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  1. How is anybody surprised by this? David Harris will be a perfect fit in their "no days off" culture
  2. Blaize will be the owner of our hearts for 2 decades and beyond when he gets that handsome HOF bust
  3. Lots of positive things coming out of mini-camp. Can't wait to see what this team looks like come opening day. With how young these guys are, there's no telling where we'll be in September once these guys have gelled and the game has slowed down a little bit.
  4. Hack is killing it, as expected. He is the future of this team.
  5. Sure there are... but that could also be because we straight up do not know who these guys are yet. We've never seen the vast majority of them play before. What if Claiborne stays healthy and Adams/Maye are as good as they're supposed to be? What does this defense look like then? What if Enunwa considers his transcendence and the young guys on the offensive line bring it? My point is to assume everybody sucks without watching them play is jumping the gun a little bit. Let's get blown out a few times before we start declaring that.
  6. It's really easy to say this is the worst roster... but everybody isn't calling them the worst because they've seen them play and they stink. NOBODY actually has any clue what this team will look like. We are starting completely fresh with a totally young team. Could they be bad? Absolutely, and that's the most likely scenario... but they could also gel and play good football. In the end, it ultimately falls on whoever is our QB. They have to protect the football, for the 10000th year in a row.
  7. Dog eat dog world, man
  8. Harris was a pro's pro and a bad ass for a decade in green. It's impossible to knock a guy like Harris, he was a great Jet. Mangold, Brick, Revis and Harris were all franchise cornerstones through some great Jet seasons, it's the end of an era for our Jets. We have two franchise cornerstone replacements in Williams and Adams. Darnold in 2018?
  9. If Darnold is as good as everybody says he is, then this is the right move if we're worried about the next 15 years. I will gladly suffer a 1-15 year for 10+ wins a season through 2030.
  10. A no bullsh*t hard work guy like him would be great for these young guys. I appreciate them reaching out for Smith but there's no way in hell he was lacing it up to play for these Jets.
  11. Really crazy fight there
  12. This team is winning 10 games with or without McCown
  13. How could anybody hate this trade? Pryor has a sh*t attitude and has had borderline zero production as a Jet. Demario Davis was a steady contributor throughout his entire time here. He just struggled in coverage.