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  1. It's sad for us if he truly sucks. It's also sad for Maccagnan if he blew a 2nd round pick on a QB that truly sucks.
  2. I'll drive him to the airport too.
  3. Perhaps there's an intangible we don't know about. Again, it's astonishing and mystifying as to why he didn't start on Jan. 1 against the Bills.
  4. +1 Have to roll the dice with Hackenberg. Unless there is something about him that we all don't know. Still can't understand why we didn't start him against the Bills in week 17 when we were 4-11 on January 1.
  5. I hope you're right but I wonder if there's is anything to what everyone is speculating with regard to his kooky post. Hope it's not true. I can't take 3 picks a game anymore. I'll drive him to the airport. Free of charge.
  6. Other than that, how did the weekend go?
  7. I miss them when they win. I haven't missed them in awhile.
  8. You can give Rex Ryan some credit for that. He made the statement that Revis was the greatest corner in the history of the universe. Then Revis held us hostage for months. Rex never read "The Art of the Deal".
  9. Anyone want to give me an "over-under" date on when we will have a starting QB? Seems like we take forever in this department.
  10. Not the first time he's created misfortune for others. He did that to us for 17 straight weeks last year.
  11. Nice job! Stunning how cheap Jet PSLs are right now. Most cost effective in the league and it's not even close. Great values still to be had.
  12. Man if that ever happens I'm on a 10 day drunk both times.