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  1. Without gambling & fantasy the NFL would be looked at much differently in 2021. As a life long fan, the game just isn't that good & its getting worse. There are not enough good QBs and the rules have skewed to the offense. Half the teams in this league can't score points because their QBs suck. Meanwhile we get to watch Tom Brady kill everyone each & every year & skate into the playoffs with home field advantage 75% of the time. Hes not playing teams even close to as good as their was in years past like Walsh 49ers or the Jimmy Johnsons Cowboys. How many prime time games did you turn off at halftime last year? For me it was more than ever. The over saturation of information & games, Monday, Thursday, Sunday (3 games), is overkill. I love coming to this board to see what's happening with the Jets because I refuse to watch NFL Network, or any show on ESPN regarding the NFL. And like someone else mentioned it will be just our luck that Hackenberg turns into a fine QB, the Jets are touted as Super Bowl contenders & the NFL goes on strike. That would probably be the last nail in the coffin for me regarding the NFL.
  2. He's signed for depth. Instead of constantly BUYING or trading for malcontentents at the WR shop, let's try to develop a few like we developed Q (his unfortunate injury aside). We have Anderson, Stewart, Peake, Hansen. Now if next offseason you told me the Jets finally went free agency for a player like Deandre Hopkins? I have no problem with it. We should have enough money for a couple young stud free agents if they don't resign with their current teams.
  3. That was a misquote. I meant to say I loved what Harris did with the Jets, I just wasn't on board with giving him that big contract. My god, it was 2010 when a fat out of shape 280 Lb Alge Crumpler ran him down from behind in that playoff game. Harris type of build doesn't fit this new NFL. Sure BB signed him, but he would never give him 8 million like we paid him! He's a 2 down dinosaur in a wide open Arena League game. It was time for him to go BEFORE that last big contract. The Pats & Steelers seem to always let guys go at the right time. The Jets? Never do.
  4. How Invested Are You?

