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  1. Trends To Watch

    If this weekend didn't prove you cant go by what a team did last week, I don't know what to tell you. In preseason the word was Bortles was gonna lose his job to Henne. Now hes the next coming,lol. Miamis skill players are just as good as the Jags & they lost Robinson for the year. Move the chains, protect the ball, stop the run, play physical like you did against Miami. Yesterday....Oakland is gonna kill the Skins! nope, Broncos will win easy...nope, Steelers will surely kill the Bears...nope, Miami vs Jets? LOCK for Miami...nope. Pressure Bortles, home D always gets off the ball faster at home. Brooks was awesome, Adams, Maye that's a nice trifecta to move around. Little more McGuire bursts & Stewart on offense. Scare them with Anderson, open the middle for ASJ. Really liking Morton, baby steps but progress. Go Jets.
  2. Trends To Watch

    He reminds me of Rod Smith, remember him with the Broncos? Wasn't flashy but was really tough to bring down and got physical YAC.
  3. And for all of the other bullies on this site. Your schticks are old & stale. Oh, and here's a copy of what I posted on 9/19 here & got hammered on here for. Well Max was with me,lol. "Your overestimating average teams in this league & Miami is an average team. Sure, we're not that good, but players still hit, fumble, Cutlers known for throwing up a few for grabs. Games in this league between average teams & bad teams anything can freaking happen. Strip sack, long lucky TD from McCown to Anderson, its still a game with great athletes out there. Jets haven't given up like last year, much harder to be so sure about a loss. Lets just say I don't know many people that would lay down good money on this game taking Miami in an outright win. This is a stay away game in knockout leagues." How awesome was it to see all of those Fin fans do the walk of Shame after getting their azzes handed to them by a Jet team showing off some of its young players. I think I summed the game up pretty well before it was even played.
  4. Why?

    Why do I see refs change calls in the Pats favor so often? I don't think I've ever seen a ref pick up a flag thrown against the Jets & change the call after the fact. The Pats were called for holding the RB on 3rd down. Then got some unexplained reason the ref picks up the flag & and the replay is shown & the call was correct, Watson hasn't thrown the ball & you clearly see Flowers hooks the RB. Obrien went mental on the refs while the Texans kicked a FG, but things like this make me wonder about this league sometimes.
  5. Other Games Thread

    Did you see the refs pick up a flag before the Texans kicked the FG to go up 5? Blatant hook on the RB trying to get out, ref throws the flag, Texans would have an auto 1st & burnt up the clock, Pats had only 1 TO left. Refs pick up the flag? Say no flag? Obrien sees hold on replay, loses his sh*t on the refs, to no avail. Pats win. SAME OLD STORY IN GILLETTE.
  6. Why?

    It was a game changing pick up of a penalty that did happen & it's a complete mystery why they would pick up the flag & say there was no penalty? They showed the replay, Flowers clearly hooks the RB coming out of the backfield & you can clearly see that Watson still has the ball. It would have been GAME OVER as the Pats had 1 timeout, Texans would have had an automatic 1st down & run the clock down & may have scored a TD to make it an 8 point lead with very little or no time left. Obrien had a right to be outraged.
  7. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    I thought he was a bust after the Bills game? At least that's what I read here.
  8. Jermaine Kearse

    Wilson moves around a lot. Kearse seems to be perfect for the WCO. Smart, knows how to find holes in zones & has been surehanded. Good young vet to lead our neophyte WRs. Great trade & if Seattle keeps losing olineman that 2nd round pick might be really nice. 49ers almost beat them in Seattle, LA Rams always play them tough, be nice to pick top 6 in 2nd & 8 picks later.
  9. Gang Green SQUISHED. THE. FISH!

    Plus Seattle losing today, every Seattle loss gives us a better 2nd rounder in 2018!
  10. I read this site every day just to see what the state of Jet fans is. There were a bunch of you critics bashing the Rams & calling Goff a bust last year in his 1st year in the NFL. Perfect example of jumping to conclusions & not letting players grow. Another example as coaching matters. We desperately need to get a create offensive coach if we in fact are in position to grab a QB in the 2018 draft. Bowles is Jeff Fisher....only worse at coaching defense.
  11. This fan base is full of crybabies. Adams is gonna be a good 1st round pick. End of story, we needed a win here after Coples,Milliner, Pryor. Scouts think 2018 is the best QB crop since 2004. Adams was the safest pick. When we cut all the veterans I reserved myself to the fact this was finally a true rebuild which the Jets have never done without high priced veteran bandaid signings. You can't do it in 1 year. 2018- QB, Oline, CB, RB, MLB (Lee gets put where he belongs, Mo Wilkerson? (CUT!). Its going to be fun when we get closer to rebuilding the offense, watching these 2 safeties grow up together and lead this defense making all of the calls in the secondary getting guys lined up & in position. (Both Adams & Maye bring intelligence to read offensive sets & the more experience they get the more successful the entire defense will be). 2018 we'll start seeing NY Jets growing & improving, 2019 is when we're back challenging for the division.
  12. THIS is why the NY Jets will always SUCK if Woody Johnson is making the decisions. Belichick has been kicking your since 2001, so what do you do? You go to the guy for advice whom Belichick filets to help make a huge decision about your team because your a moron who can't think for himself, or know anything about the business you f*cking own! Being a Jet fan is very difficult.
  13. Where are the Goff bashers now?

