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  1. 8/22----------Camp Tweets

    So this season hasn't even started yet and your already moaning about next season
  2. 8/22----------Camp Tweets

    As Ozzy states in Crazy Train - the media sells it and you live the role. You being the SOJF.
  3. If healthy Forte and Powell are great fits for a WCO - now that if appears to be a big IF.
  4. I'll admit Mahomes has played well in the 2 PS games, but what has Watson and Kizer shown in their games to make that statement. Watson looked decent wk1 and horrible this week just like Hack. And Kizer hasn't really shown a thing especially last night.
  5. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    As in McCown or Rosen
  6. Caption this photo.

    Wow - Did you see what Pat Mahomes just did .
  7. UH-OH halt the Mahomes to Canton bus tour. Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Alex Smith is the unquestioned starter. "It's Alex's job," Reid said. "There's no gray area with that." No. 10 overall pick Patrick Mahomes has created the buzz this offseason, but Smith has been quietly excellent, completing 12-of-15 passes for 131 yards and a touchdown. Unless he falls completely on his face, Smith will be the starter all season and remains an undervalued asset in deeper fantasy leagues.
  8. Trust me I'm about the farthest thing from a snowflake , on the flip side your proving to be one of the forums biggest idiots. Understand the game and the play before you start running your trap.
  9. Basically true, he forced contain inside and did well just to get a hand on the ball carrier , the LBer should have cleaned up and made the tackle - why is this so hard to comprehend.
  10. I give him an incomplete , as there is not enough to really judge him by. He had two bad throws, 2 drops and other than that the line gave him no time to throw.
  11. But after it hits Leggets hands I believe it gets jarred by the defenders helmet. I'm going by memory , but I watched back a few times Sat night.
  12. Your almost as bad as the hack writers twisting peoples words into your agenda. What the poster was saying is that Adams played the correct coverage and forced the opponent inside where the second defender should have cleaned him up if in position. The fact that Adams got a hand on him has nothing to do with the missed tackle on this play.
  13. The other one the defenders helmet hits the ball almost inadvertently, I wouldn't really label this a drop but make a break-up.
  14. Your extrapolating what Hack will be in the pros based on what he did at PSU. That's a mighty narrowly focused evaluation of the player's true potential. Its not the fact that you don't think he will develop , its the fact that your so sure he won't develop that makes you sound arrogant .