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  1. The kid was named captain of the LSU defense as a Freshman. If you happen to look at the talent LSU usually has every year on D - that is no small feat.
  2. Then why do you even support the team at all - go total boycot
  3. Can't be that he fought for Fitz last year !!!
  4. How about ASJ . He can be the redzone target that Decker was .
  5. How many wr's get traded coming off an offseason where they had not 1 but 2 surgeries. Imagine the rhetoric if the Jets traded anything for a guy with two surgeries. Hell they're hearing about it for signing a FA Beachum who was injured in 2015. Jet fans are exhausting.
  6. Right ,which makes it as effective as a weather forecast. if there are no "penalties" for being wrong based on their analysis methods , then its about as useful as saying there's a 80% chance of it being sunny tomorrow because of historical data.
  7. Doubly so near SARI's car.
  8. Just curious how many times are these sites/blogs right and who holds them accountable if they are not. Its easy to knock a player knowing there are no repercussions. Are people going to stop reading them because they get 50% wrong .
  9. Yep , there are days I have to reread the title of the this site Jet Nation because you would think the way "fans" act we are on a rival teams site.
  10. CSI was brought in , scrubbed the sideline for reporter blood - none to be found. Based on divots they placed strings plotting the trajectory on the throws , ruled out any possibility of reporters being hit directly. Hackenberg was set free due to lack of evidence .
  11. Oh please , I'm sure he's missing tackles and running into reporters on the sideline
  12. Tom Shane , August 2017 : " I can't wait for Hack to suck so the Jets can tank and draft Darnold" Tom Shane, January 2018, with the Jets holding the 1st overall pick. and after Darnold goes 6-6 and stinks up the joint for USC. Man I tell you Josh Rosen has always been my pick
  13. My bar is open super early each and every Sunday during football season - its how I cope. As far as Hack goes, all I want is for him to be given a real chance , if he still sucks then we're on to the next QB. I just don't want the team to half evaluate a player like they did with Geno , either give him a full season or cut him now.
  14. Who was almost the Broncos starting QB last year ??? True they didn't give him the starter's role but he brought him in with the mindset he was starting. Bottom line all GM's make terrible moves , when your team has had success they get overlooked , when your team hasn't they get magnified , doubly so in NY.
  15. No , not at all . Basically the QB throws the ball runs the pattern and catches it himself - playbook and routes be damned.