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  1. Agreed, though the fact they are even having a chance to blow games is amazing to me. I had this offense pegged for 13 points a game.
  2. Yes primer positions in which you almost always need to spend a high draft pick. so QB, LT, pass rusher are must high round picks, CB you can get lucky lower down. by that time some of the guys you drafted before are getting ready to look for big dollars. Qb is of course by far the biggest need. If you get a really good QB he can cover up a lot of ills on your team for year.
  3. Mac should be fired for keeping the draft tilted to the D side of the ball. Bowles can't bench skrine but any d coach worth his salt realizes when a guy is being Target and get shim help some way some how. Morton is being given pure garbage to work with and he is making the O competitive, bowls has been given a team with almost all resources going to defense and it stinks. Macs long term plan will take 10 years at this rate and bowles is an awful head coach who cannot adapt a game plan to avoid players getting taken advantage of and has been awful at getting the best out of his vets.
  4. Buster Skrine per PFF

    Leo Williams - regressing Devin Smith - out of the league bad Lorenzo Mauldin - one foot out the door Bryce Petty - would rather play a 38 year old journeyman Jarvis Harrision - Gonzo alonzo Deon Simon - regressing Darron Lee - spazzy up and down LB, not what we hoped when drafted in the 1st round. Christian Hackenburg - LOL Jordan Jenkins - Okay but does not make big plays Justin Burris - Can't beat out pineapple head skrine Brandon Shell - Decent pick but still needs work,play is uneven Lac Edwards - Inconsistent but seems to be improving Charon Peake - Face is on a milk carton somewhere. Jamal Adams - Uneven play but has made big plays. Marcus Maye - Has been pretty good. Adarius Stewart - No idea yet Chad Hansen - No idea yet (The fact we went and got two guys almost of the street to be our #1, and #2 wrs is concerning) Jordan Leggett - Shown some potential, needs seasoning Dylan Donahue - Faded and injured after a strong start to camp. Might not have the athletic ability to be a pass rusher. Elijah McGuire - Good looking pick for what he has done so far as a rookie. Jeremy Clark - Needs lots of development Derrick Jones - Needs lots of development. Three drafts, no soild CB. Hole at center ignored. Ping pong ball LT's, no playmakking Wr with size, no pass rusher at all, not viable development QB. Three drafts and the position of safety has been addressed. (And we are not even touching in some of the awful FA signings) He seems to be good at adding small cheaper pieces sniffing out late rounders and UDFAS. His early picks, (1-3) the meat and potatoes of teams have been highly questionable.
  5. I am fine with that line of thinking.
  6. The offense despite the awful blunders late in some games has been far far better than I expected. The defense, like last year is a horrible disappointment being run by a fraud of coach.
  7. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Mayfield is fools gold imo.
  8. If he is not good then you should not be wasting time on him running and perhaps ruining the team. You look for a good coach, if this guy isn't good then don't waste time.
  9. Buster Skrine per PFF

    A few of us voiced that skrine was terribad before we singed him. I think my comment on this board or another was that he would be the most hated guy on the team before long. He was AWFUL in Cleveland when he had to play outside CB so no surprise he has been as bad here. The thing about him is he is one of these guys that gets burnt and takes penalties. Either take the penalties and stop the guy or get burnt and don't take penalty's, special kind of incompetence to do both.
  10. Jets enter top 10

    Todd needs a cover corner for his defense.
  11. Jets enter top 10

    If Darold fell to the jets and if some other teams took the likes of Faulk or Mayfield ahead of him I would declare the dark days of the NY Jets to be over and the a new era of optimistic dominance to be on the horizon.
  12. Cimini on rookie safeties

    lol, mo wilk gets big credit for hustling on one play and getting and int because he is pushed off the line of scrimmage and getting 'a QB hit'. Safeties looked very good last game, unfortunate that we have to blitz Adams if we have have to get a pass rush thus leaving the likes of skrine exposed.
  13. Jets enter top 10

    Get used to saying the word Minkah.....Minnnnnkaaaaahhhhhhh
  14. Burris 0 games started, 2 pass defenses Stewart 1 game started, 4 catches 36 yards.