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  1. The fans are being brutally honest in our assessment of Hack. But Bowles: when referring to Hack: we didn't give him any help. when referring to Petty: he didn't score enough. If Leggett can hold on to either EZ pass, Petty shined. What the hell? So Petty requires tough love and Hack needs kid gloves?
  2. I agree with every word.
  3. I even added the sports package so so could get SNY. In the month that I have had it, Jets nation has been on 1 time and all the live sports on all the channels are blacked out. What a rip off.
  4. The recording even says NYJ and Det. Stupid crap. NFL billionaires just trying to rake in every last penny out of us that they can. I'm gonna sign up for the 7 day free trial so I can watch this week's games.
  5. And yet, if they redid that draft, Carr would be a top 3 pick. If we redid the 2016 draft, hard to imagine Hack getting drafted at all.
  6. Game Observations (DET)

    You make great points but if they were sold on Hack why not use our cap space to at least solidify the LT or Center position? And that begs the question, when we do get a legitimate QB, is this how they are going to deal with him? By giving him his first start and sending him out there with the 2nd string OL against one of the top teams in the league? I've seen enough of both Macc and Bowles to know that they have done very little correct during their tenure. There was an outcry against Fitz, BMarsh, and Decker but what's going to happen when this team checks out in October?
  7. Game Observations (DET)

    Again, this goes back to the roster purge discussion from months ago.m If the organization felt that Hackenberg had even the tiniest chance of being a starting QB in the league, we would have not seen the team cut all the OL and WR, and sit on over $20M in cap space. So while Half this site is holding out hope for Hack despite the last fours of bad data, understand that ownership, GM, and HC/ coaching staff don't believe there is a realistic chance for his development.
  8. First, our drafts have been below average. In three drafts, the only starters we have found outside of the first round are Maye and Jenkins. If we had a talented team that would be ok, but as the worst team in football not being able to find more upgrades outside the first round is bad. That tells me that Macc and Bowles are not as synced up as they would have us believe. Second, on the FA front, you only over spend on the primary position. Like the NYG, sign your pass rusher and be right about the guy you go after. Next your LT. what would it cost to sign the best LT on the market. How much did we spend on Beachum? There's probably not as much savings for the amount of downgrade we have. The other two positions would be #1 corner and #1 WR. The problem is going to be watching the Jets dump a ton of $$ on RT, #2 or #3 type WRs, some cast off QB that is average at best. It will jack up our cap for the next several seasons and may prevent us from extending Leo. This rebuild needs patience. The last thing we need is to redo 2015.
  9. I'm still in shock

    You are not being credible right now. How anyone outside of Hack's immediate family can defend him right now is mind boggling. I didn't see the game yet but in the game thread it was mentioned multiple times how often Hack was calling audibles at the line.
  10. Or draft. In three years, his drafts have produced one star player. He inherited a team that had the #6 pick and a ton of cap space and essentially has made the team worse in the span of 2 1/2 years. I mean the team he inherited was possibly the worst team in the league at the time, and 32 months later they are much worse. I don't really understand how that is possible.
  11. I apologize in advance if this wasn't a serious post. But if it is serious, you have lost your mind. Right now I would put Hack as a bottom 5 QB in the entire league. And that includes every QB in the league, 1st, 2nd, and third string. And I'm serious. There is nothing that he has done to prove otherwise.
  12. Great topic. I looked at this the other day. And from the four 2nd rounders, two of them were busts from their original teams, one is a 30+ yo RB, and the one that we drafted should have been an UDFA. I cannot understand why the defensive "experts" that we keep bring in as HCs need to spend all the teams assets on defense. I would expect that they could build a capable defense without having to spend the 9 consecutive first rounders on one side of the ball while completely ignoring the only position that matters in today's NFL. We can blame, Rex and Tanny, or we can blame Rex and Idzik, or we can blame Macc and Bowles. But the only common denominator is Woody. It's the culture he has created and it has caused this disaster. The only player on this team that has played in a Jets playoff game is our Long Snapper. Pathetic.
  13. Petty needs to be the #2 guy if for nothing else, he has shown he can at least function at the position. Right now Petty's floor seems to be Hack's ceiling.
  14. Actually the 2016 draft will be their undoing. Not that Lee, Jenkins, Burris, or Shell were terrible picks. But the Hack pick at 51 was a disaster. Rather than admitting the mistake, they coddled him and made every excuse in the book. Sooner or later the organization is going to have to acknowledge what their fan base and the rest have of the NFL already knows. I can't imagine a scenario where Macc or Bowles survive this season.None what so ever.
  15. Probably because Kevin Greene personally picked him and has been raving about him since OTAs. The fact that he went to a small college and has been in the league for a month and he is at least on level with Mauldin. It would be a shock if he is let go.