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  1. Time to Suck for Sam

    Fantasy blurb with a portion anyone with hopes of winning games should read and remember. Advice: Powell was the only Jet who looked like he belonged on the field against the Lions' first-team defense. His two receptions were literally the Jets' only completions of the first half. Despairing stuff. Nevertheless, it's the kind of three-down role Powell proved capable of down the stretch in 2016. With an aging-out Matt Forte sitting out the summer, Powell should be ticketed for big early workloads. It might not produce the desired fantasy numbers in what's looking like a once-in-a-century bad offense, but Powell should be a factor in both standard and PPR.
  2. To the 1st draft pick?... yup.
  3. Bowles. He used to be a player, right?
  4. Nice looking first half. Hack and McCown looked good. WRs about as good as can be expected. ASJ sighting. Oline looks solid. And the defense looks on point. Tells me Bowles has been doing some good work coaching this team up. Yeah it's beyond early, but nice start.
  5. Zeke suspended 6 games

    That wasn't trying to end his career. That was just making him pay for cheating.
  6. Zeke suspended 6 games

    Well if this is how things will be done moving forward, I say we all work together to end Brady's career. Let's figure a way to frame him that wouldn't be good enough in a court of law, but is at least somewhat likely to have happened. One of the guys here who supported re-signing Fitz last year should now take one for the team and make up for that idiotic support. Go public saying Brady drugged and molested him.
  7. Zeke suspended 6 games

    If they uncovered more evidence the cops didn't have previously, report the info and get Zeke locked up. Otherwise this is just BS.
  8. Reputation \ Reactions

    Voted for Reactions. The Butt Fumble reaction is just too good to pass up.
  9. "Contract this franchise"?
  10. If he has a similar year to last, I'll take the 9mil hit. Better yet, try to trade him and somehow pay like 5mil of his salary for the other team so it's less of a hit.
  11. I agree with cutting Wilk and keeping Sheldon instead if Wilk has another similar year, but according to overthecap.com, it's not a nominal fee. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/new-york-jets 9mil cap hit if cut next year. Still better than being stuck with a lazy player instead of one like Sheldon. Just be aware it is a hefty cap hit.
  12. No one's perfect. And the blunt means nothing. I don't smoke weed but this dumb sh*t has to stop already.
  13. Great. Now if only we could sign Mo to one year deals every season so he stays motivated. I don't doubt is ability at all. It's his drive that's lacking. Sheldon has both ability and drive.
  14. Suppose we gotta trust Macc (gulp) to make the correct decision.