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  1. Is a week 3 opener normal?

    Lol... the Jets... a PRO team.
  2. Is a week 3 opener normal?

    They're hoping Jet fans forget about the season and don't show up. Easier just to fly under the radar when tanking.
  3. I don't want to say it but

    Except for the fact they are trying to lose. Even if Bowles goes rogue and tries to win, I'm hoping Woody/Macc have paid off some key players to sabotage things. It's pretty much why Mccown was given so much money to play here imo. If they're close to winning he will make sure it doesn't happen.
  4. MNF Lions-Giants

    Hey, at least we're trying to suck. The giants suck and they're trying to be good.
  5. In today's NFL, lacking a QB and WRs means you lose badly no matter what imo. It's the genius to Macc's plan. Hell all the young guys could be damn good. Wouldn't matter lacking a QB and legit WR1n2.
  6. Oh absolutely I do. That doesn't require being competitive though. Indivulidually guys can play well and make progress while the team absolutely sucks. Like I'm not even watching the ball so far this year. Cause I don't give two sh*ts what happens with it. I watch how the young WRs get off the ball, or linemen block/rush individually, or how long it takes a LB to sniff out a run and shoot the gap, and so on...
  7. Not me. I wanna be able to relax by mid-way through 2nd quarter. Hopefully losing every game by 20+ at that time.
  8. That's like a dude who wants to stay sane deciding to get married. Make up your mind man. Either want the 1st pick, or want mediocrity and some wins.
  9. Well I agree they're responsible for everything the past 3 years. 2015 was pretty good. The downside being sticking with sh*tz. 2016 was absolutely horrible. Mainly because of that scum#&#**@@&#> $[@&; Fitz. 2017?.. I'm as happy as a Nazi at a Trump rally. If they keep up the great work and really get the top draft pick while having 100mil in cap space; unbelievably that'll make up for sh*tz.
  10. Honestly I don't think it's possible to have players give the same amount of effort they'd give if they were motivated by a competitive season. Sure it'd be nice. And you can say they make millions so always play hard. It's just not realistic. They know the team is tanking purposely. They'll play at a high level to advance their careers, but it won't be comparable to the motivation other teams have. So I really don't judge Macc or Bowles on games this year. Last year? Yes, they sucked ass. Now though they're doing what I think is correct. Lose every week. The exception here needs to be Mo though. He has a history of being lazy. Sonhe needs to step it up or gtfo.
  11. Agreed the younger QBs and WRs should be playing, but there are 14 more losses to go. No real rush. In the meantime, I just hope most of the board realizes every week will be some form of embarassment and not to overreact. I mean sure, there will some inevitable bitching. Just hoping it doesn't consume the whole season. This should instead be a time for excitement. 2018 with 100 mil in cap space and top draft picks! Can't wait.
  12. They are tanking. It will be this way all season. I know it'd be great to lose every game while also looking like a good team, but that's not gonna happen. Things are gonna get worse as the season progresses. I for one am looking forward to it. We'd be better off discussing which players will still be here next year, who to cut, cap space, potential free agents and draft picks for 2018, tailgating, the stadium, and so on... Sundays are meaningless. Reacting to weekly on-the-field performances this season is a waste of time. Unless it's about youth developing and performing well.
  13. I think this was a conversation that should have been had last year. After re-signing sh*tz, Wilk's deal, and basically wasting a year of all our lives. This year things are going great! The more losing the better. They should be playing Petty/Hack and younger WRs, but that's on Todd. I didn't even bother to watch most of the game. Instead choosing the Red Zone channel. But anytime I saw the Raiders score, I was happy/relieved. Just 14 more games. No need to be dramatic after every loss. Embrace the Suck.
  14. Nice. This game was a little too close for.comfort.
  15. Jokes on them if they think we can't suck for many more years to come.
  16. Reasonable discussions

    If the plan is to lose and develop, which I hope it is, things are going swimmingly! There's no need to change anything. Except maybe QB one Petty is healthy or Hack can throw within 5 feet of a receiver
  17. History Repeating Itself?

    You may be forgetting about the cap space from this season that gets carried over. Last I checked, w/o cutting anyone else next year, we'd have around 85 mil free I think. Then when ya add in the likely cuts, it approaches 100mil.
  18. Metlife Seating (135 vs 241)

    Look at my name, I know 135 well. What row? I had row 30 and specifically chose that row too given it was the next to last row. You can't beat the upper rows in the LSL sections. View, ease of entry/exit, no lines for bathrooms/food... expensive enough to keep out the people looking for trouble yet cheap enough to still be around those who can enjoy themselves. Go 135. You don't regret it! (You may regret the team you're a fan of, but that's another story.)
  19. He'd earn a ton of respect, including from me, if he benched Wlikerson until he started to play up to his contract.
  20. Ummm... there are wheelchairs, artificial limbs, and robotic limbs are making great advancements. Haven't heard of the robo-dick yet. Yes it'll suck, but if I had to make the choice... bye bye legs. *Edit: to stay on topic. I thought Rex did alright. He got better as the game went on and had plenty of "inside" info to give. The timing and smoothness will come with some experience.
  21. I enjoyed having Marshall n Decker here, as it was nice having a legit WR1, 2, 3 combo (with Quincy). But definitely no hard feelings they left or were released. They didn't fit the plan at their current deals, and Marshall didn't want to take less to tank. Can't fault him for that. At least now we get to play the young guys and have them with plenty of experience come 2018 when games are meaningful again. However the recent additions of Kearse and Kerley are a bit worrisome. Can't let them take all the playing time from the youngin's.
  22. A top pick and 100 mil in cap space will help bring in someone if they have draft and free agency control. It'd be like letting the coach build whatever they wanted.