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  1. Doesn’t matter, we will dominate them again regardless of who is playing center for them
  2. You like that? Wait until we've got 10 wins
  3. I want to say it was 35-45% Patriot fans
  4. We'll have a high 1, 2 seconds, and what people will predict will be a high 1 next year.... That's enough ammo to move up
  5. Good thing the Browns have tanked the last 5 seasons. They're definitely moving in the right direction now.
  6. Patriots Oline and Front 7

    The Jets can beat New England. I don't know if they will though
  7. I don't see it. We'd have to lose out to land in the top 5. We've still got the Bills, Dolphins, Chargers, etc. upcoming. We could be looking at a 6 win season
  8. What are you gonna do? We are simply better than being a top 5 pick
  9. Can't force losses. We've been the better team for 3 straight games. Bowles has a young team that's growing together, we just need that QB. In such a 'deep class', we don't need a top 3 pick to get a quarterback.
  10. Dude...... Hue Jackson just doesn't care about winning football games. What the hell was that?
  11. Pretty common practice on social media for teams nowadays. Everybody tries way too hard
  12. WTF Happened to Nick Folk?

    Maccagnan is ahead of the curve, again... Nice to see us with a GM who is ready to do things the right away and ignore the NY pressure.
  13. It would not surprise me if the Jets beat New England by double digits
  14. Bucs vs Pats

    The Jets will beat this team