    Lol, who's going crazy? I just made a comment based on the ridiculous expectations of Jet fans that every draft pick start game one as an MVP candidate at their position. Yes, I know the Colts & 49ers suck, but he was accurate, made throws while pressured, surveyed the field & went through progressions. Hell, if Bryce Petty did what Goff did last night Jet fans would be doing handstands but we actually had people on this board last year stating "thank god Macc was unable to move up & draft that bust", lol. I will say this, Rosen looks like a better Goff, so I'm completely on the Rosen bandwagon. He makes accurate short throws on the move, imperative to being successful in the NFL.
  14. Seriously, are the Jets not even able to communicate with a guy while on suspension? Its pretty f*cking simple. "we gave you a mulligan, don't be a f*cking moron or we'll cut your azz faster than running backs cut through our buttery defense".
  15. 3 and 2

    Funny thing is, what if they do actually stop Miami from any long runs? can they? that's the question & Bowles dilemma. Parcells & Belichick always talk about the couple of plays that break games open. For the Jets it started with the dropped punt & then it was the 2 long TD runs right up the gut. Jets aren't nearly good enough to overcome 1 to 2 bad plays let alone 3. But this Sunday, maybe they are in position to limit splash plays. Can Bowles scheme it & the players execute? Stay tuned. I actually think the Jets oline is much better than the Chargers, not saying much but I think there was a huge discrepancy of opponents between Jets going to Oakland & Miami getting 2 weeks to prepare for the Chargers. Just my thoughts & I'll be here to take my fair share of abuse if I'm completely off target with this.
  16. 3 and 2

    Ok..this made me chuckle.
  17. Exactly,lol. Then for icing on the cake they consult with guys like Casserly & the ex-Greenbay dude & we end up with Bowles. Bowles better get this f*cking defense fixed because there is NOBODY that can convince me that Bowles has no influence with Macc about the type of defenders he wants. These guys are on equal footing so I'm sure Macc asked Bowles opinions. Moves like signing Cro, Skrine, McClendon, drafting Lee & 2 safeties, all Bowles opinions I believe. Now Bowles may have wanted to keep Richardson, understandable but I think Woody/Chris Johnson said NO F*CKING WAY am I giving that idiot a crazy large contract! Macc did awesome getting a #2 & Kearse. Every Jet fan should be hoping for a slightly twisted ankle for Wilson & a bunch of losses for that Seattle team.
  18. Woody was like the kid in Toy Story, spoiled, wreaking havoc on his belongings. I don't think Ive ever heard a comment from Woody Johnson about specific area of the team? Chris knew right away about the run defense. He admits the Jets are rebuilding but he also acknowledged hes looking for PROGRESS as the year goes on with this young team. This ambassador thing for Woody might be a blessing in disguise. Maybe Chris is a fan just like us, watching intently, thinking WTF as another runner goes untouched 52 yards. At least he's paying attention, anytime Ive seen a camera on Woody at a game he's not even looking at the field.
  19. He actually knows whats going on. If you asked these same football questions to Woody, he'd look at you like you had 3 heads.
  20. Agree with you on the Cunningham comparison. I believe if the Jets are in top 5 they have to take a chance on another top QB. 1 of these guys will be available even at pick #5- Jackson/Allen/Fitzgerald/Mayfield. Obviously I want either Darnold or Rosen (leaning towards Rosen love his moxie- guys throws a pick 6 & just comes back & tosses a TD) but Id be happy with a Cunningham clone like Lamar Jackson (would definitely be exciting) & Cunningham was criticized for being inaccurate.
  21. I actually like what I'm hearing from him. He's going to rate this crew on progress! Bowles is under the gun. So far his run defense has been atrocious & he's put Lee & Davis in positions to be targeted by opposing offenses & the Jets defense is losing. Bowles better fix it is what I'm hearing. I think Chris made great points regarding young players & the patience it takes to let young players grow & fail so you can find out who needs to be upgraded. But Bowles can't go through this entire season going backwards or having his team continue to make the same mistakes like giving up 180 yards on the ground a game.
  22. Jets are beating Miami @ home on Sunday. I know, I know, tanking, blah, blah, blah, but the Raiders are a huge step up from the Dolphins, biggest Oline in the league, weapons all over the place & adding a hungry Lynch, and an up & coming franchise QB. That punt muff was a HUGE turning point on the road, very difficult to overcome. Here's my reasoning, 1- Fins coming back from the west coast to the east & on the road again. 2- Cutler is a shell of himself, Id be more afraid of Moore to be honest. 3- Jets WILL eventually stop someones run game & the Fins Oline isn't even close to Bills or Raiders. 4- Kearse has found a place here very quickly & that opens everyone else up to make plays. 5- Powell has good games vs the Fins and McGuire could get some touches in the 2nd half (been a long time since Miami has had to defend a shifty quick Jets back. 6- Oline gained some confidence last week & got the running game going a bit. 7- McCown hasn't made huge mistakes & has been protecting the ball. 8- ASJ returns & with Kearse making plays the middle of the field will be open. Miamis oline compared to what the Jets have played will be the difference. LBs wont get blocked at the 2nd level on Sunday, Adams & May seem to get better each game & Miami doesn't have BIG WRs like the Raiders with Crabtree/Cooper. Also Ajayi is good, he ain't in beastmodes category. Sorry fellow Jet fans, Tank season goes off course this Sunday. Jets win in a close one with a long drive & a winning FG at the end.
  23. 66 points in 2 weeks

    Our defenses have not been very good at all SINCE Bowles arrived! Even in 2015 his defenses were giving up huge plays, unable to get to halftime without allowing opposing offenses to score & they never get off the field on important 3rd downs. I don't think it lies somewhere in between, it's more like 75/25 Bowles sucks.