue it again.
  14. Kinda have a pretty bad-ass defense

    So we lose 10-7, 13-6, 3-2 but still lose about 14 games. Great.