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  1. A lottery is just what Goodell and the rest of the billionaires club could want. Guarantee that the new LA Chargers would have their home town heir apparent to open that multi-billion dollar stadium and where the Jets are continually relegated to second class citizens in our own city.
  2. I just have a hard time believing Woody would allow a complete roster tear down. In the 18 years he has owned the team, we have never gone into a season where there was zero hope of being competitive. When Macc and Bowles were brought in, it was all about "competitive rebuild" bull crap. And arguably, with the team we had last year, with better QB and secondary play, we could have competed and been mediocre. That's usually Woody's minimum requirement. Woody has meddled before with the Tebow and Burress signings. My thought is that the only way Macc and Bowles could persuade Woody to not only burn this roster to the ground, but to also give some kind of assurance that they have some job security afterwards, is that Woody meddled too much in the last two off seasons, everything he did backfired, and Macc told him enough is enough. We know the Revis signing was all Woody. I have a hard time believing that someone with Macc's scouting experience, along with his hand picked staff, could be so wrong with the Hack pick. I think Woody met Hack, liked him personally, and read too many articles from his freshman year and mandated the draft pick. I agree that the roster purge was all on Macc. But the last two cuts happened because of Woody. Either because Woody knows we absolutely need a QB in next year's draft and figured that a Harris led defense might be good enough for a couple of wins and didn't want to risk it. Or, and this is even worse, Woody didn't sell enough season tickets and decided to cut as much costs as possible because he is a greedy, careless, POS.
  3. Look, Dan Leberfeld is a great Jets fan. I used to get Jets Confidential when I was living in Iceland for three years. But, he usually is over the top with his optimism of the Jets. And while yes, looking at this one article in question about one day of practice, would be poor journalism in creating such negativity on a Jets prospect. But when you look at Hack's body of work, it's probably pretty accurate. At this point, Hackenberg's ceiling is NFL short term back up. More likely, when McCown goes to IR sometime in September, the Jets will sign a vet off the street to prevent Hack from ever having to step on the field. I wanted to be wrong on Hack. I'm sure he is a great kid. But kidding yourself with blind faith isn't going to do anything but lead to a huge disappointment. I honestly believe the Hackenberg pick was Woody's mandate. There's no other explanation for the roster purge. They tried to catch lightning in the bottle with him and it blew up in their faces. Now Woody will look like a meddlesome Owner if he fires Macc or Bowles after forcing the roster purge. If Hack's selection was made by Macc, then a true house cleaning is coming at the conclusion of this dreadful season.
  4. First, if the FO thought Hack was anything other than a wasted draft pick, they wouldn't have purged the roster. Can't expect Hack to play well with the most inferior supporting cast in the NFL even if he had potential. Our OL is patchwork at best. We signed Beachum to a contract like he was our long time solution at LT instead of him being a huge question that will have to greatly improve over his last two seasons. Ijalana being the other starter says enough. At WR, it was easy for Enunwa to get open with Marshall garnering all the D's attention. Now that he'll be covered by the opposing #1 CB, he is going to have to be much better than last year. Anderson benefited with BM and Q out there. Now we'll see how he does as the teams #2 guy. Powell is underrated but he is not Zeke Elliott, which he would probably needs to be to raise the level of play of the rest of the offense. On DL, Leo is our best player and probably our only marketable asset. Until Wilk and SRich prove that football is their priority, Im skeptical that they could be positive influences on this young team. Our LBs could be the worst in the league. Jenkins has potential but the others (Mauldin, Davis, and Lee) haven't shown they can be more than placeholders right now. Sure Lee has a ton of potential, but he has a long way to go. On our secondary, I liked what I saw from Burris but if Claiborne is healthy, whoever plays opposite of him, is going to get worn out. I love the new safety tandem but they are both rookies and will have a lot of growing pains. That being said, there are probably less than 10 players on the current roster that will be here in 2019.
