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  1. Fellow Jets fans.... we are now the cursed franchise Redsox won 2004 Cubs won 2016 Jets win?
  2. Hopefully a big bounce back game for him
  3. yeah we all would like to see him live up to his contract and the question wont arise.
  4. Gotta believe hell be tested early today.
  5. Tired of hearing that Direlle Revis is washed up admittedly he has played poorly in the last two games hes clearly lost his elite status but has he fallen off the cliff? anyone think that he's still not one of the better corners in the league ? we really need him to step up with a big game today and prove the doubters wrong The secondary has been a liability we've gotta fix If we get decent output back there as expected the defense can be top 5
  6. If ever there was a time to trade geno it would be now his trade value for a Browns pick is higher than we'll get from another team not stocked with picks plus geno cheap even as a backup for them plus not trading him til next year gets us basically nada and we are wStung a roster spot holding him
  7. That's before they lost Josh McCown. Geno could step right in.... or call Vinny.
  8. Price to high for Petty
  9. Geno is ready to take over the reigns now in Cleveland he's technically NFL ready to step in. Browns are stuck if McCown MRI tmr is significant injury. We should shop Geno hard to Cleveland......
  10. Can we finally trade Geno for a Browns draft pick? We've got some leverage. we've got Petty waiting in the wings. Cleveland is desperate. Maybe 4th/5th Rounder to make this trade. Mac can make this happen.....
  11. about to depart for Buffalo now Jets Jets Jets!!!!!!!
  12. This is a must win game for our team-Ill be in red zone seats
  13. I'm in? is anchor bar a jets bar?
  14. Dope report! Thanks again KRL