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  1. Well that's why they got McCown. He may start for a while if Hack isn't ready. If so, I love the game plan. It means they're truly focused on building instead of trying to save their jobs. Play it by ear. Give Hack every chance/rep to succeed and start him when ready. If he sucks... 2018 draft he we come!
  2. Not that I have any inside info, but all I heard led me to believe that they wouldn't have taken a QB in the top half of the 1st round. No options were good enough. Maybe if they traded back to the end of the 1st. Supposedly (and thankfully) they want to give Hack a legit chance this season. After doing such a horrible job last year, Macc and Bowles are off to a great start for 2017. I'm kinda hoping Woody tells them, barring another move as stupid as Fitz, they're safe for 2018. Then they can just focus on building a great team instead of fighting for meaningless wins.
  3. Let's just hope he has some of young 24's skill and worth ethic.
  4. On the bright side, the move was the best to improve the team, but still makes it very easy to tank the season if Hack isn't any good. Absolutely genius pick.
  5. Awesome pick! Up there with Leonard Williams falling to us. We have our leaders on the Dline and secondary now for many years to come. Now hopefully the youth movement at LB the past couple years pays of a bit this season too. We lucked out this guy fell to us. Nicely done Macc n Bowles, I'm psyched!
  6. Good call. Was just thinking the same.
  7. I can never decide which draft coverage to watch. What's the concensus here?
  8. I'm sure it's been mentioned already, but Hoover would be a great pick just for jersey purposes alone. Just think of all the cute chicks wearing that jersey.
  9. I like seeing different cities host the draft. Good for fans around the country, but it also makes you appreciate NYC even more when ya see the other places not quite getting the job done. Couldn't care less about opinions of others though.
  10. I don't think any of these QBs are seen as day 1 starters. No worries though. We only have 3 QBs. We can easily fit 2 more and give them all sufficient practice/development reps.
  11. I take Fournette over Mac every day of the week. And it's not even close imo. The guy is gonna be special. Otherwise there's no sense even looking at RBs until at least the late teen picks. Howard would be cool, but I'd really prefer getting him at 12 instead of 6. If Cleveland won't trade, and Adams, Fournette n Lattimore are gone?... ok Howard is fine at 6.
  12. All the mocks I'm seeing now have Fournette gone before out pick, but if he makes it to us... hard to pass up on him. If both LSU guys are there, no clue what I'd do. Probably flip a coin.
  13. Most ideal? Give up as many 2017 picks as possible for 2018 picks. Especially our 1st and 2nd rounders. End up with at least 3 1st rounders next year. I'd imagine odds are slim of that happening though. But this team has so many needs, it's almost impossible to be disappointed regardless of the outcome. We just better not end up with another QB who can't play for years.
  14. Yup, the loss stung, but the trip was still great. Hundreds (likely thousands) of Jet fans bar hopping around New Orleans. The Jets chant loud and proud on/around Bourbon Street. The city and Saint fans themselves being very fun and friendly. Some great memories of that trip. Not sure there's a better NFL destination. Now I doubt this year will be similar unless the team surprises and is competitive, but I may still make the trip. The opportunity only comes around every 8 years.
  15. Probably one or two home games. If only because I'm sick. Being a Jet fan is a disease like drug addiction. Regardless of how bad they are, I just can't stay away. Even if my family and friends leave me because of it. However if the team actually starts being competent again (solid coaching, giving effort, not wasting away with useless vets...), then bump that up to 4 or 5 games. New Orleans is always an option too. That place was awesome 8 years ago.