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  1. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    We needed to hit the restart button. Take the commercial break, completely regroup. Doesn’t matter, Bowles, his defense, his DBs = all garbage.
  2. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    I understand that Miami has all the momentum, we are pinned deep and we are rolling out the great Josh McCown. I take the knee and hope for better field position in OT...
  3. Skrine is so bad.

    Skrine is nearing the Kyle Wilson level of suckitude. Cut him on the plane ride home. I’d rather dig up Joe McKnight and stick him out there next week.
  4. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    Cut them all
  5. Fire Bowles, cut Skrine, shut down Wilk
  6. Fire Bowles, 2 straight weeks blowing a 14 point lead
  7. Field conditions for Sunday

    What’s going on here? The telegram was all scrambled up. The message isn’t actually to Thompson, it’s from him. I’ve got to get to the race. Tell Bowles to stretch the field tomorrow.
  8. Field conditions for Sunday

    Huh? I’m not THAT baked yet, but doesn’t MetLife have field turf
  9. If the future is a multi threat QB and the spread, you are going to need at least 2-3 and a WR/RB who can take snaps in a pinch on your roster.
  10. It all comes back to the Fitz mutiny of 2016. Hope Bryce enjoyed those ranger tix.
  11. i guess we're just going to have to win the whole damn thing then
  12. Giants are the 2015 Jets

    Did Marshall meet with Fitz after the game?
  13. Bowles has defeated the Jags and the last place Dolphins