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  1. He comes off to me as the out of control younger brother who gives no Fs. I think Mac and Bowles are toast.
  2. OLine > Franchise QB

    What's the FA market looking like for OLs this coming spring? We'll have some cash.
  3. Caught the 2nd quarter thru the beginning of the 4th. Simple observation. The offense looked OK given what they have to work with. The Defense, with all of it's high draft picks, might have looked the worst I've ever scene it.
  4. Oakland (-14)

    Oakland is going to drop 50 on Sunday
  5. David Johnson out 2-3 months

    Probably would get better return for Bilal
  6. Russ Grimm Scott Linehan Jim Schwartz Bill O'Brien
  7. Will MetLife be this bad?

    Will be filled with dolphin fans
  8. "His eyes were good" Reminds me of Kotite's "The boys played hard"
  9. Jacksonville all over Houston

    Ah the coach we could of had, but of course Woody is afraid of that 7-11 employee writing for the Daily News
  10. Why not go for it there? great punt, but they take 4 minutes off the clock or score any points, game is done
  11. I can't think of an opening day where I gave less of a crap about the outcome than this one.
  12. Did any one create the Kickstarter yet? When do the billboards go up?
  13. So what's the tally on the known gambling debt? $1.1 to casinos and a little over $800K to a bookie?
  14. He's Christie's buddy, the orange one will pardon him
  15. Rex goes IN on Jets, Hackenberg.

    he will be back, just inevitable
  16. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    Jax will be straightened out and competitive come Sept. Too much talent, and they have an exec/HC team that's not Fing around. Could def see Henne starting and having a career year.
  17. Drama amongst the Jets beat-offs

    Deadspin had a write up on it. Had no clue Dan L was a Breitbart contributor. With Steve Bannon out in Washington, maybe Chris Johnson will bring him on to supervise Eric Allen?