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  1. Exactly, because Westhoff knows in this new NFL, holding is legal on the inside. Refs only see what happens on the edges mostly, that's why jumbo formations rarely work for us, Spread them out in this new NFL, you can get more seams for your RB that way too. Bowles still thinks it's 1997 & 2009 when Parcells and Rex were coaching. Sorry Todd, your trying to get 3rd & shorts with a sh*tty Oline! Spread the out, at least you might still run & find a lane.
  2. Darron Lee is 23

    Can college players improve in the NFL? Of course. Mo isn't helping him out getting pushed 3 yards off the ball. Watch Seattle play & see how how their Dlineman hold the point of attack to keep Olineman off of their LBs. Our LBs are weak as it is, Jenkins needs to step up to & the Browns, yes, the 1-15 Browns traded us our other starting LB for Pryor,lol. I mean seriously take one moment & think about that. TEAM GAME.
  3. This narrative posed here by Jet fans that Leonard Williams is average is ridiculous. I don't know if an of you pay attention to the ENTIRE league but JJ Watt had ZERO sacks to his credit before getting injured for the season. Yes you read that right, ZERO! Oh by the way, he's out for the season AGAIN & has a HUGE CONTRACT. He also played with Mercilus & Clowney. Williams plays with Mo (who everyone is disparaging here & for good reason, he will be cut next year!), McClendon, a Steeler castoff (when do the Steelers ever let go of a defensive player that produces?), and David Bass & Kony Ealy, 2 guys fished off the waiver wire. Come on people, you have to be smarter than that. The real problem is the NFL itself. Defensive players are vastly more athletic than their offensive counterparts on the Oline. The NFL has completely subverted the rules of blocking to keep their prescious QBs healthy. You see what happens to them when they get caught out of the pocket (see Aaron Rogers). Oline hold inside in this new NFL like there's no tomorrow. How else to you explain a guy as slow as Brady, that never leaves the pocket can throw in some games 50 times in the 2nd half & not get touched? The only reason he's been sacked more this year is teams have actually gotten leads, Brady lost Edelman & Gronk for a couple games, Amendola for 1, and Hogan is slow plus Cook & Brady to time to get on the same page. Until the Jets find a couple of pass rushers who can force the edges the middle will be packed in like a can of sardines. Also, i don't believe any interior DTs should get big money unless they are quick enough to also shoot gaps (Micheal Bennett & Aaron Donald types). If Leo contract ends & he wants 100 million? See ya! Only players the ilk of Reggie White are worth that kind of dough in today's NFL. I can't even stand to watch Mo anymore, and I'm very unhappy with Macc giving him so much money. I started threads a long time ago where I thought Mos sacks were disproportionately vs bad teams and game in bunches in a few games & he disappeared in too many others. Even GMs will have to adapt to the way the NFL has evolved.
  4. Totally agree. Not only that but when you have that many guys bunched up its easier for those DTs on the Patriots to grab & throw and the refs cant see anything with so many guys in tight. Spread them out & you see holds ect. My entire theory of this game was GO FOR IT, take some chances, be UNPREDICTABLE. Jets coming out in spread with a speedy quick back like McGuire, now you can pitch, or at least he can run along put his foot in the grass & shoot through a small crease. No doubt Morton is kicking himself today. Too much predictability because of personnel groupings.
  5. This is the biggest issue with the REVERSAL, his back is to the viewer when he either 1- gets position or 2- is still bobbling the ball, so because it was called a TD it has to stand because by overturning it conjecture was introduced into the equation. Like Rodney Harrison said "GARBAGE CALL".
  6. God that was SO FRUSTRAING! Not only that but BB knows when ur running, Patricia tells his fat interior lineman to hold the center in place & your thwarted. There is no doubt in my mind that Wesley Johnson told Bowles they were holding him (almost impossible to see that sh*t inside on running plays), that's why in the 2nd half we got 2 calls of the Pats DTs holding, Bowles must have brought it up to the lead official, lotta good that did after the damage was done.
  7. Can we get back to Suck 4 Sam please?

