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  1. Yeah, well we like spending all our cap space on 3 DEs when only two can play at a time. Beat that Oakland!
  2. Good call. Ok, apologize, spin and distract then.
  3. I don't trust him. Especially as he's having trouble selling tickets?... to now be spending years across the pond. London Spitfires?
  4. Really gotta question Woody here. I mean it's no secret the Brits aren't fans of us at the moment, and probably won't be for another 3.5 years. So it'd seem Woody is walking into what's gonna be one hell of a crap job. Always having to explain and apologize for his boss. You give up "running" an NFL team for that?
  5. Paying Fitz 12mil was a good idea. In fact, we should have done it again this season!
  6. Well done. I see what you're saying there. Rex was most definitely NOT awesome.
  7. I still think Rex did more bad for this team than Idzik did good.
  8. Huh, I'll try again. Idzik was awesome for this organization.
  9. https://www.victoryviews.com/community/vvdailyhit/nfl-helmets-in-their-rival-team-s-colors-is-painful-to-see/c/58f7d2ff4a86800400fb9f70?utm_source=tombrady&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=community
  10. Firing Rex was 100% the correct decision.
  11. http://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/jets-christian-hackenberg-narrows-gap-during-minicamp/ Hackenberg performed better than anticipated during minicamp, ESPN's Rich Cimini reports. Hackenberg is reportedly ahead of Bryce Petty for the Jets' No. 2 quarterback job, but the second-year pro could be closing the gap on projected starter Josh McCown some. According to the report, the 37-year-old McCown underwhelmed during minicamp, which made the timing of Hackenberg's improvement all the better. However, with training camp and the preseason still ahead, Hackenberg will have to sustain his challenge to unseat the veteran.
  12. So Hack has officially moved ahead of Petty. Great news for Hack obviously. Not so much for Petty. The best option for 2017 was always Hack playing well enough to earn the name franchise QB. It just doesn't seem likely, but is without a doubt what I'm rooting for. Second best option is a 0 to 3 win season and drafting a franchise QB. Which seems much more likely. Anywhere in between only continues us on the path of mediocrity and useless seasons like 2016.
  13. We should put the 3 or 4 supposed good college QBs in the JetNation banner this year so we don't forget what we're losing for.