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  1. Suck it up buttercups. Nothing the Pats do will effect the Jets during our rebuild. David Harris might not even make it out of the Patriots camp in preseason. I hope to god he's on the field when we play them so Morton can target him. Bilal will spin him like a top. This is just Belichick poking at the Jets like he does every year, another Sean Ellis pickup. Same scenario, Ellis at end of career, signs with Pats, Jet fans lament, rinse & repeat. David Harris won't be the reason the Pats are in another Super Bowl.
  2. I've been a Jet fan since Namath. Since the beginning of free agency the Jets have made stupid moves. Leonard Marshall, Ronnie Lott, Bubby Brister, bringing back Revis, and on & on it goes. Instead of putting all of their efforts into finding a f*cking QB! They missed out on Favre & Bradway instead of trying to trade for him with Atlanta lets the Green Bay GM (who was with the Jets when they missed him) trade for him. Over & over its just terrible leadership, drafting, and free agent signings. At least Mac keeps trying to balance both drafting for needs & trying to find a QB. He drafted Petty & Hackenberg, the jury is out, but like others here have already stated, even his free agency signing are structured in a way that they haven't handcuffed our FUTURE. That's a very important fact. I have no idea who will rise from this young group of draftees, but this team is WAY AHEAD of where they were coming out of the Idzik rebuild to where we are now. We had David Nelson & Clyde Gates, Brad Salas, ect. Going into 2017 season we have an awesome young group with way more potential. Anderson, Peake, Stewart, Hanson, Leggette. Young LBs in Lee & Jenkins. Of course we'll struggle until we find our QB but there is no way you can tell me that Macc hasn't at least brought in a bunch of kids with measurable & success at the highest levels in college. We have no idea how good or great some of these kids will turn out to be, but I love the direction of finally turning to youth. Great teams are built with unity & almost always with a group of players who grow together, struggle together & then have success together. While I loved Brick & Mangold, they never seemed to want to take vocal lead roles on the team. I've always felt that the Jets just haven't had a great mix of leaders. Football is an emotional game and you need those leaders when things aren't going your way. Guys like Marshall, Revis, are not guys that young guys can rally around, they're way too selfish at this point in their careers. Leaders emerge if you let them. With all of this youth, a few of these guys will emerge, I'm looking forward to see who they are. Leonard Wiliams will be one, I think Lee in his 2nd year will be another, Adams is a given, Carpenter & Winters on the Oline, Powell, and someone will break out on Special Teams, since that is always the "hustle" guys.
  3. Macc has had 2 drafts with his scouts in place. So what are you saying? Draft picks should all play like NFL veterans right out of the gate? It's ridiculous the expectations of Macc who has really just gotten started. How f*cking long was Terry Bradway here? Meanwhile we have fans screaming for Bill Cowher. His record out of the gate was horrific, in fact every Jet fan would asking for his head on a silver platter. Jets NEED to stick to a system. If they want to fire Bowles next year than they should do whatever it takes to reunite Sean Payton with John Morton so they still have a seamless transition & keep the same offensive system in place. Change for change sake rarely works in the long run.
  4. So? Green Bay had Brett Favre & picked Aaron Rogers.
  5. Jets will be in prime position for a top QB next year in a year where more are available to choose from. It's the smart thing to do.
  6. I think Macc has drafted pretty good, the problem is this instant gratification world we live in. Some draft picks take time to grow. There is no doubt in my mind that we will be in position to draft a QB in 2018. They didn't like any of the QBs coming out this year. No one did, but just like Geno when you don't have one you get antsy & just take a guy. I keep saying this, the league isn't that good anymore. Pats are head & shoulders above these other teams. It's not like we're striving to be better than the Montana 49ers or the Jimmy Johnson Cowboys. The improvement we need when we finally find a QB is so minuscule to go from 6-10 to 10-6 in this league, a total rebuild is definitely the way to go when the gap between the Jets & the Pats in the division is still so wide. Really looking forward to watching to see if Bowles & Morton can get this team to improve from September to December & start building some excitement for the near future & find some young players who younger fans admire & want to wear their Jerseys. There are a bunch of youngsters, Leo, Lee, Jenkins, Adams, Maye, Enunwa, Anderson, Peake, Stewart, Hanson, Legette, maybe ASJ? We went from an old team to a very young team (kindergarteners).
  7. Drew Brees is a free agent in 2018. Saints are history. Sean Payton asks for his release after the 2017 season & reuntites with John Morton who stays on as NY Jets OC. All of this happens before the 2018 draft in which the Jets have the #1 pick, Darnold leaves USC knowing he's going to a team with an offensive coaching staff, with some young studs in Enunwa, Anderson, Stewart, Hanson & Legette. The Jets are 80 million under the cap so they grab 2/3 STUD defensive players & 1 stud Olineman to fill in the gaps of their defensive & offensive lines. This along with another stellar draft (2017 turns out to be a great draft for Mac), the Jets have in place their starting QB for the next 12 years & a coaching staff that knows how to create mismatches & score a ton of points. New York Jets dominate the AFC East starting in 2019.
