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  1. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Just from reading your football analysis, I had the impression you would analyze the prospects of improving team strength through the draft with a high pick and go with that. Similar to a friend of mine who says if the Bears aren't going to win the SB, he'd prefer for them to lose every game. Except, of course, against the Pack. Can't imagine wanting to go through season after season wanting your team to lose every game.
  2. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Surprised by your post. Would have pegged you to be among the tanker crowd.
  3. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Just can't think about Jet games like an accountant - measuring up wins and losses and rooting for the theoretical best, such as losing now is good in the long run. How long have the Browns been tanking? Has it turned them into a powerhouse? How many more years must they tank before they're good? I'm a fan and I root for the Jets to win. I always root for the Jets to win.
  4. The hell with the tank. Go Jets!

    I've enjoyed it too. Quite a welcome relief after expecting 0-16 after all the hype.
  5. The hell with the tank. Go Jets!

    OK. But I did not mean there was no chance into the infinite future. I meant no chance this year.
  6. The hell with the tank. Go Jets!

    Great to see there is now no chance of a repeat of the 1996 Kotite 1-15 debacle.
  7. Reputation \ Reactions

    OK, forget about going back to the old system. And I am not saying there are issues with the new system. But one aspect of the old system, giving an indication that a member had voted in a poll and what that vote was, is a useful aspect. Would adding that capability to the new system be difficult? And how about the capability to change the vote?
  8. Reputation \ Reactions

    Uh, right. I wasn't suggesting that they did. Just saying that the lack of information in the new system is a good reason to go back to the old system. This is on on top of the fact of the less confusing rep system, which is another good reason.
  9. Reputation \ Reactions

    That reason alone seems to be a good argument for going back to the way it was. I don't need to see how everybody voted. But it would be nice to see an affirmation that I voted in the poll, and a confirmation of what my vote was.
  10. Join me in supporting Bryce Petty

    I would suspect that is what he is planning to do, which is why he played in the 3rd preseason game so much. Of course, the state of his injury may have an impact.
  11. Reputation \ Reactions

    Thanks. Just curious though. I seem to remember in the past polls would always include a notification of who you voted for. Don't see that with this poll. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  12. Reputation \ Reactions

    I was thinking of the like-only system. Guess my vote is destined for the toilet?
  13. Reputation \ Reactions

    Don't think I voted already, but it doesn't look like I can vote. What's happening?
  14. How Invested Are You?

    I think for me it will be a lot like most past seasons. Will start highly invested, even optimistic. But as the losses pile up, the investment will melt into dejection.
  15. I said Petty, Hack, Hack. I think the goal is to start Hack, but he won't be quite ready opening day. Hack may come in by game 4 or so. McCown is there only as backup in case of injury. So by default, it's Petty on opening day. I realize Petty already got a shot and wasn't so good. Still, as the eternal optimist, I say Petty has managed to improve from last year.