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  1. should be 10-10...2 horrible drops.
  2. not really....those guys are going to be making it your way in about a month.
  3. People love to sh*t on Hack but he is putting it in the bread basket...and his only 2 "incompletions" are drops by JAG WR's
  4. so Hack should be what 7-7 now? with this drive still going...
  5. Marshall is such a JAG....i really thought we had something too.
  6. i said the same thing completely differently haha
  7. Hackberg has already looked good. he has been accurate on short throws which is what he gets killed for, he got pressure up the middle and absolutely make the right call by getting out of the pocket and getting some yards without forcing anything. would love to see him air it out a little now...but understand if they want to let him build up his confidence.
  8. yeah because forcing throws under pressure on third and long always works out...
  9. i mean this was written by smackdad...time to cut Hack loose?
  10. when can we expect to start seeing camp updates? i guess the next 2 days are closed to the media as well? so Monday?
  11. exactly...somehow others dont...but he does.
  12. there are so many holes in that argument... 1. hack should have never played at the end of the year last year - dumb to put him out there with a makeshift OL and veterans checked out 2. Geno/Fitz thing is what it is, nothing to do with Hack...horrible as it was. they always said he wouldnt play...hell he didnt even play in the preseason 3. why wouldnt McCown get 2-1 reps in OTA's? why would you "give" a 22 year old anything? you start them behind in OTA's and you make them earn it, u show the team that you are making them earn it. it amazes me how people take everything at face value. lets see who is getting the reps in preseason before making these kinds of judgements
  13. if i am the jets and i keep hearing this sh*t, the media is going to need zoom lenses to see the next pass Hack throws.
  14. how long before one of the reporters jumps out like a DB, knocks the pass away and then give Hack the mutumbo finger wag?
  15. seriously, no one deserves this sh*t (well maybe Geno did). a bunch of grown men being grade school bullies. seriously we all know the exact same things about his ability to play in the NFL. listen to this about his hitting reporters on the sideline with passes. the worst of it is that if he becomes a franchise QB, they dont even have to eat crow. just move on to someone else.