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  1. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    I think if you look at the QB situations in AZ, Min, and to a lesser extent Denver, add them to teams that could be looking at QBs of the future like the NYG, Cincinnati (if a coaching change is made) Ind, LAC, and perhaps Buffalo, when adding Cle and SF/Was, there is a great chance that like in the past, QBs will be overdrafted. If the Jets plan on getting a QB ever, they need to take one with their first pick. And depending on where we are picking, every other team that wants a QB will know what we are doing and will try to get in front of us. I actually trust our offensive coaches more than I have any Jet coaches in a long time. Have the scouting department work with Morton and Batesto find what QBs they can win with. Then do what ever it takes to get one.
  2. The ONLY way Allen makes it is if a team with an already established star QB drafts him. That way they can give him a lobotomy to forget everything he thinks he knows about about being a QB and take three years to re teach him. While I have all the faith in the world in Morton and Bates, the Jets don't have a legit starter and need someone to take over at some point next season. Now if we can get someone like Rudolph, Mayfield, or Finley and then we use our 5th rounder on Allen, I can live with that. But if Allen is truly the third best QB in this draft, we are screwed. Because it looks like we won't be anywhere near high enough to get Darnold or Rosen. Because IMO, Allen isn't an option for this team.
  3. It's easy to like Mayfield. He plays his best during the biggest games. The int he threw today was his first of the year. Plus he is accurate as hell, great pocket presence and his yards per attempt is sick this year. Problem is the OL at OK gives him all day to throw. That's how he can connect on the long TD passes. Not sure how he'll handle working on the next level when he's getting hit every play. Plus he is probably the smallest QB out of the top 6 guys. And let's not forget his off the field trouble he has had. Not saying that is a deal breaker but if drafted in the 1st, he's the face of the franchise. At this point he should be in the conversation as a mid to late first until he is ruled out by the process.
  4. 49ers shopping Carlos Hyde

    Sounds like the 49ers don't want to risk missing out on the top pick in the draft. This is an obvious tank job.
  5. His freshman year was at Texas Tech. He transferred to OK and had to sit out a year. Look at his two games against Texas Tech the last 2 seasons.
  6. I would say hell no to Pre-injury Bridgewater. At his peak, despite playing with AP, he was a bottom third QB. If we can't upgrade that position better than that, then I give up.
  7. Yep. It's a total relapse of what happened last year. 2015- Over achieve with a JAG QB and veteran offense. Still no playoffs. 2016- under achieve because of minimal succes from prior year. Scrap the whole plan and start over. 2017-Over achieve with ANOTHER JAG QB, playing your vet WRs. still have no hope for playoffs, The best part is that (thus far) we didn't determine what we have in Petty, and haven't given Stewart or Hanson any real playing time at all. So this offseason we'll be forced to address QB, LT, and WR1 and WR2 in one offseason. We won't pick high enough for any real QB help but since there are no legit LTs that are pending free agents, we can use the 20th pick on our new tackle. Then we can over pay Bradford or resign McCown to the same deal we gave Fitz last year. 2018- back to reality, team shows us that we are everything we thought they were. But another year, another old JAG QB, and no sign of the playoffs in the foreseeable future. Then the only thing we'll have to look forward too is that it will be an odd year where we over achieve and don't get eliminated from the playoffs until Christmas Eve. Good times.
  8. I liked what he did against Texas Tech both times he played them. Won both games and last year threw for over 500 yards and 7 TDs.
  9. Alex Smith has proven he is not a good QB when the talent level around him isn't elite. He looks competent now because the Chiefs had the most talented roster in the NFL. This is his 12th year in the league and he has only thrown more than 20 TDs once. His career high is 23. To put this in perspective, Mark Sanchez threw 26 TDs with a far inferior roster in 2011. And this is a guy worth over $20M? Pass. If we go after a FA QB, make it Drew Brees and draft a guy that can sit for 2 years and learn from Morton, Bates, and Brees.
  10. Those ranking are old. They haven't been updated since July. Not sure what is up with the site, but Rob Rand doesn't appear to be there any more. There is one guy on the site that has his top 20. FWIW, he has Mason Rudolph #1, Darnold at #9 and Rosen wasn't even in the top 20.
  11. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    CBS Sportsline has Mason Rudolph as his #1 prospect on his board. With so many different types of QBs this year, I doubt there will be a consensus top guy. Allen shouldn't be in the discussion. His stats are beyond terrible and he is an underclassman. No reason he should declare to get drafted in the 7th round. 1. Rudolph 2. Rosen 3. Darnold 4. Falk 5. Mayfield 6. Jackson
  12. Just got back from Laramie

    We already have a guy that can throw the ball a mile. And because his mechanics and accuracy are a train wreck, the plays given to him are mostly 3 yard dump offs. Im sure there are tons of guys in college that can throw the ball a mile. Not every one of them is gonna make it to the next level.
  13. Just got back from Laramie

    Say what you want about Darnold's interceptions but his accuracy is elite. That's why his skill set translates to the pro game so well, hence still at or near the top of just about every QB rating and mock draft. With professional coaching, you may be able to clean up mechanics to help improve accuracy but like was discussed earlier in the thread, you are not going to find a college QB who completes less than 55 or 56% of his passes greatly improve once he gets to the NFL. I don't hate the kid. He has Carson Wentz's old coach. Allen needs to stay in school one more year, improve his mechanics and get better. His GC needs to put guys around him that can compliment his game. He wasn't recruited out of HS and is still very raw. Raw QBs are late round and UDFA projects. But to make excuses because there is no talent around him doesn't work. I've seen everyone of Darnold's interceptions and I can justify that at least half were not his fault. There are just too many other QBs playing college right now that are far superior in fundamentals, mechanics, accuracy, field vision, etc. Allen is very mobile and has a cannon arm. But he doesn't have the prerequisite skills needed at the next level.
  14. Just got back from Laramie

    Stafford did improve each year at Georgia and his Junior year he did complete 61.4%. Allen is currently completing 55.4%. If you discount the game against Garner-Webb, he is at 51.4%. I find it fascinating that on this site we have people "pounding the table" for Allen and in another thread, blasting Darnold because he has a bad game against an undefeated ranked opponent. As Jets fans, we shouldn't have an opinion on QBs because we haven't had one in forever.
  15. Just got back from Laramie

    Please give one example from the last 10-15 years where you have a QB with Allen's stats become a starter in the NFL? Let alone someone drafted in the top 12 where you are basically forced to keep on the roster for 3-4 years. How many bad habits is this kid developing right now? There is no way any GM is going to touch this guy anywhere in the draft. Specially with all the heat Macc took with Hackenberg. Despite what many on this site keep calling an underwhelming class, we are still going to see 5 or 6 drafted in the top 50 picks. And Allen ain't one of them.