  5. The reference about Boomer is dead on. While we did only win three games that year, Boomer's presence was vet beneficial for Chrebet. I can only hope this year doesn't ruin players like Leo, Adams, etc. between losing a ton of games and having players like Richardson and Wilkerson who don't seem to be the type of leadership anyone wants on their team, this could be an incredibly bad season that is probably going to take several years to get out of, even if we are fortunate enough to get Darnold.
  6. I have to say the 1995 team that started 5 new OL, four of which were not NFL caliber players and a complete rebuild of receivers and secondary would qualify as a full rebuild.
  7. The lack of leadership is what bothers me about these cuts over all the others. Enunwa was effective when Marshall was being doubled. When teams started covering him with better corners, he disappeared. Don't get me wrong, I love his potential but he's not there yet. And relying on him as a #1 guy will be disappointing. About the only chance thus has at being successful is if Stewart, Anderson, and Hanson turn out to being great. It should bother every single fan of this team that of all the Vets we've cut, Wilkerson and Richardson are still part of this team. Not only part of the team, but but leaders by default.
  8. I would have to say that the organization knows Hack and Petty are absolutely not the answer. If any front office in the league felt that the 2nd Year player had a chance to be their starting QB, they don't cut all their OL and WRs. You do everything to help in their development. What we've done would stunt the development of every QB in the league.
  9. Well luckily for Darnold, if he doesn't like the front office make up that is in place next April, it will probably change soon after. Look back at most of the QBs drafting number 1 or even 2, how many years after making that selection was the head coach still there? Goff and Mariota - less than 1 season Winston - 1 season. I'm too lazy to go back further, but the majority of these coaches that make these picks who are not in the first year coaching the team, do not last.
  10. Starting McCown may give us the best chance to win, but who really gives a crap about watching McCown and a 4 or 5 win team? That will set the franchise back 10 years because it will push potentially solving the only problem that matters in today's NFL at least another year into the future. One, it doesn't tell us anything at we already don't know about Petty and Hack. Two, it takes us out of the running for Darnold and probably Rosen. Three, it leaves the only options for QB in 2018 in perhaps taking Josh Allen, a guy who probably won't be ready for a while and who currently has accuracy issues, or signing a vet scrub like Bortles for probably around $18M per. The only reason to watch this team this year is to watch our young receivers and core defensive players and hope they build as a team while losing every game. Will that be possible in the media environment we live in, who knows.
  11. I agree with you with the Chrebet reference. I just don't see any of the guys on our roster having the talent/work ethic of Chrebet. This is t bashing any of those guys. But each of them have had opportunities here and elsewhere and haven't warranted anything more than camp fodder. I was intrigued by Bowman but he got hurt the minute he got here after being cut from Jax. Chrebet blew the doors off the minute he got here. It didn't hurt that Kotie didn't bring in any veteran WRs other than Wilson.
  12. I think part of the problem is that MacC gambled a bit and it will be telling if he blew it or not. Taking Hanson over a TE wasn't a bad decision with Butt and Kittle still available. But both guys went in the first couple of picks right in front of the Jets pick. Lets see what kind of pros Hanson and Leggett become compared to Butt and Kittle.
  13. What kind of accomplishment is it going to be to "earn" playing time over Bowman, Tomlinson, or Parker? ASJ is suspended the first two games.
  14. What's going to make it worse, we have no one on our roster to push him. With ASJ's suspension, the only thing he needs to do to be opening day starter is stay healthy. Not a good way to develop habits that improve his game.
  15. Anyone who is actually expecting Hackenberg to be anything other than third string QB is fooling themselves. We all watched him last preseason and heard everyone whining about how he couldn't get any reps, etc last season. What has he been able to do to during the offseason to change the FO's opinion of him? This isn't saying he can't shock the world, it's just saying the likelihood is microscopic. And the FO knows this. Nothing he did in college or his rookie year showed any signs of being ready. Not sure why everyone in the media is putting all this pressure on him. It's not his fault the Jets are dumb and over drafted him.