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  1. I was no upset with what we did with our guards but was not happy with the Beachum (inured and tossed aside by Jax) and Ijalana who i view as a puer back up player. I totally agree about the draft, teams fail alot trying to fix oline via fa. The best olineman do not get to Fa.
  2. is maneesh brain dead?

    That still reflects on the GM who gave him the monster deal coming off a broken leg. One way or another we did not get value at all and not only the leg he had issues making it to meetings and such.
  3. Andrew Luck

    We kept Ryna Fitzpatrick because we were in win now mode.
  4. We all know that Mehata is a troll and a duffus however the Jets current org structure is so awful that sooner or later it will implode badly. Owner now ambassador handing it over to a newbie brother, Absolutely no older vet experienced football man in the top end of the org to tell the owner if he is being bullsh*tted by the gm or coach. GM and coach on 100% even footing in the org structure (a recipe for disaster). This team will have a hard time sorting this all out until they fix this. All the past it our out of football coaches people dreg up to be the coach of this team? (Cowher, Gruden etc) Forget that, get that person to be the VP in charge of football ops, a lower pressure, less hours cushy job but still very important.
  5. Mark Sanchez lead the team to two afc title games? Well Shotty lead the team to two afc title games.
  6. Rex is a media guy now he will be like Grudne and the rest and every guy he talks to or about will be the greatest.
  7. JetNation 8/22 Tuesday Tidbits

    Bryce Petty as a rookie in exhibition games: 60% completion, 1 td, 0 ints Christian Hackenburg as a rookie in ex games" 36% completion, 1 td, 2 ints
  8. They will shock the world and Bryce Petty will pull a Buster Douglas like upset and be the starter!
  9. Blake Bortles

    Pull a Cleveland and take bortles if the jags give us a 2nd rounder. Also re Cleveland, Kizer has been named their starter.
  10. 8/22----------Camp Tweets

    Darnold is going to be better than Mahommes.
  11. They are trolls but the jets coach and GM fall into the trap of just not coming out and clearing up some issues. This adds fuel to speculation. The whole QB resp thing has been odd.
  12. 8/22----------Camp Tweets

    It isn't though, the best time to evaluate a draft is that day it happens because that is the exact same time the jets front office has to. It is useless to evaluate the draft 4 years later. Oh gholston was a terrible pick that is my evaluation 4 years after he was drafted.
  13. 8/22----------Camp Tweets

    Who is going to be the starting Qb of the New York Jets day one of the season?
  14. 8/22----------Camp Tweets

    If the coach came out and said what you just said then there would be little freaking out. When everything is kept secret or avoided then people will wonder if the guy knows at all what he is doing. Don;t blame the fan base for not blevieing we are a well run organization.
  15. 8/22----------Camp Tweets

    He probably looked at his quotes from early in camp that said everyone would get equal reps he then looked at his score sheet and was alarmed to see he had given mccown 75% o all reps so that last few practices have to be all reps for the other guys.