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  1. Game off, done

    Good thing you turned it off an hour ago worst call ever
  2. "I don't see why you'd draft a (name position) talent like (players name) to not play him there" The Jets seem to have made a habit of this lately..
  3. Jets vs Bills Week 1 Preview

    I still think Buffalos offense can put up points. Outside of Watkins, who was hurt a good amount last year, who have they lost? Shady is a year older & they drafted Zay Jones & if he plays Jordan Matthews is a solid receiver. Add in Charles Clay who can also be a game changer when he's healthy. I see the same thing happening this year as it did last year. Offense struggles, defense does well early but because they are on the field too often they start making mental mistakes and Buffalo gets a couple TDs Bills - 28 Jets - 14
  4. That sucks, I enjoy the show compared to all the other morning garbage out there.
  5. Didn't even make it to the regular season..
  6. It is because if they get the first pick the trade offers from the browns and especially the bills will be outrageous. We don't have the fire power to be in the conversation
  7. it's not just about shedding salary, it's shedding proven talent. With guys like Marshall, Decker, Mangold, Breno, Clady, Sheldon (if we trade him) on the team they can make plays that win you a game which is the exact opposite of the plan to suck for Dnarnold or Allen/Rosen. Getting rid of them & allowing younger guys w/ some talent will help in the long run. It's not just the jets - Browns & Bills are getting rid of proven guys as well
  8. There are 4 obvious teams but as someone mentioned above, the Colts are a darkhorse team. No Luck & outside of TY Hilton that team stinks..
  9. Jets Shopping Sheldon...Again

    "Occasionally played out of position" - 2 years at LB is a long occasion. Also, I agree with your sentiment on keeping Mo. He had a down year after a bad injury, let him bounce back this year. Unfortunately the decision to deal Sheldon isn't based on talent, if it was we'd have Williams & Sheldon, it's based on his behavior.
  10. Join me in supporting Bryce Petty

    My question to the Bryce brigade, and don't get me wrong I hope he does well & thought he deserved a shot against the 1s this preseason, is if Hackenberg absolutely kills it in the 4th pre-season game against 2-3 stringers how is it any different than what Petty did? And does that change your mind about which one should be backup?
  11. Training Camp Practice 8/24

    Sounds like everyone is over analyzing the situation. McCown has the starting position locked up & in the interest of developing/seeing what Petty & Hack have they are now getting time w/ the 1's.
  12. We'll see how everything goes during the season when everything is in full gear. The one thing to me that stood out that will translate over into the season regardless of the situation was the team speed on defense. -they were flying, 1st-3rd stringers.
  13. You made this thread too early. Let's wait and see how all these guys perform when they get their shot in the regular season against 1st teamers
  14. Caption this photo

    "When does Darnold report to camp?"
  15. How is he the odd man out in Philly!?!? I don't get these reports. Agholor has done next to nothing in his 2 years in the league.