    Yes, I agree about the QB, I'm tired of rolling out these geriatric losers. And even though I have been defending Macc, I have felt we have to draft a QB every year until we find one. Watson was a winner & a leader, beat Alabama TWICE vs the best coach in with pro defenders in Saban. Watson should have been the pick @ six, Maye would have been fine picked in the 2nd like they did. Macc had to believe there were better options this year, I believe that's why he held out for at least a 2 for Sheldon. I guess we will find out.
  8. You know we can all dissect this game into a million fractured pieces, like what defense were we in when Brady scored his 2nd TD at the end of the half but it's all just a moot point. Defenses all over this league have been trying to stop Tom Brady from ripping them a new azzhole. Last years Super Bowl, this year vs Houston when the Texans had both Watt & Mercilus playing. All of these games have the same thing in common, keep that mofo GOAT on the sideline where he can't do any damage! Did the Jets get jobbed by the refs? Your damn right, I thought there were 3 huge terrible calls in the game that could have been the difference for our Jets to get a win. While many here are talking about the most obvious & aggregious, the overturn call with ASJ, a call that really turned the momentum was much earlier in the game & came at a time when the Jets had the Pats on their heels up 14-0. How the f*ck do you throw a flag for hitting a defenseless receiver & then discuss it, pick up the flag, while Jet fans everywhere get to see a replay of a helmet to helmet hit? The Patriots are the only team in this league that get flags picked up after they are thrown? It's absolutely crazy. It happened against Houston too, Flowers grabbed the Texans TE on a 3rd down (obviously hooked him), and the flag was thrown. For all intents & purpose it would have resulted in an automatic 1st down, Texans would have eaten more clock, Pats & Brady would not have had time for their comeback as this was at the end of the 4th quarter. But, unlike any other games I witness week in & week out, inexplicably the refs gather to discuss, and announce that there is no flag on the play? They show the replay on the big screen, Flowers hooks the TE, Bill Obrien goes apesh*t on the sidelines ripping the refs, obviously to no avail. When have you ever seen a holding call & subsequent flag picked up for the Jets? NEVER! Then you had the Gronk PI with Adams. Is there ever a time that Gronk doesn't use his big mitts to push off? Not only that the replays clearly show Gronk put his hand on Adams FACEMASK. I believe that was on 3rd down? Now to the running game. 4 times in the 2nd quarter the Jets had 2nd & 2 or 1 yard to go & failed every time! That was an absolute killer! By converting you keep Brady watching, you force the Pats D into defending at least 3 more plays, and you move into scoring position while eating up the entire 2nd quarter clock. The run play calling was atrocious! Let's just run into the strength of their D. Pitch the ball, use stretch plays, stay 4/5 wide to keep them spread out. While I'm not a huge fan of any of our RBs, we really missed Powells presence. We needed to convert at least 2 of those 3rd downs. We all know Mo sucks & we got zero pressure on Brady but the bottom line, turn those calls around convert on short yardage, Jets probably are in 1st place in the AFC East. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, same old story for our New York Jets.
  9. Can we get back to Suck 4 Sam please?

    Come on, Watson is throwing Hopkins & Fuller, who are both better than Anderson. Did you miss the contract Hopkins just signed? Replace the 14 targets on Sunday from McCown to Hopkins instead of the UDFA Anderson & I'm pretty sure Jets win that game. Hopkins is arguably a top 3 WR in this league with Julio Jones & Antonio Brown.
  10. Game Observations (NE)

    We couldn't run the f*cking ball for sh*t on 3rd & short & that's the f*cking game right there! You convert those 3rd downs you keep d*ckhead Brady sucking his thumb on the sideline. NUTSHELL! Every other bad call that went against us wouldn't have meant a damn thing if we converted on those 3, third & shorts & 1, 4th & 1. This team has NO POWER run game when they need it. It might have been the Patriots defenders in the middle HOLDING Johnson & our guards up so they could stop those short runs. I don't think it was coincidence that the refs called the Pats for 2 holding calls on their Dlineman. Belichick is a f*cking cheater, we all know his motto is the refs can't call holding on every play if you hold every play.
  11. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    Very surprised by this, like everyone else has stated. Wonder if he came back out of shape?
  12. I'm shocked Gronk hasn't retired. 3 back surgeries, a few others, he's gonna look 30 & walk like an 80 year old. He's funny as hell & damn I wished the Jets had drafted him, he could find all kinds of things to do if he retired, he's advertising gold.
  13. Belichick praises Jets

    Our problem is we have a predictable QB. Advantage Belichick. It's unpredictability that bites him in his azz! He can't coach to stop Alex Smith taking off & getting a 1st down, Cam Newton, they had their hands full with Watson. Drew Brees? No problem, he's a pocket guy. Carson Wentz would give Belichick fits! You can't coach for a guy that can take 3 steps sideways & throw a bullet to an open WR on the run. These are the types of players that beat them. Their defense is what it is, good enough to hold a team like the Jets down, but guys like Smith, Wentz, Cam, Rogers, those are the QBs that can make unpredictable plays. There is no analytic that can prepare you players who are Multiple in the NFL. For us to even have a chance tomorrow, Josh McCown is gonna have to pull off some unpredictable plays, like scrambling for a 1st down, pitching a ball to a RB while he's in the grasp, he has to turn a couple of what look to be negative plays into positive plays. He'll have to play the game of his life, lol, does he have one in him? We'll see, he has to be in total control & ON.
  14. I'm hoping these 2 become cornerstones of this secondary as we move forward in this rebuild. It's pretty cool that SO FAR they playing well & im looking forward to seeing them develop as the year progresses. These are the building blocks for when we finally get a QB & start playing with some leads, forcing teams to press & if you have a great secondary you can make it very difficult on opposing offenses. Our secondary last year was literally one of the WORST I've seen since Kotite & his Vance Joseph blunder vs Tim Brown. That Monday Night Indy game last year was an EMBARRASSMENT! I honestly didn't want to wear anything that said JETS on it for months. 3 TDs in 3 drives with literally no defenders in the area, lol, Three of the quickest scores I've ever seen like a hot knife through butter. I'm not shocked one bit Macc went Safety/Safety at one & two to start his rebuild. The way that draft fell most fans wanted Dalvin Cook, and yes, hindsight is 20/20 but the Maye pick is looking pretty sweet right now.
  15. I'll be driving from NH to Fredricksburg so I'll be listening to the game on Sirius XM. My wife might have to put up with some cursing as getting off the field on 3rd downs & turnovers are what drive me crazy. This will be the 4th game she has listened to while traveling & the other 3 were nail biters like last years close one with the Pats. She always says, how come you love this team, their infuriating, every game is like an adventure. Like the game vs the Jags, that game was in the freaking bag before that crazy lateral play. That is a TYPICAL Jet game.