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  1. D Slob had the same problem years ago ... "can't nobody block me". Maybe it's a DL thing??
  2. You could probably add in deliberately sucking and accidentally tanking as options too.
  3. So much emphasis seems to be placed on the draft pick and very little on what happens afterwards, IMHO. If Lynch succeeds - is that because he had all the talent, or because the talent he had was coached up well? If Lynch fails - is that because he didn't have the talent, or because the talent he had wasn't coached up well enough? You can then ask the same questions about Hack. Sadly I feel hat even if we drafted the more talented guy we'd still get less out of him than the guy we passed over. So Lynch in Denver vs. Lynch in New York - which would fare better? And again, same question for Hack. My gut feel says Denver for both. You can have the best draft picks in the league, but if you can't coach them up ... you'll end up blaming the guy who picked them because the sucked, clearly.
  4. If you're lucky you'll get a "good / great player ... when not injured" in the FA market. Like we had last year with Clady (even though that was a trade), and this year with Claiborne. Beachum has injury concerns too, but I'm not sure how good he was even when he didn't. Hoping Claiborne holds up better than Clady did. Otherwise we'll get a good long look at our young, depth guys.
  5. Wow, ten years ... I used to go to all the Claymores games at home and some of their away games too. Brandon Moore was the biggest Jet to come out of the league. Loved getting to watch guys like Siran Stacy, Dante Hall, Yo Murphy ... sure it was second rate football at best, but it was fun while it lasted.
  6. They say it's darkest right before the dawn ...
  7. Worse than a $600 plane ticket? Mauldin should just claim mistaken identity, he thought it was Geno Smith.
  8. Quite a different definition of tanking than I've seen most places. I'd call that "rebuilding" which many teams do (look at Tennessee, Jacksonville of late, for example. Cleveland for about the past 20 years). Tanking, to me, is setting out to be the worst team in football to earn the #1 pick in the draft. Deliberately losing.
  9. Pats wouldn't count for the top pick - the suggestion above is that the non-playoff teams are in one lottery for 1-20, and the others for 21-32. So best case you win the Superbowl and get pick #21.
  10. You can't address all positions when you have so little across the board. Jets have finally accepted this is a multi-year project, not just a succession of papering over the cracks. Many teams have holes - doesn't mean they're tanking.
  11. He didn't hit it, the pass got intercepted.
  12. So now we know Darnold can't hit the ocean either.
  13. And coming back (?) from quite a nasty injury.