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  1. It's like we've forgotten that outside of QB, secondary was our biggest need..... how many games did we lose because we couldn't defend the deep ball? That should be over now
  2. It's going to sound crazy to the 1-15 crowd, but I think you're right. This defense can be really good next season. We've established a young, strong talent pool at every level of the defense and I think this will be a totally different unit. The offense, on the other hand, will live and die with Hackenberg or Petty. I won't hold my breath on that one.
  3. I don't like it... but I also don't know a thing about this dude. C
  4. Stop spoiling picks!!!!!!
  5. The Jets lost multiple games due to complete garbage in the secondary. These 2 picks + the addition of Claiborne help in a major way, if not completely solve the issue. I don't love it and would've preferred a pass rusher or playmaker but this isn't bad by any means.
  6. We couldn't defend the pass to save our lives last year, that should be a lot less of an issue now. I don't love it but I understand it
  7. He's a good player and well worth the pick but I don't like the fit here. We need to flip Pryor right away to make this make sense
  9. Great pick for Green Bay. I'm hoping that Jax takes Cam here
  10. We kind of got into the pick spoiling business late last night. REMINDER that Twitter is ahead of the TV broadcast. Please don't spoil picks!!!
  11. Pryor and Richardson are the two least likable players on the team. Deuces boys and #ThanksIdzik
  12. Cook would be a great pickup for us. Can Forrest Lamp play center in the NFL? I think he is the best interior OL in this draft and I know he's lined up all over the line but am not sure where he's officially projected as at the next level.
  13. Barnidge would be a really nice pickup for us
  14. They would've had to give up another 2 along with all of that to move up to #6
  15. Jets purposely passed on Derek Carr due to us having just taken Geno Smith. The entire league missed on Prescott, numerous times. Mahomes and Watson are complete projects and what they will be is unknown. Mahomes will be the best in this class IMO but we don't know. What we do know is that he isn't good enough to come in and start immediately. He's a backup until further notice in KC, with the Jets he doesn't get that. Watson is not even a top 10 consideration. Williams and McCaffrey are not serious considerations for us at 6.