    I'm more interested this year as Brady just turned 40 years old. Please, please, let Stanford get a hit on him like he got on that Titan QB the other night. I've come to realize that as long as Brady is healthy it doesn't matter who we throw out there against that organization. And it's nothing to be ashamed about, hell, all of you would be high as a kite if we had Big Ben & Antonio Brown but the Pats have taken the Steelers & their idiot head coach Tomlin and smooshed their noses in a big pile of dogsh*t for years too. So sit back & enjoy the rebuild. There's some young talent, they've drafted some 110% ers that look like they love football & the Pats will again be the type of team these young Jets can strive to be. I love the fact these young guys will get to play the best team in football twice, it'll let them know the type of dedication to their craft it will take to replace them eventually in the AFC East. Theres no crying in football. Falcons fans had a worse offseason.
  5. And....there it is. So, you see no redeeming qualities from any of these young players? You have to START somewhere, you can't just keep signing big name free agents. Just look at those last Tanny & Rex drafts! There's literally nothing there. Q was the only standout & he's hurt. Total effing disasterous drafts. It's like you want Macc to perform miracles or something. Personally, I think Macc has done well. And just imagine, the best player he DIDN'T draft in Q is out for the season! That's just sh*t luck man. So look at this roster & how many guys from those past 2 GMs are starting players? Macc has had a lot of work to do & needs more time to rebuild this roster literally from the ground up. I want to finally see some SUSTAINED success with some home grown players that fans are proud to wear their Jerseys. I don't think true fans are expectations are too high, most are fine with seeing gradual development & hopefully a successful future in the coming years. The NY Jets aren't even close to being the worst team in the league over the last 25 years, that's a media creation. For some reason the local & national media love poking fun at them. Go back & look at the Raiders before Carr, you can probably go back 17 years of complete and utter suckage & they haven't had to been in a division like the Jets facing Brady & Belichick for the last 17 years. I like what I'm seeing. If you want to be a pessimistic Debbie Downer be my guest, our Jets can still finish under .500 and be fun to watch. I can't tell you how many times I turned off the TV last year and worked outside the house. I wanted them to cut every veteran who was either overpaid, a PITA, or who dogged it & they did. I even wanted Harris cut, not because he was a great Jet but because I don't for the life of me want to watch him chasing another RB from behind on a wheel route ever again. Im 100% on board with what the Jets are trying to do here. Bravo. And the 1st order of business, getting Woody Johnsons nose out of everyone's business will be the best thing that ever happened to this organization. Maccs building a TEAM. ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!
  6. When your team is 32nd in Turnovers, yes you will look pretty, pretty bad.
  7. Oh I completely agree. Bowles in on thin ice. But the Cards coach Arians? Is a straight shooter & really, really likes Todd Bowles and gloated about him. He was assistant of the year in Arizona and like all Jet hires at Coach other than Parcells he's learning on the job. If he faulters I'm all for going great guns to hire Sean Payton if they can & keeping Morton and Bates (even though Paytons mouth looks like a puckered azz hole).
  8. My thoughts on GMs and Coaches in this new watered down NFL is that it's incredibly difficult to critic them properly if they do not have a reliable QB. The game has become so QB driven with defenses playing with one arm behind their back (defenseless receiver, can't go low on a QB, can't go high on a QB, Olines of star QBs holding constantly without penalty and on & on). Fitz plays well, Jets go 10-6. It's not Bowles fault he threw 2 picks to kill our playoff chances. Fitz sh*ts his pants throwing 6 picks, Decker gets hurt, entire Oline gets injured and Revis & Marshall quit guys start bickering & you get the 2016 season. I look at 2017 as a complete rewind with this group. Woody is in England, his brother has stepped in and Florham Park seems to have a good positive vibe going on despite the constant doom & gloom from the media and most of the fans. But quietly, the Jets might have drafted the best non QBs in the last 3 drafts (sure he got lucky, so did the Pats with Brady). Williams might be the best young Dlineman in the league. Adams is 100% football and could turn out to our Bob Sanders/Earl Thomas type (without the injuries hopefully). There are a host of young players with potential, Anderson, Peake, Stewart, Hansen, Marshall, McGuire, Shell, Leggett, ASJ, Stanford, Lee, Jenkins, Burris, Maye, Donahue, plus I loved Jones athleticism (developing him could be awesome). With Adams, Maye, Burris, Jones, the Jets could be putting together something similar to the Seahawks if they use part of their 80/90 million next year to grab a top CB and really solidify our secondary. Finally, Hackenberg. I have to give this regime Kudos for ignoring the noise & throwing the 21 year old, now just 22 to the Wolves. The Oline was a disaster at the end of 2016 with 1/2 guys healthy. He would have been eaten alive. Instead, Bowles brought in Morton & Bates to bring him along. He showed great progress & without the 3 drops (passes that were literally right on the money), he was almost perfect in completion %. Sure they were all dink & dunk but even Bill Parcells did that with Vinnie T when he brought him here. Parcells was criticized for being too conservative & using the same plays over & over. Looks like Morton & Bates are going in that same direction. You practice plays so that you can ALWAYS execute them properly. One play they ran was called a pick because the timing was off. I guarantee you'll see that play many more times in preseason until they execute the timing on those blocks by the WRs. These are basic plays that teams like the Pats with Edelman & Amendola run them all the time. The exciting thing about these short plays are the potential of players like Ardarious Stewart. Stewart is a beast with the ball in his hands. Hackenberg was right on target with those quick outs, and his velocity gives those WRs that extra second the need to slip tackles. So I'm not gonna complain about not going deep ect, I want Hackenberg to perfect these short WCO plays until he can execute them in his SLEEP. That's when Morton & Bates will stack the next level of plays. This is how you develop a young QB, media & fans be damned. Based on the progress I saw with Hack in that 1st preseason game I'm excited to see if he can continue his play. If he can do that our Jets are exactly where I want them to be, building while the Pats are eventually descending which has to be inevitable. If Hack turns out to be our future, 2019 could be huge turnaround for this franchise.
  9. Robbie Anderson

    Losing Q blows! Q is a handful with his size & speed combo. Our young pups are gonna have to grow up really fast. We need Peake to take it to another level. If Decker didn't get hurt he'd still be here but after watching him last night I think the rebuilding Jets made the right decision. If, and that's a big IF, Q can come back 100%, the Jets should try to go after Deandre Hopkins next year! Hopkins, Q, Anderson, Stewart, Peake & Hansen would be a nice mix of size & speed. Hopkins & Anderson wide would be a nightmare for CBs & Safeties if ASJ & Leggette become legit! I see Stewart as a strong slot guy in this WCO.
  10. Game Observations (TEN)

