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  1. Everyone on the planet that knows football has said because of horrible drafting before McCaggnan arrived we had the least talent in the league. So not only does Macc have to draft guys that can play, he has to draft guys to REPLACE the players who were taken so high in the 1st place. He is trying to find a QB because Sanchez was a bust, he had to replace our entire WR core. He had to replace aging & sucky LBs, he has to replace 2 All pro aging Lineman in Dbrick & Mangold. He had no RBs other than Powell. He had no TEs left to him. My god, how quickly do you think you can transform an absolute dumpster fire that Idzik & Rex left this guy?
  2. I'm still not giving up on Smith. Whether it's Petty or Hackenberg, they both have the arm strength to utilize his skill set & the arm strength to FORCE opposing teams to have to cover him & not cheat up into the box. That opens everything up underneath for Decker, Enunwa, Stewart who is a stud at YAC, and our RBs.
  3. Thank you to other Jet fans responding to my post. It's just nice to discuss football and our team with more thoughtful responses instead of fire everyone, we're gonna suck & have no chance brigade. Sometimes I wonder why some Jet fans don't just find something else to do they're so f*cking miserable.
  4. Rogers is TERRIBLE! But in his defense, Bowles was a pussy last year excusing guys not giving effort. Something Belichick would NEVER TOLERATE.
  5. The lack of aggression last year was obvious to anyone watching the Jets. It was so easy to see how hard Enunwa & Powell were playing just by the extra effort they were exerting to gain every inch of yardage on every play. Williams, Lee, Jenkins, Burris all showed signs of hustle and that WANT TO you see in young players even though they made some mistakes. It truly was the high paid veterans that let this team down by either half assing plays or watching from the sidelines with injuries. I've said it before, you can't win in the NFL without passion, too many vets on this team were collecting pay checks & had already checked out. We might not be very good next year but I doubt lack of effort will be the culprit.
  6. That produce and love the game and love punching people in the mouth! Am I happy about 2 safeties? Not really but the back end of our defense was atrocious last year. Matt Moore threw 3 TDs against us in one quarter of football (let that one sink in). With Adams, Maye and Lee, we're talking guys that can fly around so those large windows QBs were throwing into last year will be a lot smaller when these guys start learning to play together & based on everything that's been said about Adams, the dude is a coach on the field. Stewart seems to be the offensive version of these safeties. Tough minded relentless player. At least these 3 draft picks are bringing some attitude to probably one of the softest teams in the league last year. Rome wasn't built in a day and while I'm lamenting the fact that we didn't pick Delvin Cook, most NFL pundents are very high on all 3 players we took, and some highly respected scouts think the Jets got great value, stud football players so far. All of them have PRODUCED, these weren't guys picked on projections. Now Macc has 6 more picks & UDFA, plus the usual unexpected cuts teams make like Barnidge being let go in Cleveland. Sure he's 31 but he'd be a great mentor to ASJ and whoever we take today at TE, plus he'd certainly help whatever QB takes the snaps this year.
  7. I'm enjoying this, lol.
  8. Belichick trade back 11 spots with the Titans & gets a 4th rounder...come on Macc!
  9. Wow, even the Jetster who likes to find a silver lining in everything is completely stunned by this one. It's like our GMs are trying to outdo each other for worst 2nd round picks in Jets history. He may be a stud, and I could live with it if we had 2 second round & 3rd rounders but I'm totally perplexed here & believe that Bowles like Rex has WAY TO MUCH say in the drafting process.
  10. Tampa Bay thought Steve Young sucked too.
  11. Please stop. Another guy that expects pro bowlers as soon as they step on an NFL field. No one even knew who Collins was his 1st year in New England, Farrior was lost here & excelled in the right system in Pittsburgh. My god our fan base is filled with lunatics. Lee also was also a rookie, playing beside another rookie in Jenkins, next to a dinosaur in Harris, playing behind a Dline who had 1 guy show up every week in Williams. Playing in front of a weak secondary. This is a team game you know. You can't view everything through the eye of a needle.
  12. I know I've been defending the Adams pick, I was positive he wouldn't drop to 6 based on how many people on Sirius NFL Network thought he was literally the safest pick in this entire draft based on football intelligence, production, athletic ability, leadership skill and passion for the game of football. Here is part of my post, so you can understand why I'm a happy Jet fan this morning. "You need leadership at all levels of a football team. If you look at successful franchises they all have it. Obviously we need a QB to step up but we also have to find those character guys that fire people up. Football has to be played with a very high level of intensity each week or you have no chance. How many Mondays do you say, "wow, the Jets didn't even show up?". I think Leo becomes the leader of our Dline obviously, Lee or Jenkins have to make that climb at LB since Harris is pretty much done. Pryors failure to play to expectations has really killed our secondary, so while everyone's poo pooing a safety like Adams at #6 it's imperative that we find a leader like Adams to solidify that part of the team."
  13. Exactly! Rex got Quinton Coples & Calvin Pryor.....Macc got Williams & Adams, contest!
  14. Just because you trade for a sh*t load of picks doesn't mean you'll be successful. BB had the luxury of having Tom Brady, but go back & look at some of the past Patriots drafts, they weren't that great. His best draft was getting Gronk & Hernandez. He converted McCourty to safety because he decided he was to important to lose! Paid him too. And here we have fans telling us that safety is not an important position, lol. Pull up the posts from last year where each & every week, fans were lambasting Pryor & Gilchrist for SUCKING AZZ. Bowles tried everything at safety, Miles, bringing up Middleton. If the position is so irrelevant than why did KC just give Berry 70 million f*cking dollars. Why did Seattles defense not look nearly as strong when Earl Thomas got hurt? Look what Landin Collins did for the Giants defense last year, he energized the entire secondary. Macc had ZERO to do with drafting Calvin Pryor. In his 3rd draft, call it luck or whatever, he took the BPA in the 1st round, 2 studs, Williams & Adams (FOOTBALL PLAYERS) that will lead our defense going forward. There's a sh*tload of very good players still left in this draft. The 1st round is not the end all & never has been, the same lame teams keep picking there year after year. In the past a guy like Adams would drop & Jet fans would be screaming for him like Sapp & the idiots running this team would get cute & pick Kyle f*cking Brady. Pan the Lee pick all you want but drafting Adams just gave Lee a license to do a lot more than he was able to last year covering for the lame azzes missing tackles all over the place last year. These next 3 picks (hopefully 4 if we can unload Richardson) will be where the rubber hits the road going forward. Plus the huge amount of free agent money next year (Decker, Harris, Pryor, Gilchrist) probably all gone, some maybe after this draft & his 4th draft coming up in 2018. F*ck people, everyone screams REBUILD THE RIGHT WAY, but it's painful & takes time & patience. This team was devoid of talent through horrific drafting before Macc got here. Why take WR when next year they'll be PLENTY of guys looking for a new team. Let's hope Tannenbaum keeps overspending & we steal Jarvis Landry from them. They'll be plenty of good RBs in the 3rd round tonight. Rebuilds are like blocks, you gotta stack him, at least now we might have a couple of team leaders in Williams & Adams. If Mo has a rebirth & Lee, Jenkins and Burris progress, Claiborne stays healthy, they could be fun to watch. Can't wait for tonight.
  15. You do know he's had 3 shoulder surgeries correct? NFL RBs take a beating, I get it that the guy is special but RBs barely get 4 years coming in healthy?