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  1. Thoughts

    Pats will be lucky to make the playoffs. Those McCown turnovers were killer, especially at the end of the 1st half. Pats love doubling up on possessions at the end of the half. Can't let them do that. Can we find a pass rush? Please?
  2. Fitz's just took a big hit with lynch to the Broncos. Jets are the only offer he's going to get.
  3. Super Bowl Halftime Show is...

    AC/DC should have been the pick. Fire!
  4. Anyone watching MNF tonight?

    Bradford won't last the season if he keeps getting hit like that. Dude is brittle.
  5. Kraft is an investor in "impartial" science expert Mackinnon's company. http://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2014/10/22/flex-pharma-developing-treatments-for-muscle-cramps-elite-athletes-and-disrupted-sleepers/pRDgW2KIwog6f2n4YX2OpO/story.html You can't make this stuff up. Full fledged circus at this point.
  6. From 7-9 to 10-6. Playoffs would be gravy.
  7. Throwbacks 2015?

    The Pats wear the Pat Patriot throwback a couple of times a year so it can be done.
  8. Any concerns with Harbaugh?

    And that special teams coordinator was, ironically, a Harbaugh.
  9. Bye bye ji

    A shame. End of an era. Scout is crap. This place is pretty good so far though. Think I'm gonna stick around.
  10. Aaron Rodgers

    He's certainly the best QB playing right now. With one or two more rings, he could be the best ever.