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  1. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    What you have just said is totally irrelevant. The topic was not who is the better prospect the topic was is running a college non pro offense a big factor or not. Last year you vowed up and down that it was not a factor, suddenly it is? It either is or it isn't factor.
  2. I disagree with most of you 100%. Teams that have this attitude simply have failed to find a kick return threat. this is total Todd Bowles line of thinking, oh no we might not make it to the 25! We might fumble! I view it as an offensive play and you should always return it unless it is almost out of the back of the endzone. I'd have loved to see leon Washington or brad smith just kneel down in their hey day. The dude from kc has totally turned around games the last two years due to his returns. Find a kick returner and have some balls you lilywhites.
  3. I actually think Adams and Maye will be good players, even some of he great safeties have not been lights out 1st year but the jets under the last two regimes have kind of propagated the super confidence attitude from day one of rookies. That is one of Pryors downfalls. imo. I would prefer for my rookies to be quiet the 1st few years and once you show you are damn good in this league take the next step.
  4. Marshawn Lynch Ejected for Pushing Ref

    That incident is partly on the refs they are so slow to blow whistles on some of these plays. You can't target a player you can't hit a Qb in any number of ways but but a ball carrier be that Qb or especially running back you can kick the sh*t out of hold him up for 10 seconds well after he has been stopped. Another in the long list of unevenly applied rules in this game.
  5. Powell to return for Fins game

    Oh god, Bowles has gotten to Morton. "I'm not concerned at all, we just have to 'execute'"
  6. He is a carbon copy of Revis from last year, he is just not playing up to his standards he is playing terrible, far worse than a younger hungrier player. Sooner or later the players realize that this guy is loafing and is playing bad and is happily cashing his huge cheque. The next time the coach comes out with 'the best players play' line you know he is full of sh*t. "If" his horrible play is due to injury then get him on the injured list to heal up.
  7. Other than the Pats the Jets have faced the 18th, 25th, 26th, 31st and 32nd ranked offenses. Tyrod Taylor, Jay Cutler, Blake Bortles, Deshone Kizer<----Murderers Row
  8. Just one more moronic NFL rule that is cropping up, a real spat of 'fumbles' that would have been called incomplete passes in the past.
  9. Teams are not going to trade a sup par player with a m,massive contract, no way no how. they will traded for a guy playing well with a big contract, or they will play a guy who is under performing with a palatable contract but they are not trading for mo wilk
  10. Joe jag off the street will stone Mo Wilk anyway.
  11. You are correct but the fact is that the jets have invested almost everything on defense over the years and it if falling on its ass badly. The defense of this team should be top 10 and carrying the team.
  12. Darron Lee is 23

    What a coincidence , his rating from pro football focus from last game is 23 as well.
  13. But they are all playing great and are close to getting to the QB. I could not stand Rex for about the last 3 years he was here but I'd take him 10 out of 10 times over Bowles.
  14. No wonder he is talking up all of our fat, lazy, highly paid vets all the time the last few years. The way that works is if the players actually have a bit of fear of the leader, bowles is nothing more than a soft touch.
  15. If there is a dumber poster in the western world than nyjunc when i comes to Qbs and coaches and their worth I'd like to meet him. Constantly spews a metric to down grade one player or coach and when pointed out that he uses the EXACT same metric to praise his favs he'll flop something else. QB A: this guy sucks as he has only ever won playoffs games in two seasons! (Both years the team won the super bowl) BB B: This guy is great! He took us to two AFC tiles games in back to back years! People don;t take issue with illogical thoughts as to who you like or not they take issue with the 100% lack of logic when making these claims and constantly using the same metric to blast guys you don't like and using the same metric to praise your favs. Your arguments make no sense at all. none.
  16. As i said it depends on the player some need cuddles others need ass boots. I mean Mo wilk can hardly play worse and the cuddles since the beginning of last year are sure not workling.
  17. Well if one tact does not work in getting a player to play more to his potential then us another. We have seen that Bowles soft pedaling like this has not worked, non the players he has protected have improved. Maybe it is time to rip the guy publicly and see of pride comes through. Bowles has not figured out that not all people are created equal some need pats on the head some need kicks in the butt. Saying these guys are playing well just makes him look uttely stupid.
  18. I do cry at the state of the jets at times, yes that is correct.
  19. Morton has coached them to that. Look at bowles baby, the defense, laden with all our high picks, all of our $ resources. The guys who should be our best players are playing like garbage under his watch. 25th total defense, 31st in sacks, 28th in run defense, 19th in pass defense and all this vs a relatively weak sched to start the year.
  20. Bowles is just awful, a guy who's favorite players on the team are dogs or problems (Sheldon). He thinks he is protecting his guys but that does not work unless you take the blame yourself. With comments like these he is either a flat out liar or just accepting poor performance. It's going to kill me when this guy gets an extension at year end. People talk about tanking for a better draft pick but I'm about tanking to get rid of a terrible coach. If he wanted to protect these guys for poor results he'd say something like, "The results we hope for are not there yet and that is on me and our defensive coaches for not putting the players in the bes place to succeed."
  21. When the Jets stop embarrassing the fans with their draft picks I'm sure the fans will stop embarrassing the team with their reactions.
  22. Darron Lee is 23

    He made a very nice play on the strip fumble last game, unfortunately for every big play like that there are a half dozen terrible plays. He cannot play head on without getting blowup even by TEs and rbs. He can't cover at all, and no being close to making a play 5 times a game puts him in Kyle wilson territory. He is not a a rush end, can't set the edge or rush the passer. He also seems to b a bit of a nutjob from some of the off season stuff. In any case I am fully confident that Todd bowles will put him in great position to succeed with the abilities he does have......not!
  23. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    Kaaya = Hackenburg. They took a flier on the guy in the 6th round, found he can't play and no harm no foul out he goes. With the Jets we reach for a project like Kaaya in the 2nd, red shirt him, stick him as the 3rd stringer and have to keep the guy because, well....2nd rounder.
  24. Great work as usual Joe, I look forward to these. You miss a lot just by watching the game and the commentators are often no help at all.