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  1. 14 was also Petty's number at Baylor.
  2. I don't post here much, but when I do, it's because of posts like this. You should stay away from threads regarding QBs. Maybe the Jets can resign Fitz for $11 mil? A hometown discount in your QB world.
  3. So obvious that this a made up story. Manish is encouraged by his bosses at the DN to have him fabricate, lie, and make sh1t up as much as possible. Because there isn't any way to prove them wrong. And the majority here take the bait. Morons.
  4. If that's what you see, watch hockey.
  5. I wear it proudly. Since the mid 70s.
  6. "Todd, great win. Bryce threw 3 TDs and 300 yards. Is he the starter vs the Pats?" Todd: "Ryan's our starter. Petty is our backup. Ryan gives us the best chance to win."
  7. WR group is very good.
  8. hate to pile up on Bowles, but his infatuation with Fitz is infuriating me. Big Mac has to step in and knock some sense into him. His inability to see what is so obvious is troubling. How much worse can Petty be? His skill-set is so far superior and his decision making can't be worse than the suckiest in the NFL. Fock me. This is killing me.
  9. Lol. Wait. Of course. Aren't you the "poor Fitz is underpaid" guy? Why, yes you are. And the "Jets FO mistreated their", I'll try not to laugh while I say this, "starting QB" lol sorry. Too focking funny. Fitz is not a starting QB. Fitz sucks. You wanted him back so bad. He's not worth $1. Admit you were wrong.
  10. he truly is a bad QB. just embarrassing that he starts for my team.
  11. Somebody, put a banana peel on Fitz porch steps. I wanna see Petty play.