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  1. Jets still in playoff hunt

    A win yesterday would have been nice, but I can now realistically see going 3-1 over the next 4 games. I was a supporter of tanking, but Bowles has done a hell of a job with this group. So I'm gonna enjoy it. Hell yeah playoffs! (Watch now they fall apart and start sucking.)
  2. You ask too much. It's as if you think the teams and NFL make a lot of money. They give us an amazing product (that is never ruined by poor officiating) for a dirt cheap price. The NFL and owners are just barely scraping by. If you want security, you should have to pay at least 25% higher PSLs and ticket costs. It's only fair.
  3. Redemption for Gordon?

    I have no doubt he'll come back and shred secondaries. He's a freak of nature.
  4. Redemption for Gordon?

    He's so damn good, I'd easily give up a 3rd rounder. And wouldn't be pissed at giving a 2nd either. If he has his head on straight now, he could definitely be the league's best receiver.
  5. Oh I see now. Darnold wants to be a Jet so much, he's purposely lowering his draft stock to match the Jets' plummeting draft position.
  6. He's a wise man. But another win soon and the tank hopes are gone.
  7. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Voted tank. But if they get one more win in the next few games, the tank is dead. I will say, Bowles is doing one hell of a job with these guys. Just wish he could find a way to do that while losing too. Like letting the Jags get the OT FG or something.
  8. Not to mention, it can drive itself. Drunk? Let it drive. Mother-in-law needs to be picked up from the airport? Send the car by itself. (Then, once she's in the car, tell it to go some place far away and blame it on a software glitch.) Need to charge up or get repairs? Have it go to the charging station or repair shop while you're at work.
  9. I consider wanting Jacksonville's D to kick ass today, rooting for the Jets. However if the dumbasses actually win today and screw their future, I'll accept mediocrity and actually begin rooting for wins again.
  10. So you're saying I shouldn't be starting Jacksonville's defense?
  11. I can't tell if you're joking or not.
  12. If we win today, then I'll give up on the future for this team and instead start rooting for them to win this year. But as of now I'm still hoping they lose. Would love to avoid crap/mediocrity for the next decade or so.
  13. That's not Decker saying that. It's someone else inferring that.