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  1. We're home v Jacksonville week 4 & then @ Cleveland week 5 (Also @ Buffalo week 1) We'll have a pretty good idea where our draft spot will land for 2018 early in the season with the outcomes of these 2 games. Both the Rams & the 49ers look to have tough schedules though. I think the Titans will have a pretty solid year.
  2. And select the consensus worst QB of the top 3 guys. SOJ
  3. I would love it if they just let Shaq & Barkley do Monday nights because that would be entertainment & that's all ESPN is after at this point. There's got to be a way to listen to the game w/o announcers & have it just be crowd noise & whatever is picked up from the field.
  4. Surprise me by not screwing up the chance to getting a franchise QB in next years draft.
  5. How is McCown & not Petty on this list? Petty showed some flashes last year & i would venture that again, he gets the nod to start before Hack.
  6. In reality that should be big Mo Wilk. But I see it being Big Cat & Adams.
  7. I think Decker stays for part of the year, maybe a trade around the deadline for a team that's looking to get over the hump? Sucks for Smith, unfortunately injuries like this are just out of your control.
  8. I see a lot of OJ Howard, Eric Ebron comparisons so here are there combine numbers - Howard - Ebron They look very similar in terms of measurables. I don't watch college football so someone who does can weigh in on the differences they saw on the tapes.
  9. Fantastic movie, can't wait for the 2nd
  10. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit.
  11. I didn't reinforce your ridiculous argument at all. There are/were plenty of White ESPN on-air personalities who were there for their 'Hot Takes'. You can't argue the fact that ESPN changed the model of what made them successful & that was Highlights & Insights. It doesn't matter what color the host of an ESPN show is - it could be Stephen A, Skip Bayliss, Dan Le Betard, Jim Rome, Michael Wilbon, Tony Kornheiser, Michael Smith etc.. No one cares that much about what they have to say. Show us the highlights, throw in some witty jokes & get on with the programming.
  12. I don't think that's whats going on, that's a ridiculous argument. I think it's an all encompassing issue where ESPN moved from sports highlights & insights to making it all about these talking head journalists, basically becoming a TMZ type network when all people wanted were highlights not Skip Bayliss or Stephen A Smiths 'Hot Take'. You combine this with the advances in technology to where people have another option to watch what they want & a few bad investments by ESPN and you're in the spot that ESPN is in.
  13. I had a good chuckle at how wrong this is.