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  1. I see a lot of OJ Howard, Eric Ebron comparisons so here are there combine numbers - Howard - Ebron They look very similar in terms of measurables. I don't watch college football so someone who does can weigh in on the differences they saw on the tapes.
  2. Fantastic movie, can't wait for the 2nd
  3. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit.
  4. I didn't reinforce your ridiculous argument at all. There are/were plenty of White ESPN on-air personalities who were there for their 'Hot Takes'. You can't argue the fact that ESPN changed the model of what made them successful & that was Highlights & Insights. It doesn't matter what color the host of an ESPN show is - it could be Stephen A, Skip Bayliss, Dan Le Betard, Jim Rome, Michael Wilbon, Tony Kornheiser, Michael Smith etc.. No one cares that much about what they have to say. Show us the highlights, throw in some witty jokes & get on with the programming.
  5. I don't think that's whats going on, that's a ridiculous argument. I think it's an all encompassing issue where ESPN moved from sports highlights & insights to making it all about these talking head journalists, basically becoming a TMZ type network when all people wanted were highlights not Skip Bayliss or Stephen A Smiths 'Hot Take'. You combine this with the advances in technology to where people have another option to watch what they want & a few bad investments by ESPN and you're in the spot that ESPN is in.
  6. I had a good chuckle at how wrong this is.
  7. I understand ESPN needs to re-tool. I think everyone has talked about that for a few years & acknowledged this. But in theses discussions we've all said they need to move away from the TMZ & Hot Take type entertainment. What people loved was watching the highlights & then hearing some insight about the games, especially guys who played. Not Stephen A Smiths opinion on whatever topic. They could easily achieve this & with how big fantasy sports are you can come up with good content. ESPN can be salvaged, BUT after reading the article & seeing the below quote from one of the top brass, there is no hope for them. Neither of these shows are what people want. They want less of this. I don't care about your sports hosts personalities, I care about the game that was played!!
  8. I like the trade down for Howard & for me if we cant get one of Fournette/Adams/Hooker that would be the next best thing. I don't see Cook lasting until the 2nd round though. Watt is def an interesting prospect.
  9. Barring a trade, Adams or Howard
  10. Honestly if Darnold is as good as everyone expects him to be, you can't trade that pick. You have to select him, regardless of who you have at QB.
  11. ESPN charges for non-sense like this?
  12. 1-15, #1 overall pick, young players play well in losses, draft Darnold.
  13. Can't blame Marshall for asking for the release. He's on the back end of his career but still has a lot left, he wants a ring. You also can't blame Mikey Mac for offering the extension. It's a smart thing to do when you know your rebuilding with young QBs. You give them weapons on the outside so they can succeed, and Brandon is, talent wise anyway, still one of those guys. It sucks Brandon left, I did like him as a Jet & wish him well.