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  1. Yes Ed Reed would have clearly dominated with a front four that can't produce a single sack. You guys are so sour on the Jets you can't even appreciate when we have a good player. I guess most of you would have preferred Loafer Revis at CB and superstar Pryor than "suffering" with the 2 safeties who can -OMG play good.
  2. No way they would have started Watson from the get go. I'm convinced even if they draft a QB top 5 next year they'll also start the season on the bench.
  3. Ed Reed wasn't Ed Reed right from the get go, he built his rep up playing on an all time great defense . Imagine if the Jets had a pass rush to help out the secondary like Ed reed had.
  4. Right,so at this time the fanbase would be bashing McCags for drafting Watson, bashing Bowles for not starting him and labeling Watson a bust because he couldn't beat out the bum McCown.
  5. My assumption is they signed McCown a vet with experience with 10+ different OC's and systems so that he could help bring along Morton's system and act as a tutor on the field. Throwing Petty and Hack on the field from the get go may have resulted is growing pains and frustration and potentially losing the team for the 2nd straight season all while raising questions about Morton and Bowles. Now the system is in place the new players have adapted and bought in it makes for a much smoother transition.
  6. My point is everyone knows we're going nowhere this season. I'll make two assumptions 1) Bowles/Mcags are safe 2) the Jets do not plan of having McCown start next year. Its my belief that McCown started to help stabilize the offense especially with alll the new and young players involved. Its like he was an onfield coach helping to implement Morton's O. Now is the opportune time to roll in the younger QB's . They need to have an answer what direction to go next season. If neither QB makes strides , we need a Vet and a drafted QB next season. If one steps up and shows promise then there are different decisions to be made.
  7. Petty played in games where the team had checked out for various reasons including the fact that Petty was playing. He may still stink , just like Hack may stilll stink but to say either has had a fair chance is certainly open for debate.
  8. He's starting because he's the safest QB on the roster to stalbilize a foundation and foster confidence.
  9. Nothing simulates real game action like real game action. Sure QB's can get reps in practice, camps etc, but no team goes all out blitzes and gameplanning etc against their own team , it just doesn't happen . And if you want to say but how about PS games .In Ps games teams hardly do any gameplanning on either side of the ball , so while its nice to get live reps and hits against another team a QB cannot be fully evaluated from this action. It can help their cause if they play well, but it still does not paint a true picture.
  10. Forget the #1 pick aspect of this , its the transition from an aging Vet with a young rebuilding team to a QB that team could potentially grow with . Had Eli bombed the Giants would have been crucified for pulling Warner , on the flipside the Jets will be lauded for moving on from McCown and again I have utmost respect for McCown , he's handled his job and role with so much more professionalism than Fitz .
  11. It reminds of the situation where the Giants pulled a very popular Kurt Warner to see what Eli Manning could do. Not saying either Petty or Hack are Eli but sometime the Jets have to find out and waiting till the last few games of the season is not enough time to fairly give it a real chance.
  12. The difference is McCown is virtually another coach on the field, he's helped to transition the offensive role players and Oline into this new system. They needed this stabilization to start the year to build confidence and competence within this system. His job is done, and he's done a pretty good job of doing it . His skill set helped these players develop but his ceiling is limited , its time to see if we can raise the ceiling. It may not work , but the team will finally get a real analysis of where they stand at the position going forward.
  13. I just don't see that with this team. I think the team has bought in to what the coaches and FO are selling. If they rolled out Petty or Hack I feel the team goes along for the ride.
  14. Oh i agree they want to win, but most of them are young and can see a potential brighter future here unlike past incarnations of the Jets.
  15. Your certainly not alone. On the other hand I don't think I can say for certain what Hack can be, we've seen him in limited PS action behind a line that was in flux and yet again he's learning a new offense. I really would like to see him get an extended shot even more so than Petty , bottom line the only thing that matters is what the Jets brain trust think.