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  1. Possible this rebuild project gets pushed over to Jared Kushner? He's supposedly going to solve the tensions in the Middle East and modernize the US government's Computer Systems. Rebuilding an NFL team that hasn't won in 40 something years should be a piece of cake.
  2. Has Chris Johnson ever held a legit job?
  3. Well I'm rooting for them. Someone has to stop the Pats already. They probably have the best shot imo.
  4. Woody Johnson is the American Dream in action, pure Horatio Alger....
  5. Holy sh*t he hit the ocean
  6. I do not think there is an owner who would be willing to buck the trend, outside a season or 2. Ironically enough, even with the rules and video game stats, I think QB play has declined quite dramatically. How many "locks" for the HOF are playing QB right now? I say 2, Brady and Rogers w/ guys who are close (Brees and Wilson off the top of my head). I remember a time when we had Montana, Elway, Young, Kelly, Marino, Moon, Favre and Aikman all playing at the same time. i wonder how the marginal guys like Simms, Testeverde, Harbaugh, O'Brien, Bono, DeBerg, Hebert and Boomer would look under today's QB rules.
  7. A great idea - if this was 2010
  8. Wow Hack had a good day in Pass Skelly, I feel better now
  9. Ah Josh McCown and Buster Skrine - our locker room leaders
  10. Probably a 7th that could go up to a 6th
  11. Whether or not he'll be a good NFL HC, who knows. He has the "name" that Woody would love to roll out for the publicity. Money won't be an object. The media is saying that he is angling for the bears job, but we'll have the Cap space and the top pick. A little ironic the Jets fully institute operation tank job on the day stoops retires.