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  1. 10 years from now we look back at sh*t like this and say damn. Kids now will never see this, thankfully.
  2. You need mrs cleaver to translate. ps does this reference mean I am old? Or just immature?
  3. Haha. Very good point!
  4. You can't sell or transfer passes. And I guess it's $72.50 per game per person for up to 6 seats together. On a good year that might be worth it. If you love the game day experience and can get to 10 games, that's not too terrible. You can save time by not buying on sh. They don't auto renew for next year. That surprises me as most subscriptions do. That said, maybe the Jets are offering up to 6 together for each game this year based on this year projected inventory and demand. If Hack turns out to be good, maybe 2018 will be a higher demand year and the offer may change. Not for me this year, but I am happy the Jets are thinking of things. I would like them to focus on other things for me, like making the rewards valuable. But I am happy they are doing something.
  5. Interesting how they frame this as a subscription. Maybe they're trying to brand this like all of the many cloud/SaaS things we all use and love (Netflix, Spotify, etc, etc). I personally don't like the Boarding Pass name. Clearly a play off the Jets name like the flight crew. For some reason the flight crew name is ok for me but this one is not. Maybe it's because the flight crew consists of generally hot young ladies in great shape sometimes not wearing very much. While I use a boarding pass to get on a crowded plane where I often have to sit on the runway after a delay, etc. Regarding this as an actual product, I think it would be a much better deal when the team is good. This year you can probably pick and choose different locations for each game for below face on stubhub. And if it was a game you like or it is otherwise important for you for some reason, you can choose when to get good seats vs nosebleeds. Feels like you are committing and giving away control and flexibility for no reason with this, at least this year. To be fair, I guess some of that is true with being an STH in general (I am an STH who bought psls). I personally get no value from Jets rewards. The Jets cash back thing is nice and I do like the free events at the stadium (draft night, movie night, etc). What is the deal with playoff priority with this plan?
  6. I don't even know who my rep is. I will try Nicole. i totally get the Jets focus on bringing in new customers vs moving an existing one like me around with no immediate additional investment from me. That said, they really should balance the long term with the short term. I've been going for like 20 years. Past investment won't perfectly predict future investment, but they must be positively correlated, probably strongly. In other words, keep me happy so I keep buying more sh*t. Maybe upgrades, but also my tickets each year. It is expensive to acquire new customers vs. keeping your existing ones.
  7. Good move, but did you consider row one? sorry
  8. So we just traded back two rounds with ourselves? Makes sense.
  9. That is insane. Nice buy! I bought mezz clubs a couple times late last year after selling my 135s on SH. Sell early, buy late kind of deal. I will have to look back but for that last home game I want to say I paid like $40 each (or a little less) on $270 face value tickets. Nice little 80% off sale. I also think the clubs are good for a kid that age. My wife also likes getting clubs when she goes. It is nice to have options!
  10. Listing Number Seating Area Section Row Seats Number of Seats Aisle Tickets Price Per Seat Total Asking Price 85739 Lower Level Sideline 142 9 17 - 18 2 All $9,000 $18,000 85430 Lower Level Sideline 142 12 3 - 6 4 All $10,000 $40,000 81817 Lower Level Sideline 135 31 3 - 4 2 All $7,000 $14,000 79672 Lower Level Sideline 142 9 12 - 18 2 All $10,000 $20,000 75219 Lower Level Sideline 135 20 11 - 16 6 All $9,000 $54,000 69336 Lower Level Sideline 142 5 15 - 16 2 All $9,500 $19,000 67482 Lower Level Sideline 135 8 1 - 2 2 Aisle All $6,700 $13,400 51756 Lower Level Sideline 142 17 1 - 2 2 Aisle All $9,500 $19,000 37429 Lower Level Sideline 142 14 3 - 4 2 All $10,000 $20,000 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)CONTACT US |CONTACT US Copyright ©2001-2017 All Rights Reserved. and its logo are trademarks of Use of the New York Jets Personal Seat License Marketplace Marketplace constitutes acceptance of the terms of our Website User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
  11. Just a data point, but I just looked at Season Ticket Rights, and the Average Price Per Seat for the PSLs listed for sections 135 and 142 is currently $8,967. The per seat PSL cost for those seats is $10k. I am not claiming these are good investments, and don't ever expect to make money back on my seats if I ever sell or die or whatever. Also, these are list and not sale prices. That said, doesn't look as bleak as noted above for some sections (unless I am looking at this incorrectly).
  12. I have many thoughts on this thread, but for now I'd just like to know how can I get in on this casual unprotected sex on game days? That sounds quite lovely, especially if the Jets don't field a competitive team this year.
  13. I just paid my $3500 for 2 tix for the year. Love the Jets and can't wait to be back! Couple notes. Ticketmaster charges a $4 fee on top of a $3500+ ticket and parking purchase. WTF is up with that? Should be zero, of course, but if they will charge, why $4? Make it $100 if you want something meaningful. $4 for handling what, exactly? Make it zero or $100. Looked at Jets rewards. With my points I think the only things I can get are a soft cooler or a water bottle. All auctions exceed my points. Can't even afford bobbleheads which I don't want. Can I donate my points to someone else so that they may combine them and get something good?
  14. Note I know nothing about this qb. I just like watching stuff like this on the gun. No idea if it is unsettling to miss on a couple throws where your goal is to hit a high number on the gun
  15. Are you saying you're alarmed he sailed a couple 8-10 yard throws at a stationary target??