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  1. Darron Lee is 23

    The Idzik connection ...
  2. You forgot one thing - anytime the Jets win, they're the only team that has a cream-puff schedule. Other teams playing a very similar schedule are only winning due to their talent. Case in point - the 3-3 Texans and the 3-3 Jets. Texans have beaten the Browns, Titans and Bengals; lost to Jax, NE and KC. Jets have beaten Cleveland, Miami and Jax; lost to Buf, NE and Oakland. We have a cream puff schedule. Texans made the best draft pick ever (proving Rules 2 and 3 above in the process ).
  3. Him and Shel were benched for a small part of one game for turning up late to meetings, or skipping them entirely. And it wasn't just a one-off thing by all accounts. I think the guy skipped a meeting where the other players had arranged a surprise birthday celebration for him too. Textbook entry in "how to win friends and influence people".
  4. Can we get back to Suck 4 Sam please?

    And Houston have had a very similar schedule to us. We're 3-3 because of our "cream puff" schedule; Houston are 3-3 because of Watson.
  5. I think this was the out to Anderson that got picked off, before NE drove and tied it up. not a great throw, but the DB made a good play.
  6. Worth bearing in mind that neither Kearse nor Kerley were on the team when the prognostications of historical ineptitude were being made. Credit to Mac for picking these guys up, they've made a big difference.
  7. Can it be proven that he did not have possession again BEFORE he crossed the line? In my opinion it was not, the call was made on extrapolation not evidence. Overturning the cal must be beyond reasonable doubt.
  8. Game Observations (NE)

    A few things I noticed: twice late on McCown tried a fade to Anderson in the left corner of the end zone - the guy in the front row of the stands had a better chance at the catch. They need to practice that a LOT more McGuire impressed me with his patience and awareness - a few times he went to where the play was meant to go, but took the time to see what was happening and found the cut back that turned a negative play into decent yardage However, our ability to capitalise was poor - KRL posted about the 3 drives with 7 or 8 yards on 1st down, followed by a punt. Our short yardage game - play calling, execution - cost us big time yesterday Stewart and Hansen both saw time at WR ... small steps Overall a much better showing than I expected, but still a ways to go.
  9. Jets still in playoff hunt

    I may not see play offs - but neither do I see the supposed historically-bad team we were told that we had all off-season. And this isn't just due to the "us against the world" mentality ... we genuinely have more talent than many gave us credit for.
  10. Thoughts

    Unless you have a rookie QB that the Jets passed on ... then it was all on the QB, no mention of the opponent.
  11. ASJ was definitely garnering extra attention from the Pats D yesterday as they knew he was our main threat. One one red zone play he split out wide right and the pats D immediately shifted over to double him. I don't doubt he was he main target on the play but McCown saw the extra coverage and had to work the other side, and we got nothing on that play. Time to Sign This Beast!!!
  12. Thoughts

    I find this whole "weak schedule" topic especially interesting in the context of who we drafted / didn't draft. Now, before i proceed, I think Watson has played much better than expected, and if he keeps it up could be (another) "one who go away". But let's review: Houston - 3-3 - wins vs Cin, Cle, Ten; losses to Jax, NE, KC Jets - 3-3 - wins vs Jax, Mia, Cle; losses to Buf, Oak, NE Not all that dissimilar ... but we're 3-3 due to our cream-puff schedule, and Houston are 3-3 because they drafted Watson. Sorry, but I don't by that argument - if our schedule has been "cream puff", so has theirs. Too many people use schedule to knock down the Jets and conveniently ignore it for all the other teams we compare ourselves to.
  13. They should at least review the review system. Was there sufficient evidence? If not, nothing to see, call stands. that needs to be reinforced. I think the NY guys are trying to get too clever, look smarter than everyone else. "Look what we spotted, aren't we clever?"
  14. I'm not even bringing the rigged / non-rigged bit into it all ... my main issue is that the principle of replay is to overturn obvious errors based on irrefutable / incontrovertible evidence. Nothing on the video replays showed anything irrefutable / incontrovertible, so the play stands. I think they've forgotten the principle of the call on the field stands unless proven wrong, and they're trying to make the call themselves, rather than supporting the on field crew. TV crew said it best - paralysis by analysis.