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  1. How Invested Are You?

    I think for me it will be a lot like most past seasons. Will start highly invested, even optimistic. But as the losses pile up, the investment will melt into dejection.
  2. I said Petty, Hack, Hack. I think the goal is to start Hack, but he won't be quite ready opening day. Hack may come in by game 4 or so. McCown is there only as backup in case of injury. So by default, it's Petty on opening day. I realize Petty already got a shot and wasn't so good. Still, as the eternal optimist, I say Petty has managed to improve from last year.
  3. It's in the article in the link in the first post in the thread.
  4. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    Exactly what has me worried.
  5. So the Jets will make their draft pick based on marketing strategy? Just the kind of thinking that has given us nearly 50 years of no SB returns.
  6. The Jets will start 4 and 1: MERGED

    I'll have what he's having. With apologies to "When Harry met Sally."
  7. A better strategy might be to use the #6 pick to strengthen the team in other areas of weakness. If one of the current QB's work out, so much the better. If not, a better QB can be had the following draft, or is more likely than in the upcoming draft. Meanwhile, the team would have already been strengthened this year. This is a variant on the "best player available" strategy.
  8. Sorry for the multiple reposts....Something happened with the browser.
  9. More of a chance than that.
  10. More of a chance than that.
  11. More of a chance than that.
  12. More of a chance than that.
  13. It's not that he couldn't take a snap. He was redshirted, as the HC said from the start.
  14. Well someone has to win it, no?