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  1. The one in which buffalo or Cleveland trades up to get the franchise qb and we tell the world 'we tried really hard to trade up'
  2. oh we will by the end of the draft filled out late round picks in all of the key positions after using our high end picks on safeties and a wr of the ilk we already have. Adams is a super looking prospect, Maye may be all right, stewart is hard nosed player, but we are prioritizing the wrong positions and gaining no draft capital. Just like last year an small ilb and a long shot qb prospect.
  3. He was super high on my list two years ago, then tailed off and started to get hurt too often but rebounded near the end of the year. I agree though he would be a very good pick at this point. for sure starting calibre player.
  4. No hes done a poor job so far but he is dealing with an awful awful coach who has no clue on how to use the players he is providing. His best two picks we slam dunk 6th overall fall into your lap picks. He has made a lot of terrible picks and head scratching priorities. Seems he wants to appease Bowles and his inability to coach defense.
  5. No pass rusher, no cbs, no oline, no offensive weapons. It will be fun to watch our great young safeties look bad because we can't rush the passer and the other team is torching our Cbs Not only that expect our high end safeties to be just as confused as the guys we are dumpling due to the awful D coaching scheme.
  6. You win in this league by getting after the QB, having players make big plays, protecting the QB and by defending the pass. We have used 2 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder in the past two drafts to defend TE, rb and slot WRs. We have zero pass rush, our CB's are a huge ? we have no plan for oline youth, we have no threat on offense other than anderson and his 9 route. We have not obtained any extra draft capital to get a QB.
  7. I would easily take Bufflaos draft over ours. Very good corner a wr better than the guy we drafted and an olineman, plus a 1st round pick next year. We have no pass rushers we have no te our rbs are okay but older our oline has been ignored we are hoping with our corners we have no extra draft capital for next year.
  8. as far as positional value goes. Buffalo picked 4 spots after us: A prime #1 corner in the 1st round after trading down in Tredavious White A good looking Wr prospect in the 2nd round in Zay Jones A decent looking oline prospect in Dion Dawkins in the the 3rd An extra 1st round pick in next years draft. Miami picked at 22, 16 spots after us. Round 1 A good looking pass rusher in Charles Harris Round 2 a hybrid linebacker, in Raekwon Mcmillan their version of Darron Lee except we picked our guy one full round higher Round 3 Cordrea Tankersly a decent CB prospect Patriots: no picks until the 3rd round. Brandon Cooks via their trade with New orleans 3rd round A good looking pass rusher prospect in Derek Rivers 3rd round Antiono Garcia an offensive tackle prospect Our rivals are taking value pass rushers, olneman, corners and offensive weapons the jets take two safeties, yes one of them is a high end prospect and a WR who sounds like an Enunwa clone. The Jets deserve every bit of blasting they are taking by some of us over this draft. We are 'set' with two rookie safeties and have a hard working wr who is not game breaker and we have not even looked at the host of other important positions. We got owned, especially by the Bills., think of this Doug friggin Whalley made our gm look like an amateur.
  9. At least you are no longer sullying the name of good rock band.
  10. If the jets lose more than 10 games next year will you move to togo togo?
  11. If they had perhaps drafted a CB I would have grumbled a bit but understood it but another safety. No pass rusher, no oline, no cbs, no traded down, no te. Reach for another safety. Unbloody believable.
  12. Bowles is totally clueless, we picked frigign lee to be this grteat hybrid guy, fail and now two safetes. Here is a clue for the jets, you draft the best players you can and the fing coach can change his system to make it work. Instead we are making picks to appease a clueless bonehead in bowles. And once he gets his ass fired we are stuck with his hand picked players. The jets are morons and two safeties in the top 37 after picking a small ilb and a 6th round project qb last year has sealed the deal for me as far as mac goes. **** him.
  13. Not only can't this guy draft at all but he is also as bad as idzik at freezing and not being able to trade at all. Marcus ******* Maye is not a bigg enough stud that we could not have got him 10 picks lower,. What a f'ing donkey dink., And we have a D coach/head coach that is beyond atrocious at his job.
  14. Anyone defending this pick needs to be shot out of a cannon into the hudson. Mindboggling just does not describe the level of stupidity his team. Mr coffee can pack up his bags and hit the ******* road.