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  1. I wouldn't even call him a great coach, he is still one of the worst in game coaches i have ever seen if his team gets behind.
  2. Andy Reid is a tad overrated imo. He has been part of things like this in the past where he gets more power.
  3. Worst QBs in the league. Lower than average RBS, not bad but no game breaker. Most unproven if not worst WR group in the league, guys like Anderson and Enunwa are going to face a whole other level of push back now they don;t have some good vets who get big attention. TE, big improvement over nothing at all but ASJ is a character issue and the Clemson dude is a rookie. Oline, good guards overall but they don;t seem to know what to do at tackles and center is a huge ? Dline, in theory should be almost the best in the league. Linebackers are suspect to poor. CB's very suspect, we are hoping some guys take a big step. Safeties should be very good for what we put into that spot. special teams are below average to awful. Coaching, if it is anything like last year, worst in the league. However I think Morton is going to be a good OC and the new QB coach will an improvement as well. The team is weak in most of the premium positions you need to at least be decent in to win, they are thin in depth and awful in some positions. The Jets are full value for their ranking coming into this year.
  4. No I am beating you and a host of other fans up for ignoring his negative parts and then gloming onto a couple of practices now and saying he is very promising all of a sudden. If his recent two practices are very relevant then all of the previous negatives that were ignored or excused away were relevant,
  5. Are you talking in pirate speak? Arrrrrrvarrrrtarrrr
  6. Great how this whole issue is now front page news and a big concern once the NY Jets purge their rosters as opposed as to other teams doing the same the last 50 years.
  7. Well we know his strengths and weaknesses we should be trying to expose him with backs and TEs every time we play the pats.
  8. Anderson and Enunwa are going to see a whole other level of coverage and game planning this year if they are the #1 and #2 guys. Those evil no good nicks Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker attracted no attention from other teams last year at all.
  9. Guy looks terrible in college. (you can't judge him! He had a bad oline and bad coach!) Wait until he is in the pros! Guy looks awful in his 1st camp and preseason games (around 37% accuracy in both games last year.) You can't judge him in such a short period of time! Give him a break! Guy looks bad to start the otas, 'You can't judge him! Wait, give him a chance!' Guy looks decent in a couple of practices. 'We have our Qb of the future! I told you so!'
  10. Booo beat me by about 1 mili second!
  11. He can hit the ocean so that is one immediate bonus.
  12. Protecting the QBs from late hits is not an issue. Having horrible punitive cheesy pass interference calls while ignoring blatant oline holding is a problem. Awful awful pass catching rules in which not one person knows what a cat is or isn't on any given play is a problem. Too much power being given to coaches in game by letting them call time outs is a problem.
  13. That was literally one of the stupidest things in history.
  14. Madoff was a huge jets fan