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  1. Here are the abbreviated write ups on both ... ADAMS STRENGTHS Plays with plus balance in coverage. Pattern reader who can digest combinations. Alert for misdirection keys from offense. Party crasher on screen plays. Can handle coverage responsibilities against tight ends. Five interceptions and two recovered fumbles over last two seasons at LSU BOTTOM LINE Interchangeable safety with a sheriff's mentality. Adams is a physical tone-setter who should thrive near the line of scrimmage or in a robber role. Should be a commanding presence in the locker room early on and his do-as-I-do play demeanor could be the catalyst for turning a struggling defense around quickly. MAYE STRENGHTS Really instinctive with above-average field vision and feel for the game. Eyes dart back and forth from quarterback to receiver. Correlates quarterback's eyes and actions to a corresponding route and gets the early jump. Plays with good pattern recognition from both man and zone. Credited with a pass breakup or interception on more than 21 percent of his targets as a starter. BOTTOM LINE Interchangeable safety with the instincts of a free safety and the physicality of a box player. Thrives as a downhill player and has the instincts and speed to operate effectively from both single-high and two-deep looks. Has the physical attributes and intelligence to step into a starter's role early on and will be a strong contributor on special teams. Sounds like they'll both fit the scheme well, where interchangeability is key. Both sound like "all rounders" rather than being distinctly "in the box" vs "centre field" guys.
  2. Interestingly though, Adams didn't get one penalty all of last year. Hard hitting is all well and good so long as you don't get flagged for it. Adams looks like he has that bit figured out already.
  3. Can we please double dip at tight end ... having two guys called Butt and Sprinkle would be hysterical, if nothing else. Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  4. It doesn't seem that long ago where loads of posters demanded we burn it down, total rebuild, long haul, we've got the patience ... I guess that lasted all of two days of the first draft. 🙄 Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  5. Making an average NFL team, maybe. Jets are well below average, so their chances should be a whole lot better. [emoji6] Guys who should be worried right now are the depth guys ... guys like Dozier who is likely to see his replacement arriving any time now. I already think the writing is on the wall for J Marshall, who could lose out numbers wise at receiver. CB will likely see some additions on day 3, and TE has to. I'm just glad there is depth at these positions this year. Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  6. This could set a new record in Jet message board history ... we're not even finished with the draft and I'm already sensing an appearance of the Animal House "it's not over ..." meme Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  7. Maybe this'll help people be glad we didn't trade down in round 1. I was seeing posts yesterday about trading down whatever the cost ... Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  8. In a draft that's deep at safety, I don't see anyone giving us a pick for Pryor. Will be happy to be proven wrong though.
  9. Giving up those extra picks to end up with the player they'd have got at three anyway ... yep, I'd be feeling rough if I were a Bears fan right now.
  10. Zierlein's mock has us taking Cook, Shaheen and Reynolds. That'd be a nice haul IMO, would certainly give the offense a boost!
  11. Without answering "The Jets" ... which team do you think made the most questionable / head scratching pick in Round 1? Usually there's one team that everyone points at and laughs, but I'm not so sure there was a real "huh?" pick in Round One.
  12. Who would you have taken at 6?
  13. But if we'd drafted him, he'd have been the 6th drafted player, so not a reach.
  14. Just wait till next year's "I really don't get this Sam Darnold pick"!
  15. My first choice was Howard, but Adams was a close second. Howard mainly because we soooo need offense. Didn't honestly expect Adams to be on the board at 6.