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  1. You should post the topic now. By October it will be pinned.
  2. Bowles will be gone. Mac stays, we continue our 48 year rebuild.
  3. 2-14 .....the NFL gave us all I needed to know. 13-1o'clock games. The doormat schedule. We are gone suck like its 1996. It's laughable that some people think we are beating the Bills, Dolphins and Browns. I can't for the life of me figure out how we are winning any games, but I'm counting the last patriot game as a win since they will rest their starters and 2nd's against us. Where the other win is coming from I have no idea. There are college teams we couldn't beat at his point and the factor in we have one of if not the worst coach in the league and that leads me to predict 2-14. Oh and we don't have a QB but you all know that. You'll be buying billboard space by Halloween. And I'm not a negative fan but I've never been more negative about an upcoming season before. Not even under kotite.
  4. 0-5. You do realize the Vegas has our over/under at 3.5 for the SEASON. I'm taking the under. 2-14. Take off the rose colored glasses we are gonna suck like it's 96.
  5. No QB is worth the 6 pick. This draft is not deep at qb. I'd rather not waste another pick on a qb til next year when we know what we now have sucks.
  6. And you know this because........
  7. It's really annoying to read crossed out words.
  8. See Geno smith. Too many question marks, not a true can't miss prospect. Too many other needs. Crappy qb class. Next years class much better. Let the browns make the mistake
  9. Can I nominate myself. I thought my SUCK FOR SAM IN 17 post was epic. Not only that is should be gospel.
  10. Blair Thomas.
  11. Geno Smith, cuz that means the gmen are done.
  12. No,way we should be picking any of these shot in the dark qbs. This year. We still don't know what we have from last year.
  13. If we suck for Sam in 17 and he's not available if nothing else the HC job become more desirable with the #1 pick in the draft as we are going to need a new coach as well as qb.
  14. Bro we have a history of elite QBs. Woodall, Todd, Robinson, Ryan, OBrien, Brister, Tebow, Mirer, Nagle, Clemens.....Fitz......the list goes on and on. And while Mark had his run you can't expect Jet fans to accept a talent like Sanchez when we have such a history. Lol
  15. Tank for trubinkski.....not so much.