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  1. F+ he will be a slight upgrade from Pryor
  2. The pick is cursed for the Jets. Trade out and try to recoup another 3rd or 4th.
  3. 8-8, last second win against the pats practice squad in week 17. Woody face times the lockerroom from London, announces Mac and Bowles will return. Team celebrates like they won the Super Bowl.
  4. Even Belicheck never used chemical weapons
  5. Idk - loved him after that giant game. Week 17 in buffalo he lost me.
  6. I really think Indy is keeping Pagano around because they are waiting on Harbaugh. Harbaugh had his best years in Indy, is well liked there, and they already have his QB in place. Michigan wins a title, he's in Indy the following season.
  7. 98 yes 09 no 10 we lose a close one, that year was the only decent defensive team the pack has had with Rodgers
  8. I liked them when they started. Now it's just overly political, millennial whining and soccer.
  9. Can't wait till Brandon starts lobbying for Fitz
  10. When I was in HS you stuck your hand up the Center's crack like a man
  11. "The Last Captain" lol
  12. Mark my words - this time next year this board will be debating what the Jets should do with the 6th pick in the draft...
  13. This is the draft that has the Jets moving from #6 to #2 to pick Mitchell Trubinsky?
  14. I assume these guys are in a window of non-testing with regards to PEDs. Probably all juiced up for these prodays.
  15. There is going to be a thread in 10 years titled: "Remember when Buster Skrine annointed himself as the leader of the locker room"