    Only Jet fans can't see talent when it's right in front of their face,lol. Sheldon, Williams, McClendon & Wilkerson is a damn good line. If Mo & Sheldon come to play this year, with Williams beasting these guys are not easily blocked 1 on 1. Weak olines are gonna have a lot of trouble with this group. The Titans have an excellent run blocking line, and were top 3 I believe in the NFL running the ball last year. I got to watch the Pats vs Jags & the Jaguars were ripping runs vs the Pats 1st team defense. Demario Davis was a huge surprise & the perfect example of a guy coming into his own. With those big boys up front our speeded up linebacker crew should have a decent year & with Adams & Maye out there Bowles will actually be able to employ the attacking style he likes. With 80-90 million to spend next year the Jets may be able to steal a CB & pass rushing OLB next year. The offense will be a work in progress but I LOVE these coaches, Morton & Bates. What impressed me most was that everyone seemed INTERESTED and into the game. The Jets have a lot of young WRs to bring along with Hackenberg & running a WCO it won't take long to see which ones have the acumen to learn the offense (the dumb ones will be cut). McGuire looked good, very Leon Washington like with his wiggle & being able to catch out of the backfield. This team was hijacked last year by veterans whose play didn't come CLOSE to matching their so called veteran leadership. From the training camp fawning of Fitz by his buddies Mangold & Decker to the rolling of the eyes & alligator arms by Marshall, to the weekly burning of Harris in the flat the Jets needed this overhaul in the worst way. Now, we can only hope that players like Hansen & Stewart can develop & be on the same page as our 22 year old QB. Speaking of Stewart he reminded me of Rod Smith when he took that little out pass & proceeded to stiff arm the CB into the turf & tell him about afterwards,lol. If anything, I saw a team that played hard & tough, from the 8 sacks by 8 different guys, to some of the gang tackling & everyone running to the ball and not giving up on plays. Bowles even had a bit of a smirk on his face, I think he likes what he sees from the enthusiasm from the team. It's gonna be fun to watch them grow & gain some confidence & we'll find out what the holes are that need to be filled in the draft & free agency in 2018. I'm very excited that we finally blew it up & didn't go for the bandaid fixes. Go Jets!
  11. You guys do realize Hackenberg with some backups & Morris and Todman at RB right? Lol. Bit different than Powell & Forte if they were healthy. McGuire looked real good & made some nice yards for McCown on some bounce outs beating the defenders to the edges. He could be our Leon Washington.
  12. Some of those outs were a thing of beauty! No air under the ball! You can spread thesh*t out of the field if you can throw outs like that! Hey, here's an idea, let's give him the type of time Matt Ryan has had to put things together. Slow & steady baby with the same OC & QB coach is the way to success for Hackenberg.
  13. I'm rooting for Hackenberg.

    The Jets are the only team whose fans call players bums before they even play & would rather have them truly suck to to prove they were right than want them to actually have success & become pro bowlers.
  14. I'm rooting for Hackenberg.

    There is way too much scrutinization regarding the NFL in this day & age. Paralysis by providing second by second development. Years ago a QB developed by taking his lumps. Now, a guy throws a ball 3 feet over the WRs head and it's a headline in a write up of practice. None of us can be sure what the Jets have in Hackenberg. Unfortunately I think Petty sucks based on his lame outing in the rain last year (harsh maybe by me but he just doesn't seem to be a QB that can take a clean snap). I love the fact that Hack has just turned 22 years old, looks much stronger this year (have you seen him? Dude built now with solid base & strong legs which help with you throwing. For most QBs they develop in increments, they need to run a huddle, learn snap counts, go through progressions, step up in the pocket, get rid of the ball when pressured, it's a lot of stuff. And that's just the beginning. Once they learn the basics they need to refine all of these things, pull a defense offside, quick snaps, QB sneaks, looking off safeties, hurry up, 2 minute offense. Please, please, please lord, let the Hack be our answer.
  15. For the life of me I have no idea what the f*cking Cowboys are waiting for regarding acquiring Sheldon Richardson. Had they pulled the trigger last year they most likely would have been in the Super Bowl because I'm positive that Richardson would have made 1 play in that playoff game vs Greenbay to win that game. They needed just 1 play of putting Rogers on his azz to win that game. Like others have pointed out here, the Cowboys have a wealth of olineman, though player trades are less likely in the NFL. The moves the NY Giants have made on offense have had to get the Jones attention. If the Cowboys don't create a pass rush vs Eli throwing to OBJ, Marshall & Shepard (future stud), especially at the 3 spot, they might not even win their division in 2017. Be interesting to see if Crawford is out for a long period, Sheldon Richardson even with his baggage is a big time player available for the right price. This is the same team that signed Greg Hardy! Sar was saying you can't turn a team around with draft picks alone, which is probably true but guys like Richardson are not the type of veteran a team like the Jets need around these young players. The idea that the Cowboys giving up a 2nd round pick to get a guy like Richardson playing for a long term contract won't help them in 2017 is ridiculous. If I was a Cowboy fan I could give a sh*t about the 2018 draft, I'd be thinking Super Bowl with this oline, Elliott, Bryant, and how much does Witten have left.