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  1. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    Jax will be straightened out and competitive come Sept. Too much talent, and they have an exec/HC team that's not Fing around. Could def see Henne starting and having a career year.
  2. Drama amongst the Jets beat-offs

    Deadspin had a write up on it. Had no clue Dan L was a Breitbart contributor. With Steve Bannon out in Washington, maybe Chris Johnson will bring him on to supervise Eric Allen?
  3. our off-season leader with a near pick
  4. McCown looks better than Glennon and Geno
  5. Caption this photo

    Jim - hi this is Mike, how are things looking in Michigan? No no no this is Mike from the Jets. Hello? Hello?
  6. Sounds like an a$$hole but not an idiot. A player with a brain. Sign me up.
  7. I would start by making outlandish and controversial statements about just about everything (sex, politics, money, race, religion, etc) in the press. I would then show up at 345 Hudson and walk in on Christie and Carton. I would instigate a fight with Christie over beach chairs and bridge closings. It'll wind up like the skinheads on Geraldo or Al Sharpton on Morton Downey. That'll get us the backpage without resorting to signing over the hill FAs. I would then look to see which QBs plan to come out. Jan might be too early, but have my black ops reach out to Darnold to see what it would take for him to come out (coaching staff preferences, etc). If he's a no and there is no other prospects that get me wet, I'll keep the Mac/Bowles for 2018. Just to eff with Mac/Bowles I'd force Rex on them as DC. That should lock down the #1 pick in 2019.
  8. I saw him beat Rutgers once, they were better than this current Jets team
  9. Who did less with more-Joe Walton or Herm?

    Of all the Jet HCs who sucked, who sucked with the most talent
  10. Quincy enunwa out for season with neck injury

    Hope the Striper Run is good this fall
  11. jets tickets have no value at all

    I am getting a massive amount emails from people who have STs under corporate accounts offering free tickets for just about every game. Usually don't starting getting these sort of emails till after week 4.