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  1. Note I know nothing about this qb. I just like watching stuff like this on the gun. No idea if it is unsettling to miss on a couple throws where your goal is to hit a high number on the gun
  2. Are you saying you're alarmed he sailed a couple 8-10 yard throws at a stationary target??
  3. Give 'em the heater.... Pat Mahomes Out Throws David Carr With 62 MPH Throw
  4. I am going. Have big work commitments in the morning, but looking forward to getting out to the stadium for a while.
  5. Thank you for the recaps!
  6. I am going to renew, just haven't remembered to do so yet. Love my seats and still love going to games. Not too excited about the team's prospects for 2017, but it's still fun to go. I don't pay enough attention to things like this and would have to look, but I think my billing cycle just ended or will soon end for the card I'll use. We are talking pennies I bet but will renew sometime close to the due date so I get my $80 in stadium credits and hold on to my cash for a few days longer. Go JETS!!!
  7. Yeah, the Jets should lose on purpose. They won so much last year when trying that they should lose on purpose. This makes sense.
  8. That's about what I get, too.
  9. Yes, congrats, man! Things should settle down enough at home by August for you to go to games. Each family and situation is different, but I worked proactively on my wife before our kid was born to ensure I could continue to go to games without interruption. Priorities! Regarding the party, I see you can now buy Green Room passes with Rewards points. I think it said some free appetizers would be included and that there'd be some Jets there. I have a monster day at work that day so my plans are unclear. but I will still probably go. And I know it's silly but I may go Green Room. I need to drain my points before July so why not on the chance for a slightly less crowded night out?
  10. Two years ago I loved it. Got to walk around the field, played catch with my kid, they had big inflatables for kids, etc. I left right after the pick so I missed being booted out. But walking around MetLife central and getting on the field, etc were all great. Last year was cold and wet if I recall. Locker room tour was fun but then the club level was freaking packed. We did locker room tour then walked through clubs and decided not to wait in big lines for food or beer. Sat outside for few min and left. I will probably go again this year since it's free and just 25-30 min away. If anyone tailgates I'd be up for saying hi. I have to work that day so can't go too early but like taking oppts like this to get a taste of game day in the offf season.
  11. Ha! Excellent point. The way this is trending, next year we'll be debating if we should bring in Tebow of Manziel....
  12. Awesome post, Max. Some great replies, too Seriously cool and moving post. Thank you for all that you do here.
  13. I don't think the comeback will fail as spectacularly as the switch to scout did. When the scout thing was announced, I think about 100% of people who tried it said it sucked and wouldn't work. There were a few who said they'd give it a try and gave sooth the benefit of the doubt when he said improvements would come. I tried for a couple weeks, but then bounced when it continued to suck. Everyone saw that coming. Sooth had run a successful site for so long. He must have been acting on other motives. Anyone with a few weeks of web experience knew that switch would fail. This comeback is off to a funny start with the hack, but I did see some folks excited on Facebook that the independent site was coming back. I think it will make it and get some users at least in the short term. I don't think it will ever catch back up to this site, though. I think the scout thing jarred Ji out of any contention for top Jets forum/site, and unless Max calls it quits (please don't!) I don't think ji has much of a shot at the top spot. just my 2 cents. Love this place!
  14. Beers are like $12 each plus you might want to tip a dollar. A pretzel must be at least $6. Water is probably another $5. Sadly, you are not exaggerating. That said, I have been asking for the Jets to occasionally throw in perks like this for years now. I know as a percentage of what we pay this amounts to very little. That said, I'll certainly use the $80 more than I will anything else I've seen on the Rewards Portal.
  15. Didn't want to start a whole new topic for this. That said, I didn't see a recent active one to which it would be obvious to attach this. I know many of us have spoken about uber traffic causing issues exiting MetLife recently. I noticed this partnership among the Devils, Prudential Center, and Uber announced a week or so ago, and I thought you might be interested. Will send this to a Jets rep, too, for what it's worth. New Jersey Devils, Prudential Center and Uber Launch Official Rideshare Partnership (NEWARK, NJ) -- The New Jersey Devils and Prudential Center announced a partnership designating Uber as the first official rideshare partner of the team and arena. From hockey games to rock concerts, Prudential Center is New Jersey’s home of sports and entertainment, and with this first-of-its-kind collaboration in the Garden State, fans will have an easier, more affordable way to get to and from the venue than ever before. The partnership is Uber’s first with a sports team and venue in New Jersey. “Uber and the Devils together is a win-win partnership for Newark,” said Newark Mayor Ras Baraka. “It increases reliable affordable transportation choices for Prudential Center visitors and provides an incentive for people to leave their cars at home.” “With nearly two million visitors through our doors each year, we rely on our partners both inside and outside of the building to provide the same world-class experience that we strive for each night,” said Adam Davis, Chief Revenue Officer, New Jersey Devils and Prudential Center. “We are excited to team with Uber – a pioneer in the industry – to give our fans another safe, dependable option to get to and from The Rock.” “Uber is committed to improving transportation for both residents and visitors in Newark and we’re ready to hit the ground running at Prudential Center,” said Ana Mahony, General Manager for Uber New Jersey. “Teaming up with the New Jersey Devils and Prudential Center helps fulfill our mission of making transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere, for everyone.” To make getting to and from Prudential Center easier, Uber has established a designated pickup and drop-off area outside of Investors Bank Tower so fans can connect with a ride easily before and after an event. These pickup and drop-off locations are integrated directly into the Uber app. New Uber riders can get their first ride free, up to $20, by using the code “NJDEVILS” when they sign up. Below are pro tips on getting to and home from Prudential Center: When heading to Prudential Center, ask your driver to follow in-app navigation and the signs for the drop-off area, which is located outside of Investors Bank Tower; When leaving the arena, open the app, enter your destination, then follow the in-app directions to the designated pick-up area located outside of Investors Bank Tower; The area surrounding Prudential Center will be crowded after an event, so use your app to call or text your driver if you’re having trouble connecting, and remember to make sure you’re getting into the right car by confirming the driver’s name and license plate number.