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  1. Why?

    Kraft and Brady are BFFs with Trump 😉
  2. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    Hmmm I wonder why some have trouble giving Bowles credit....... Haven't heard much of any criticism for MacAdoo's handling of Beckham, and his antics. No word of firing the Giants HC. Wonder why.......
  3. Sheldon Traded

    This thread is hysterical. From "Mac should be fired" to "Mac is a genius" in getting Kearse and a draft pick.
  4. Sheldon Traded

    Lmao 😂
  5. Hack would be signed in a second if he were cut. Regardless of where he was drafted, Hack is a 6'4 Qb with an above average arm , athletic, smart, only 22 years old, comes from a big time program that implemented an NFL type offense and could have been the #1 pick over all if he came out his Freshman year. Not sure what many of you are looking at. It's as if a player should be CUT if there is no IMMEDIATE high success. For everyone who screamed and complained about how horrible Geno was for us, the highly respected NY GIANTS organization signed him immediately and he will most likely be their #2 QB behind Eli.
  6. Agreed. Hack doesn't look great by any stretch of the imagination however looks light years better than the past two weeks. It's not such a surprise from a 22 year old 2nd round qb. I'm willing to be patient, I've waited this long. There is no question Hack has looked world's better today than he did the last two games but no way is he better than Petty right now in my opinion. Not ready to give up on Hack just yet. He has too many skillls........size, strength, brains
  7. Ha! No worries, with so many up, then down on Hack, the can see how you could read it that way. I've waited this long for the Jets to development young players, I can wait a little longer for Hack. He has all the tools including brains.
  8. Lol, not snarky at all, actually being sarcastic to those who jump on and off the bandwagon so quickly. I like Hack a lot and realize that he is only 22 and there will be many ups and downs
  9. Let the "Hack for starter" talk resume again
  10. One play? Not fair. Didn't Shell grade out as one of the best OLINE-man second half of the season last year?
  11. I agree, can't judge this years picks, also can't judge Petty as a career JAG (too early). Got to give credit to Mac for not passing on Leo when others did, Robbie Anderson not being a draft pick makes it even more impressive MAC signed him. Mac (and Bowles) not as horrible as some fans claim. Can't keep firing people because of no immediate success
  12. Yeah, right now Hack looks like a bust, however not a 1st round pick and only 22. If he were cut tomorrow he wouldn't be out of a job for too long, someone would sign him.. Most of MAC's draft picks are decent to good, contributing, and getting better not regressing. You like Robbie Anderson? Jenkins? Leo? Petty and Burris seems to be getting better not worse. Everyone seems to think Maye is a bonified NFL starter and Adams was considered the best player in the draft. Overall, Mac is not as bad as many fans think.
  13. Legendary leader and player at Maryland. Encouraging, after disappointing years with injuries, that he may become the player we expected
  14. Excellent CB. Definitely on the same page with Hack