  8. FINALLY! The NY Jets have finally decided that building a team with high priced mercenaries might get you close, signing old vets as bandaids might get you a few exciting games, but going with a team full of youngsters does two things in this new NFL. One, it opens competition without high priced vets beating out younger players based just on their high salary. Two, while completely rebuilding the team, it gives fans a chance to see what young guys emerge, get better, and become future leaders while also being in a position in the 2018 draft to have a chance at a QB that could be a future star. No one is winning in this league without a QB. It's been proven over & over again with only 5 different QBs from the AFC representing in the Super Bowl over the last 17 years. Putting azzes in the seats by signing high priced vets is like swimming against the tide. So while many fans are shaking their heads & walking away, I'm looking forward to watching this team to see which players step out into leader roles under the pressure of losing. I want to see if John Morton can finally build an offense that improves as the year progresses. This is something that many Jet fans have been asking for for years. The complaints over Harris & Deckers release are ridiculous. Harris is done! He was slow in 2010 (he was tracked down by a 280 LB tight end). Decker is coming back from 2 surgeries! 7.5 million isn't a ton of money & not one team wanted to give up a late pick, what does that tell you? This organization can't win. Jet fans bitch for years for a serious rebuild without sprinkled in high paid vets & the first time they do it in their history the media & tons of fans are killing them. I'm hoping we look back to this offseason as the year that transformed the Jets. The Patriots reign is definitely closer to being over than not & the Jets need to be ready to slip into that spot being the beasts of the AFC east. Short term pain for future gain. Go Jets!
  9. And Deshaun Jackson too, right? If your keeping Cousins at that price you better get some guys to take the pressure off of that young Tight End they have.
  10. This is great news! TOs are the number one killer of offenses. Why was Bill Parcells a great coach? He knew this & preached the sh*t out of it. His fights with Phil Simms were because Simms wasn't protecting the ball. You walk before you run in the NFL. Remember Parcells taking OC duties away in 1999 when Vinny went down? He went conservative. Parcells would practice the same plays over & over until guys could execute them in their sleep. What we need to happen is have Petty or Hack grab the starting job & FINALLY have a 10 year QB that each year gets more comfortable with his WRs. That's when you can run option routes! Just ask Mike Holmgren, many, many times, Favre saw things & changed routes & pissed Holmgren off. But, Favre was a no, no, no, QB and turned it into a TD. We just haven't had a young QB grow in the same system in FOREVER. So, if Morton succeeds, all the better because if Bowles can't get it done with the defense & Morton gets the Jets moving, Morton could be the Jets future coach.
  11. Exactly. We have the cap space so no harm to keep a quiet leader like Harris. I would cut him but I'm not Bowles who's head is close to the chopping block. I still think the Jets surprise next year. A lot of you guys way overrate other teams in this league. So many teams have weaknesses. Jets lost NOTHING getting rid of Revis, Mangold, Pryor. Marshall was a loss but he also mailed it in last year, he was not the 2015 Marshall! Losing Decker was HUGE, his versatility really opens up the field for everyone else, just go back & look at the game vs Buffalo in Buffalo. Enunwa is looking for a breakout season, the Oline hopefully starts the season healthy. The backend speed adding Adams & Maye will take some time to gel but I still think with Lee & Jenkins coming into their 2nd year somebody will shine because of their comfort level. Let's just say the holes in that secondary are gonna close WAY FASTER than they did last year. We have a lot of young guys now who can get better quickly, Leo, Burris, Lee, Jenkins, Adams, Maye. I'm looking forward to it. im sure when Seattle rebuilt it took a couple of years for those young guys to gel. Can't wait!
  12. Would love to see Elis skills diminish just enough for a slow start. Every losing team deals with frustration & turmoil especially if comprised with a bunch of Prima donnas. Problem is while we're bashing Brandon, what's probably going to happen is Shepard is gonna explode, OBJ always needs 2 be double covered, so Marshall will probably catch 100 balls if he doesn't get injured. Cowboys, Skins & Eagles secondaries BLOW! Even if they have 1 good CB like Washington, that guy has to cover Beckham Jr leaving nobodies trying to cover a 6'-5" beast like Brandon. He's probably going to have the best year of his career & that's saying something if he doesn't suffer any injuries. Eli Manning>.....Fitz...Petty...ugh.
  13. This is so true. These young kids don't have what it takes to plan a tailgate endeavor. The ones that do have probably come from more respectable parents who enjoy tailgating as a family affair with a football game afterward. It's expensive to go to NFL football games. The last few times I've gone both in New England & at MetLife, the drunken fan experience has ruined it for me so the only game I'll do everything possible to attend will be when the Jets are in the Super Bowl again. I can't wait for the day when stadiums actually police these human animals that believe it's ok to curse, scream, say demeaning things to women with children present and start fights, they think they own the place. I'm sure most fans are uncomfortable with these idiots around them, you wouldn't want to walk through a prison yard but it's not much different at some NFL stadiums.
  14. No one really has a clue how things could go. If Hackenberg starts & has some success, or even Petty (not that I saw anything from Bryce last year). Success breeds success. Hack could play well, firing up his WRs & everyone gives that extra 10%. Defense gets pumped up, causes some turnovers, offense takes advantage of field position. The 1st 5 games are not killers. I think players on this team were looking for leaders & we had none. Players coming into this next camp might be thinking, you know what? Maybe I can lead by example by just DOING MY JOB. I know it's Belichicks phrase but it says everything about success in football. DO YOUR JOB.
  15. Other than his breaks, he actually has very low mileage at 27. Very low carries. I'm cheering for him.