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  1. Our luck Eli goes down Week 1 and Geno leads Big Blue to the SB.
  2. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Please remember once you are Chairman, my vote goes to Fireman Ed as co-Chairman.
  3. Try to go easy on the burpers and farters.
  4. They are overpriced now because the team is not performing. They start winning and the tickets will not be overpriced anymore. Look at the Giant PSLs and their ST prices. Giant PSLs on the secondary market are priced higher than the original face value in most cases. Try to buy Giant/Cowboys, Giant/Eagles or Giant/Redskins on the secondary market. You will pay much higher than face. I am hopeful, as we all are, that the Jet's will turn this around. That happens, PSL and ST market values will rise.
  5. Found out this week my rep who was great at following up just resigned and went to California to work for the Angels. Has to be a tough gig right now to work for the Jet's ticket office.
  6. This. Nothing else matters.
  7. My transfer went as smooth as silk. had the paperwork signed and the tickets in my account within 3 weeks. Through pslsource.com
  8. The seller pays a minimum of $200 to the site and then the buyer pays $100 transfer fee to the Jets. That's it. Mine were $250 each to the site and they paid the seller. and then I had to pay the Jets $100 transfer fee for a total of $600 out lay.
  9. Backfiring on the New York Jets and an opportunity for those who waited. I'm thrilled with mine. 17 rows off the field, Verizon corner for 250 bucks each. Cheaper than in a cup of coffee a day.
  10. That should be a cakewalk.
  11. Wow! A set of PSLs in Club Section 208 going for $125 each today. 2.5 cents on the dollar. Any lower and they are free. Nuts!
  12. If Hackenberg sucks worse than McCown, we are in deep sh*t.
  13. Not going to happen. Be like you buying a used beemer.