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  1. Giving yourself way too much credit here my man. You're not breaking any new ground... nobody expects the Jets to be a good football team. Regardless of expectations, it doesn't make it any less painful to watch the kind of offense we saw last night.
  2. If Hack was a rookie, we'd be ecstatic with what we saw last night. Last year was a throwaway year - he was purely learning and was never going to play. This might as well be Hack's first year and he played well in his first preseason game.
  3. How Invested Are You?

    Jet fans are some of the most passionate in American sports. Everybody can talk all they want but when they kick off on 9/10 we will all be watching and invested......
  4. Question for the Board

    Ed Reed. Revis locked down opposing WR1's but Reed changes the outcome of games with the kinds of plays he made on a regular basis. Love me some prime Revis but this one is easy.
  5. I'm still of the belief that the Bills are going to be the worst team in the division when it's all said and done this season. This doesn't help them at all.
  6. Forum Upgrade Complete

    The colors are off
  7. I'm rooting for Hackenberg.

    ME TOO MR. GATO! He is the man to lead up to the promised land
  8. Mac... Place a call to Megatron !!!

    This guy didn't want to play when he had Matthew Stafford dishing out the rock to him.... but he'll want to come play for the Jets?
  9. This was an excellent draft. Adams and Maye both look like immediate impact contributors. Donahue, Legget, and McGuire all look like they will contribute early and often.
  10. Is he not the best QB you've ever saw?
  11. Bart Scott Interview on Boomer & Carton

    It is very true that the Jets always overachieve when the expectations are this low. I am hoping for an exciting season where these young kids give us a glimpse of what the future looks like.
  12. Hack and the Jets, baby!
  13. Support your team bro
  14. Hack's Footwork

    Hack's improved footwork has him throwing gems all over the field