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  1. Let's not forget that Maye was the leader of a secondary that included two other players that were drafted yesterday in Wilson and Tabor.
  2. One thought on KC and Hou and their trades to move up for the QB. I think we can all agree that it's going to take several years for these teams to realize what they have in Watson and Mahomes. But with the first round picks, they have to make a decision on the fifth year option prior to their 4th season. What's the difference between this fifth year option for a QB taken at 6 and 10/12? The difference is probably a few million more.
  3. They had Mayr in for an official visit. Baker was not. It was reported last week the the FO loved him. I never thought they would double up on safeties.
  4. Read last week that Maye had some huge fans in our organization. I didn't even consider him because of the Adams pick yesterday. The good news, he is going to break our streak of 2nd round suckage. The bad news, holes all over the roster and we take two safeties.
  5. I get drafting a QB for the future but here is a team that was really close to challenging for the Super Bowl the last two seasons and rather than add to that to improve their chances in 2017, they spent a huge chunk of draft capital for 2017 & 2018 for their 2019 or 2020 team. Maybe the Pats have sent the right message to the AFC. None f you have any chance in the next season or two.
  6. The last several years, the Jets have drafted players that have come in for official visits, at least in the first two rounds. In addition to that, we have gone defense, offense, defense in every draft since 2011 with Winters being the only exception. If these trends continue today, it will be Godwin. If they feel they need to go corner because of value, it will be King. That said, if somehow both GB and Seattle both pass on Cam Robinson, how do we pass on him?
  7. Based on their official visits, it's going to be one of: Chris Godwin Kevin King Raekwon McMillan or Davis Webb. we met with a bunch of safeties that will go in the second round (Josh Jones, Maye) because I don't think they believed Adams would fall to us. Our track recited over the past 7 drafts is we go D in the 1st and 3rd, offense in the second. So my guess would be Godwin. Probably should be King.
  8. The only way to get Darnold is to lose a ton of games and end up picking first. Nobody is trading out of that spot. Doesn't matter how many second rounders or the two firsts they have. You could have 2 1sts in every draft and it won't guarantee you a QB.
  9. And as bad as Chicago's trade was, KC and Hou giving up next year's #1s on projects is just crazy. KC is a SB contender right now and they basically spend 2 firsts on their 2020 team. Houston's trade was pure desperation. I loved Watson as a college QB but just don't think he will survive having to start this year.
  10. On Buffalo and Cleveland having a ton of picks next year, it won't matter in getting Darnold. The ONLY way a team is getting Darnold is to end up with the number one pick. No one is trading out of that spot regardless of who they have on their roster. You could have offered the Colts 5 #1 picks and they weren't trading Luck. Buffalo's roster is superior to ours because of Tyrod Taylor. Cleveland will have to do something at the position this year. You may see a bidding war next offseason between Cle and SF for Cousins.
  11. Andy Reid and the Chiefs can sit this kid for three years as he develops. The Jets cannot sit anyone they draft this year. It could work out for the Chiefs, it couldn't work out for the Jets.
  12. You don't improve your roster by taking a third round talent QB at 6. We've been reaching for trash QBs for the past 15 years. It doesn't work.
  13. A Brian Dawkins clone. LSU said he was the best leader they have ever had in the program. Day one, he is the second best defender we have. No more guys late to meetings or slouching about. This pick as about the future. Pryor was never getting his option picked up. Adams will be one of the top defensive players in the league in three years.
  14. I literally just said the same thing to my wife and daughter, who neither of them could care less.
  15. Neither Fournette or Howard can be successful with our current QBs and OL. Howard can't make the the Pro Bowl with 25 catches. And Fournette can't come close to what Zeke did last year with 9 & 10 in the box. And that's who he will be compared to each and every week. Macc and Bowles Taking either of these guys to save their jobs this year would be idiotic. If they are feeling the heat, they will do the best thing they can do to keep the games close and that's rebuild their secondary. Not saying I agree with any of this but IMO, this draft go defense because next year when we get Darnold, we should be loading up the offense around him every draft for the next decade.