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  1. Decker, officially released.
  2. Jets and Mets. But seeming that i´m from Spain, my favourite "local" team is Real Club Celta de Vigo (Soccer).
  3. Love the look in the eyes of Brady, looks like a sad dog.
  4. Devin Smith ....... he exists ....... it´s not a legend.
  5. Finally .... football is back ...... Let´s go Jets !!! A big thank you to all of you in this site, it´s hard being a lone jet fan in the part of the world where i live ...you all make it so much easier. Hoping for an exciting season for all of us !!!!!
  6. After paying for the game pass for the last 4 years, i´m passing this season, at least for now. I´ll be trying with streams.
  7. Wow, it´s around 180 euros here in Spain.
  8. Rontez Miles is quietly having a good game.
  9. I have the jets playing the divisional round at Lucas Oil, againt the Colts.
  10. I feel very sad, there are ways to lose ..... and there are ways to lose ...... and this way hurts.
  11. I´m totally relaxed ...... close to a hear attack, but totally relaxed, yes .....
  12. Feeling very nervous. Anyway ..... Let´s go Jets !!!!!
  13. Feliz Navidad. Bon Nadal. Eguberri On.
  14. I live in Spain and gamepass saves my life when it comes to following the Jets, and the NFL in general.